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I hope that everyone is having a great day. Make it great and make tomorrow even better. That's up to each of us. Thanks to all who enjoy JR's Premium Products and are supporting us at Now a few random thoughts.....

The recent actions of Brock Lesnar have many talking, speculating, Monday morning quarterbacking, etc. I don't know Lesnar's WWE future based on recent developments but I'm damn sure interested in seeing where it all goes. Gordon Solie once described Cowboy Bill Watts as a "strange enigma" and Brock certainly fits that bill, no pun intended, as well. 

Lesnar and WWE may be a marriage made in Hell but it's a relationship that I, as a fan, want to follow. When we signed Brock back in the day we knew tht he was going to be a handful and he was. However, athletic freaks like him don't grow on trees and, like many coaches, etc, we put in the time necessary to keep Brock headed in the right direction as best that we could. He's stubborn, anti social, uber talented, and volatile. Time will tell where Lesnar's latest foray into WWE life takes him but as for me, I'm staying tuned.      

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Getting a great deal of questions @JRsBBQ regarding who will be Undertaker's opponent at WM29. Just as I can't predict the weather on April 7, 2013 I cannot predict Taker's potential opponent on that event. Several would love to notch their gun and make the Deadman 20-1. I still believe that 'The Streak' is alive & well until told otherwise.

I'm more enthused at the potential, I stress potential, of several new WWE talents making an impact in WWE this year than I have been in quite some time. 

JR's Products are NOT sold in any stores ANYWHERE outside of the Norman, Oklahoma Homeland Stores. Perhaps some day they will be but not any time soon. We're trying. 

I've been impressed with Michael Cole's more balanced commentary recently. He's the new voice of WWE w/o question. Our handshake at WM28 ended any personal issues that I may have had with him. End of story.  

Do I watch my own wrestling matches? Hell, no. I stink in the ring. Can you say, "Cow on ice?" 

Do I have a fav match that I've called. Nope. Several would qualify. I do think that WM17 is my favorite WrestleMania. I might ask for suggestions if the book idea ever becomes a reality.  

Mix JR's BBQ Sauce, Original or Hot, with low fat Ranch Dip or low fat Sour Cream for a superb dip or Wing tag team partner. 

If you haven't watched my interview with @ShawnMichaels and @BretHart on DVD or Netflix you don't know what you're missing. They were awesome. 

Why, because I'm a total, WWE team player, do some fans on Twitter call me a sycophant, or worse? Many of today's microwave, entitled generation needs to practice more loyalty.   

Have I announced my last event? I'd say no. Been doing some bouts in FCW. Love it. 

Yes, I really am a fan of @okcthunder & @sonicdrive_in. Don't work for either. 

@swamppeople was excellent Thursday night. Just saying.

Okie State's Brandon Weeden will start for the King's Browns early. Cleveland got their QB.

Some media people are saying @AdrianPeterson is still limping from ACL Surgery. Not true. I saw AD and talked to him two weeks ago.

New WWE Home Video DVD on Clash of Champions brings back great memories, there were more than I've admitted, in WCW w/ @tonyschiavone24 and the great Bob Caudle. Ric Flair put @Sting on the map in their 45 minute draw on Clash 1 in Greensboro.. .my 1st event in the famous, Greensboro Coliseum. Tony is broadcasting baseball for the Gwinnett Braves and loving life. I'm happy he's living his baseball dream.  

Besides the King, my favorite broadcast partner, when looking at antagonists, is @HeymanHustle. He knew what buttons to push to get me to raise my game. I never played the role of an announcer and was always just myself, for better or for worse. Being real.

Bobby Heenan was an amazing partner too but 'The Brain' was more funny than a villain. I've said it before, Bobby Heenan may well be the most talented, all around performer in the history of the wrestling business.

I've got Mayweather over Cotto Saturday night. Not a shocker I know. Love 'Money.' @FloydMayweather was very nice to my wife and me at WM24. Love his skills.

If you're a chef, or think that you are, send us recipes at Contact Us here on our site. Same goes for those interested in carrying our products in your stores. Serious inquiries only. 

I see WWE tag team wrestling taking positive steps forward in 2012. Go ahead, roll your eyes at will. The lack of overall talent depth, no territories, etc affects all areas of the genre whether some fans want to admit it or not. 

Yes...I'm a Pittsburgh Steeler fan. So what? My wife is a Pittsburgh girl. I'm not a stupid husband.

Got to admit though, I'm going to be watching the Detroit Lions closer this season if the 3 Sooner draft picks stick. @RyanBroyles is going to be special. Trust me. 

I'm doing an interview soon for the @CMPunk DVD that is in production. Might do more. Punk is 'hands on' w/ WWE Home Video on this project. Punk is 'emotionally invested' in this project which is why he's a star ala @steveaustinBSR. So, young talents...go the EXTRA mile. 

Can John Laurinaitis beat John Cena? Is JR the next, great Speedo model? Not likely.

Has anyone noticed that THOSE who tweet me about "How did you feel at Over the Edge in 1999?" get no response? I've tried to block that event out of my mind but I'm reminded of it daily. Someday I will watch the tragedy involving Owen Hart but ONLY if I decide to write about it. If I never write an autobiography of my career, then I will never watch the event. NEVER.

Congrats to one of my favorite divas ever, @gailkimITSME, on her upcoming wedding with Chef Robert Irvine. Both are great people. I wish them nothing but a 'divalicious' life. 

We're at 420,000+ Twitter followers and invite you to join us.... @JRsBBQ. 

Keep an eye on for some big news for the grilling season which is essentially upon many of us. 

Be well and....Boomer Sooner!



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If you haven't seen the post, there is a kid on the roster down in FCW ready to have a Seau moment......or worse. I hope it was a work.

What post?

My son likes to use your character in WWE 12, you kick Michael Cole's ass every time.

And I guess Gail Kim got tired of waiting for me.  Her loss.....

Few things on my mind

Ok JR I'm old enough to know that the fueds between wwe superstar are mostly storyline so I'm hoping the thing between Brock Lesner and Triple H is only a storyline. If not then Brock Lesner should be fired for his actions. I mean thats what would happen if I were to walk into my bosses office and beat the crap of him and broke his arm plus I would be setting in jail.

Does the board of directors ever login to the interactive chatroom and read the post the fan write. 90% of the fans are pleading for John Laurinaitis to be fired along with Brock Lesner and Michael Cole. Alot people would like to see Teddy Long back as GM. I for one would like to see Jim Ross as GM.

If the board of directors we're to read these posts they would also see that most of the fans are confused. WWE advertises anti-bulling yet this is what fans are believe that Brock Lesner and John Laurinaitis  are acting like bullies. It kind of hard to convince the fans that the wwe is against bulling if the GM and Brock Lesner are acting like bullies.

The last thing I would like to bring up and this was just brought up in the interactive chatroom last night during smackdown and that this thing John Laurinaitis Eve and Teddy long. To this person who brought it up Teddy Long is black and as to do everything that John Laurinaitis and Eve telling to do which remind this Person of slavery.

just bought the Wrestlemania 28 DVD & the ultimate bbq package. I am ready to restock my JR's products & plus cant wait until I try the seasoning!