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Amazed at the amount of questions we have received on Twitter @JRsBBQ regarding Randy Orton's 60 suspension from WWE for a 2nd violation of WWE's Wellness Policy.

Not too sure what there is to not understand even though some followers would have likely been better off outside playing with their friends than asking "What is a Wellness Policy?"

Others have questioned the need for such a policy which I find absurdly stupid, not the policy but the questioning why one is needed. 

Bottom line is that the business as always been about such things as "when one door closes, another door opens" and that "being in the right place at the right time" and both are still valid and viable in today's ever changing world and that includes sports entertainment. 

As @HeymanHustle pointed out on Twitter earlier this week and as I've mentioned here many times, talents need to become much more motivated and aggressive in obtaining meaningful exposure and then 'maximizing their minutes.' As the old sales cliche goes, one won't get the order until one asks for it. To add to that cliche with another, one can't sell goods out of an empty wagon. what ever is necessary to professionally and legally get noticed and then be able to back it up once your number is called.

There has never been a more opportune time for talents who have the drive, determination, ingenuity, and physical talent to elevate as roster depth at the top of the card is ripe for the pickings.

If one is afraid to break a few eggs to make the omlet, IE afraid to raise the ire of the establishment to make their point or to facilitate an opportunity, then you're likely in the wrong business and remember that the lack of assertiveness, with attitude, likely means failure in other walks of life as well.  

I expect various wrestling websites to reprint parts of this blog and only wish more of them would follow the lead of the minority and let fans know that we have a business we are attempting to build at 

BTW and for the record, I felt that Paul Heyman was on the money in his aforementioned Twitter rant. Paul likely did not give himself enough credit for the natural talent that he has and that I saw in him when he was a 23 year old in WCW with who most management people did not want to work. Paul could be caustic, abrasive, and hard to work with for some but I saw a natural born antagonist/talker and pushed strongly for Paul to become my partner in Atlanta for Turner's organization.

Were there days that I questioned my decision? Absolutely. However, great talkers and TV villains aren't easily manufactured, if at all, and the life long fan and student of the business and I had a combustible team that was, hopefully, fun to listen to back in the day. 

Yes, there were days in WCW that Heyman legitimately drove me borderline insane and truly tested my patience but what we documented on the air was a unique dynamic that, by and large, isn't provided in today's marketplace. 

Getting questions of what I thought of Thursday night's TNA show. I never saw it as I was all in with the @okcthunder vs. San Antonio on TNT. Plus, any comment I make on TNA is generally considered 'cryptic' or comes with some outlandish conspiracy theory. Bottom line, I don't watch their broadcasts regularly enough to evaluate them and if I did what purpose would it serve? I do have many friends there and hope that they have success.

I'm headed down to Tampa soon to spend a few days at FCW next week. Should be an especially rewarding few days considering all that's going on there. The upside of several young talents is significant but I'm unaware of their timelines as to when they may be called up to WWE. I personally feel that much of getting called up is up to the talents by making themselves more 'must see.' 

Really am enjoying how WWE has introduced Damien Sandow to Smackdown. Sandow meant something to the viewer when he had his first TV match thanks to vignettes, etc. How a talent is introduced and how they execute their end of the equation is supremely imperative for any young talent. 

What would I think of Brock Lesnar attempting to become a 'two sport' guy and perform in WWE and fight in UFC at the same time frame? I'd suggest that it would be ill advised and that it can't be done on the highest level of each genre in an efficient manner. Obviously, a person could do it, theoretically, and enhance his earnings over the short haul but it seems as if it would be too taxing an issue on one's body to attempt such a feat. I have no idea is that idea is even on Lesnar's radar but we've gotten the question here a great deal. I'm not in touch with Brock and haven't been for years so my take on the matter is merely one man's opinion.

Just updated the Q&A section of this website. Interesting lot of questions that made the cut. One that didn't was someone who wanted to know their chances of making the WWE HOF because they had been a life long fan and still had the 1988 Summer Slam on a vhs tape. 

Still of the mindset that Manny Pacquiao will fight Floyd Mayweather in the future  on a day where Floyd turned himself into authorities today in Vegas to begin a jail term. There is simply too much money on the table for this must see, history making fight NOT to happen. I'm still under the assumption that the fanbase is being manipulated by both fighter's camps. Both warriors 'need to know' plus NO ONE ever has too much money to turn down this sort of payday that might spawn even more dollars via a rematch or rematches. If the PPV carriers would lessen their percentages for this particular fight or make some other financial 'deal' so that the fighters get more of the PPV money, this is a done deal. As it stands, both camps essentially say it's the other camp's fault that the fight isn't happening which does nothing more then increase the desire of fans to see the fight. 

My prediction is that the fight happens in 2013. 

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I'm writing another piece for and their Classics section of the site that should be posted next Tuesday. This is another installment of my multi part story on the broadcast partners that I've had and we're now in the WCW years.

Thought that the Hatfield's and McCoy's on the History Channel this week was amazing. The DVD sales of that mini series will be staggering.   

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I think our sales at would pick up if more people did not think that we only make our products for the grill when they are equally as good when used in one's kitchen. 

I'd like to see @JoeyStyles and @HeymanHustle on a Legends Roundtable along with @JCLayfield some day. @WWEClassics do a super job on these shows and the Raw Memories Roundtable we taped a couple of weeks ago airs in early July in advance of the 1,000 episode of Raw. 

Sold on the belief that Big 12 will expand to 12 teams in football within the next year, if not sooner, and that list could include, potentially, such teams as Florida State, Clemson, and Louisville.

Enjoying the Womens College World Series  this week in OKC. Still may hit some more games today or tomorrow. It's airing on ESPN2.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing some time with us. Always appreciate everyone's support. 

Boomer Sooner!

J.R.    @JRsBBQ 

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I think for me JR, the purpose of your evaluating of TNA would just be to provide interesting material for your followers who respect and appreciate your contributions and insight into the business. Nothing more nothing less. On another topic, my feeling on the wellness policy is that while a great thing, it would be nice if they said what the offense is that gets the wrestler suspended. As the PWTorch staff has pointed out, the NFL details why an athlete is suspended why not WWE? Anyway, love your blog and sauces!

Yeah no way would WWE and UFC allow Lesnar to compete for both companies at the same time. If he got injured in one than the other would suffer as well. And Heyman was right on the money and looking back now it's hard to believe he started out and had success at such a young age. And if CM Punk never stood up for himself and did that amazing promo last summer than just imagine where he'd be today. Probably in TNA, Japan, ROH or the indies.

Hi J.R.,

Your blog is insightful and a great read, as they all are.  I agree with the idea that one has to make opportunities in any profession - all jobs should be treated as opportunities.  Here's my question: what happens when a talent is given an opportunity that essentially sets him or her up to fail?  Said talent is put in a poorly thought-out storyline, is made to look inconsistent (or is presentted inconsistently), is made to look weak, etc., such that the most talented performer would be remembered in a poor light.  As a consequence, management decides that the performer is not connecting with the audience and loses out of further opportunities.  Is what I am suggesting just something that happens in my imagination, or is it potentially a reality that the athletes in WWE might have to face?  In short, is it possible that a talent could have all the talent needed to connect with the audience, do everything possible to create and then make the most of his or her opportunities, and still lose in the end because of someone else's poor ideas?  Just a thought - perhaps not a realistic one, but one I've wondered about for a while.  Keep up the great work, & don't let the fools with Twitter accounts slow you down.  Take it easy & thanks for the insights.


I don't expect this post to make it into the BLOG of a BOOMER SOONER but I'm writing to express my thanks on behalf of the LGBTQ community for your support of Mixed-Martial-Arts.

Many people are of the incorrect assertion that Mixed-Martial-Arts will supplant professional wrestling as the dominant sports entertainment fighting format in the upcoming years.  I don't know whether to agree or not to agree.

However, I would like to suggest that both the comments by @HeymanHustle and @JRsBBQ concerning going for the brass ring is crucial to anyone intent on making an impact in the business.  There are many opportunities for many superstars in-the-making and as the saying goes 'timing is everything'. 

Jim Ross, you have our support.


Taking MMA to the next level.

J.R., far be it for me to dominate this blog with a second post but the whole thing with @HeymanHustle has my career commitment to MMA piqued.

Firstly, you have this longtime supermind Paul Heyman merging WWE wrestling with UFC on his own.  It seems like the former Paul E. Dangerously is taking the Dangerous Alliance to a whole new level. Heyman kicked in the UFC door for Brock Lesnar and many thought that the former ECW mastermind was done with WWE.

Lo and behold, one night after the biggest night in the history of WWE (WrestleMania 28), future UFC Hall Of Famer Lesnar returns to Titanland and many acknowledged it was a possible receipt for the WWE lawsuit that Lesnar won - one of the few VKM has ever lost.  A few F-5's later, Heyman is back on TV talking about bringing a 'fighter' back to legitimize WWE.  Lesnar lost an easy victory to John Cena but I think that's more akin to the time Stanley Weston won a court battle against WWE to refrain Vince et al from using 'Victory' as the title of the original WWE monthly magazine.

I'm no WWE expert, but this whole business about legitimizing the sport and creating a two-sport dynamo in Lesnar is clearly a shot across the bow to acknowledge that McMahon can't play Dana White anymore than White can play Vince.  


Taking MMA to the next level.

What I really want to know if there was any third-party input on the @HeymanHustle shoot on the roster.  Was Paul E. really talking to the UFC lockerroom in his veiled comments?  Did Paul E. write that Twitter diatribe while sitting next to Dana White in an effort to usurp both MMA and the entertainment company that is WWE?

Interestingly enough, Paul Heyman is now the @verified most interesting personality in all of sports entertainment and this has to enrage some in MMA given his pedigree.


Taking MMA to the next level.

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