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Hello on a brisk day here in Norman, Oklahoma and thanks for stopping by our site. Things are hopping on the JR's products front as we get close to the holidays. We need a BIG finish as we continue here with some random thoughts... 

Thought the first two of the three, one hour NXT TV shows that we taped Thursday night in Orlando were as good as any that we've done. 

@TheShield brought some great energy to the proceedings of which the fans responded to and which got us off to a great start for the night. 

@TheDeanAmbrose, @WWERollins and @RomanReigns are hungry and motivated. They all fully realize that they are at the right place at the right time and opportunities such as they have been facilitated don't come along often. I still believe that if they continue to up their aggression and deliver at 'game time' that these three will make a huge impact in WWE as time goes on. 

Big E Langston had a huge night as the powerhouse has something, likely "it," that connects with the audience at least the audience @FullSail. E has a legit 575 pound bench press and was a former Florida high school amateur wrestling champion while going to Iowa to play defensive tackle for the Hawkeyes before an injury derailed his gridiron career. I've been a supporter of Big E's for quite some time and feel that if he keeps evolving, working tirelessly to improve all phases of his game and avoids self destructive incidents that he's another NXT talent who is main roster bound. When? That's anyone's guess. Look in the mirror, Big E because there's the answer.   

As with any young athlete, male or female, in NXT, one question will always be much are you willing to personally sacrifice to reach your goal. How important is it for you to become a WWE Superstar? Do you really want to headline WrestleMania? Are you willing to "do right" every day as simple as that sounds?

Good night for Sasha Banks, who has impressed thus far, and @TaminaSnuka as they competed on the first broadcast. Sasha has skills that have been nicely developed, she's been well trained, while Tamina can be special as well if she continues to steer the course and step out of her famous father's shadow. She's not Superfly...she's Tamina. 

Talents like Paige, Bo Dallas, Kassius Ohno, Leo Kruger, Tyson Kidd and Michael McGillicutty never fail to catch my attention. It comes down to continuing to invest in themselves and being at the right place at the right time. 

Kenneth Cameron being released was unfortunate but one reaps what one sows and I hope that he's able to still live his dream at some point. Cameron had a great opportunity to make his mark in WWE with Ascension along with Conor O'Brien. O'Brien was in a single's bout at NXT and was very solid Thursday night. 

The Wyatt Family, lead by Bray Wyatt, is intriguing and has a legit shot at being 'players.' Same much is one willing to invest in making one's self better in every aspect of the game? Skill set, conditioning, look, intensity, intellect, study, etc? For the record @WWEBrayWyatt is looking great physically and getting healthier by the day. Difference maker.

As time moves forward, the demands of the training system are going to increase, the level of athlete that will be signed is going to escalate and competition within NXT is going to go to another level. In the long run, WWE fans are going to be the benefactors of an improved system that is bigger and more cohesive than the business has ever seen.

Great seeing U.S. Champion @AntonioCesaro along with @TheDamienSandow compete at the tapings. That's how one getting in the ring in front of fans and pushing one's self. Their match against Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd was worthy of any WWE broadcast even though the bout had no real, personal issue.  

Adrian Neville is a high flyer from England who had an impressive debut. The kid can fly with the best of them and reminded me somewhat of Tommy Billington aka The Dynamite Kid in some ways.

@ShawnMichaels will be a special guest at NXT on our next taping session on Thursday January 10. No, he's NOT wrestling.

NXT has many other talents that I didn't mention here, for no specific reason, that all have a shot at making their mark in WWE. Hopefully they all realize the keen sense of urgency while they are being taught the ropes and their own obligation to get better at what they do.

WWE is planning another major tryout camp in the early part of 2013 in Tampa. I can't wait to see what that brings us. I truly embrace every opportunity that I get to work with these young kids.

Q&A's here on the site are updated. Check them out. 

Had fun visiting with @RealKevinNash who joined us at NXT and who was thoroughly impressed with the process, facility and young talent base that he saw first hand. 

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To address the frequent questions that I receive about me writing an autobiography, the book market right now is soft. I don't want to invest the time and emotion to write my life story while the market is not very bullish. I'd still love to do it someday but it doesn't seem like the time is right as it relates to books in general notwithstanding books largely about a wrestling topic. Yes, I'm a capitalist.  

Check out the @JCLayfield and @MichaelCole on their whacky, new internet show on I'm a regular viewer. It's SO much better than some of those one hour plus podcasts some folks do online. I assume some of the aforementioned marathon podcasts work but my attention span is just too short. At least JBL and Cole get their biz done in about 5 minutes. It's a funny show but there is no truth to the rumor that it's sponsored by Rogaine.

I'm assuming that QB Johnny Football from my friend @CoachSumlin Texas A&M Aggies will win the Heisman as that seems to be the 'sexy' and trendy choice with many media members who select this prestigious award this Saturday night in NYC. 

If had a vote for the Heisman Trophy, I'd cast it for Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o. Saw the #NotreDame linebacker and #KState QB Colin Klein both play in person and any of the three candidates nominated would represent the award famously. Te'o was the emotional spirit of the undefeated and #1 ranked Fighting Irish notwithstanding a beast between the white lines. Think a Samoan Ray Lewis or, for older fans, Butkus or Nitschke. When teams have to thoroughly game plan for a middle linebacker then you know that the dude is badass.

If I have one regret while being in WWE it would be that I've never attended a Tribute to the Troops. I'd love to some day just to say thanks.

Asked daily about my favorite Dream Matches...might make a good DVD some day..or not..but one that would make the cut would be Dr. Death and Terry Gordy vs. the Steiner Brothers.

BTW...the now healthy Alex Riley and @WadeBarrett had a really nice bout Thursday night on NXT. Riley looked excellent and I am a big advocate of the Brit who will be a World's Champion before 2013 wagering please.

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