Friday Thoughts, Trip ot Waco, GSP-Hendricks, JR's One Man Show, Producing TV Rasslin, Order JR's Online for the Hoidays

Friday is here which means the weekend is upon us. Drove home from Waco, Texas after my Sooners were taken to the woodshed by the undefeated Baylor Bears. I rolled in at 4 a.m. this morning but still had a great trip other than the score of the game. With the holidays just around the corner, please consider gifting JR's products to family and friends. You can order easily and efficiently online at, and as well. We appreciate your business and support greatly. Moving on........

Good visiting with the esteemed voice of the Alabama Crimson Tide @EliGoldBama while in Waco as he was calling the game for national radio. Great guy and an old friend of Tony Schiavone who's now working with WSB Radio in Atlanta. They broadcast minor league baseball at the same time back in the day.

Also caught up with my friend and former Sooner Spencer Tillman who's a studio analyst for college football for CBS Sports. We talked about their big Alabama vs. LSU game this Saturday night from Tuscaloosa and why the road team in this rivalry seemingly has an advantage.

Also had a great visit with Lance Barrow who is the producer for the #1 NFL game of the week on CBS and produces Jim Nance and Phil Simms and has become a  friend. Lance also does The Masters and other major, sporting evens for CBS.

So, other than my OU squad getting exposed to a better team on the road the trip to Waco was enjoyable and the live event experience at the old stadium in Waco was memorable.

Baylor has a legitimately good team, very underrated on defense, and with Coach Art Briles offensive mind in full clarity, they are going to be tough for any team left on their Big 12 schedule to beat. Great QB play which is where it all starts and play calling with allows the players to be put in the best position or scheme to be successful.

Football is a great team game, but more often than not the team goes as goes the quarterback play more often than not. Briles knows how to recruit QB's  and how to develop them and then how to best utilize his quarterback creations. Smart dude.

Appreciate the hospitality shown me by the Baylor Athletic Department including John Morris the voice of Baylor sports and @JeromyOtter Director of Athletic Video Production. Classy group of professionals that Baylor's lucky to have.

Jumped off my diet long enough to have the world famous, chicken fried steak @George'sBar in Waco. If you pass through Waco, make sure that you try it.  

Still getting lots of emails here and Tweets @JRsBBQ about starting my own wrestling promotion or buying one, specifically TNA. These communications must be from adolescents IE 8 year olds who have no clue as to the value of a dollar or the amazing pain in the backside that it is to immerse one's self into the wrestling biz to where it quickly becomes all consuming in one's life.

Immersing one's life in only one area of interest isn't healthy. Remember that.

The creative process at most wrestling companies has become much too over thought in my view and I feel that what many of fans often see on TV bear out that opinion.

While back on the topic of TNA, their issues allegedly are many. I don't know their internal status so when people ask me what I would do to "fix their problems" any answer that I would provide would be less than thought out or based on a through study of the company. It's irrelevant any way.  

As a life long fan of the genre, I hope all companies doing pro wrestling on TV are successful and that their talents earn a great living while living their dreams. I did and I hope that many others get to as well.  

Wrestling TV shows all need to be unique. They all need to have exclusive features and benefits that best fits their talent roster and corporate philosophy of entertaining their viewers. However, for any one company to blatantly copy another is just downright silly.

No great meals are served when there are too many cooks in the kitchen. (One guy prepared my delicious Chicken fried steak at George O's Wednesday night.) 

More often than not, simpler is better when it comes to keeping fans. who have busy lives. engaged in the weekly, episodic nature of the programming. Athletically based performances based in believable storylines are generally a good place to start when looking at what's wrong with the rasslin biz.

Remember, no TV show no matter the genre can successfully cram 10 pounds of content into a 5 pound bag.  

We're a little closer to getting my one man show concept being launched in North America and it looks as if NYC may well be the kickoff event for one night only in the Big Apple sometime in the early part of 2014. Details are still being discussed. Follow me on Twitter @JRsBBQ for the most up to date info. 2014 is going to be a fun year and I hope that you will support our effort and join me when I come to a city near you.  

Q&A's are updated here on the site and I invite you to check them out.

No...not a fan of women being in the Royal Rumble. Not even remotely interested and feels it lessens the suspension of disbelief of the entertainment performance. Intergender wrestling is of no interest to me. You asked and I answered. Is that being sexist? Don't think so.

Thinking the upcoming GSP vs. Johnny Hendricks UFC PPV main event war may be one of the most intense fights in ages inside the octagon.  St. Pierre is a freakish athlete as his training videos indicates. Hendricks is an old school grappler who has learned to strike and is $2 steak tough. Hendricks has been doing a enormous amount of training in the Oklahoma State University Wrestling Room in Stillwater in recent weeks. What does that say about the former Cowboy's game plan vs. one of the all time greatest mixed martial artists ever? I hate to see fights be put in the hands of erratic judges but one almost hopes that this one at least gets to the fifth round before it's finished. I've got Hendricks winning via a finish but am not so sure on that prognostication that I would wager your money on it. I can see Hendricks, who's hungry as hell to beat GSP and get in a position to earn BIG money, be overly anxious and if that happens and Hendricks gets careless, then the Oklahoman will pay.

Again, thanks for shopping for JR's online especially with the holidays approaching.

Boomer Sooner!

J.R.   @JRsBBQ