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I enjoyed UFC 128 Saturday night from Newark. Overall, the fights were solid and the show closing, memorable performance of the ascension of Jon 'Bones' Jones was somewhat historic in the land of UFC. 

Thought the live crowd could have been mic'ed much better. It did not sound like I was hearing a big time event. The crowd noise, which I understand from those who attend the event, was significant but it did not come through that way at home. 

With so many Zuffa produced events on the horizon, production values and the exclusive production features that will be utilized for UFC and Strikeforce events, respectfully, must be addressed. If all the shows sound the same and look essentially the same it seems to me that Zuffa will be making a mistake. 

Significant night for the smaller sized competitors such as Urijah Faber who can add significantly to the MMA TV presentation at the UFC level. Faber has athletic skills and he also knows how to market himself. Marketing oneself is imperative for today's MMA fighters as long as they do it in a natural, organic manner.  

All fighters need to be coached on the 'art of the sound byte' as the sport of MMA evolves. 

How will Jon 'Bones' Jones handle his new found stardom? That's a question that one cannot answer until the process begins in earnest. Jones can and should be a franchise talent for UFC and his popularity should rival, and perhaps exceed, any fighter to come along in UFC in years. 

Athletes handle success differently but if UFC makes sure that 'Bones' is surrounded by good, solid people who have only Jones' best interests at heart than all should be well. It would be a shame to see Jones 'self destruct' for any reason especially with such a bright future. 

UFC might want to consider making sure that someone from their organization maintains regular communication with Jones as the demands on Bones' time will obviously increase now that's he's the youngest UFC champion, at age 23, in history.

By all accounts, Jon Jones has unlimited charisma and seems to be a young man of character and let's hope that the temptations that come with success don't adversely affect this gifted athlete.  

Jones facing his 'friend' Rashard Evans in Jones' next fight is a match made in financial heaven. Watch their friendship disintegrate over the all mighty dollar. It's about fighting for money and one has to make it (the money) and save it while they can and no one should  contemplate turning down a big money fight for any reason unless its fighting a blood relative. 

One thing that UFC can do a better job of is telling the back stories of the fighters so that average fans can better relate to the athletes which in turn creates an emotional investment in each bout. It's been said before but too many MMA announcers take for granted that the majority of their fans know all their is to know about the competitors. Back stories add the human interest element to the bouts which make them more memorable and entertaining. 

The Anthony Robles story, the wrestler born with one leg, who won a NCAA Wrestling title at 125 pounds is astonishing. It's too bad that it was the human interest story of Robles that was seemingly the only reason that the NCAA nationals even got a cup of coffee in the media this weekend. Even though the Nationals were covered on ESPN, likely many casual fans were watching March Madness as amateur wrestling still remains one of the most poorly marketed collegiate sports in America. 

Big crowd, possibly a sold out house, is expected tonight for Raw in the new arena in Pittsburgh. There are only two more Monday Night Raws before WM27 which is yet another reason for everyone involved to raise their game tonight and next week in Chicago. As a broadcaster, these are the types of shows that I used to relish and couldn't wait to take my seat at ringside to add just a little more 'sauce' to the entrée. 

For those that live outside the USA and who emailed us this weekend that WWEShop was out of our products we got another order from WWE this morning and they will have their products back in stock in a few days. Orders of JR's products to outside the USA including Canada, UK, and Germany at are increasing weekly of which we are thankful.

Our on line business is growing largely thanks to many of your repeat business and for your referrals.  

For those wanting suggestions on wrestling books to read, in addition to the ones that I have recommended such as Mick Foley's first two books, Chris Jericho's first two and the Bret Hart autobiography, I suggest that you check out the books written by Larry Matysik. The veteran broadcaster/office person in St. Louis for legendary promoter Sam Muchnick has written several outstanding books that true fans of the business will enjoy. I still think that Jeff Leen's book 'Queen of the Ring' is as good a book, period, as I have ever read. 

Remember, if you want our products shipped to an Atlanta hotel while you are in town for WM27 to get your orders in this week just to be safe as Federal Express Ground takes about 3 days from the time it leaves OKC to arrive in Atlanta and that Federal Express Ground does NOT deliver on Saturday or Sunday. 

The passing of Sir Oliver Humperdink brought mixed emotions. Obviously, I was sad that Hump passed at the young age of 62. He was a long time friend who I first met when he was working for Bill Watts in the 70's. John Sutton, Hump's legal name, was a Minneapolis native who grew up a wrestling fan and migrated from being an usher at the AWA matches to managing some of the biggest names in the business. I still say that his duo of Jerry Brown and Buddy Roberts as the Hollywood Blonds were the most underrated tag team I can recall ever seeing. Hump also had a great run in Florida as an 'enemy' to the legendary American Dream Dusty Rhodes managing the 'House of Humperdink.' Hump had great passion for wrestling and was a keen student of the game. With his red hair and bulging eyes along with his outrageous attire, Sir Oliver was 'must see...must dislike' as a villain manager. Even though Hump was not a legit badass or an athlete of any world class status, he had no fear of instigating a crowd and doing what ever needed to be done to enhance any performance that he was involved.

I am so thankful that I got to see Hump in Charlotte last summer at Greg Price's annual function and also had a chance to have a long, memorable visit with Humpy in Minneapolis last fall when WWE was in the Twin Cities for a PPV.

I am also thankful that Hump suffers no more from bladder cancer and that he's enjoying being in heaven where he can catch up with other wrestling greats and enjoy what he loved more than any thing and that was chatting about the business. 

At the end, Hump was at peace with his life and seemingly ready to go to a better place. Sir Oliver Humperdink will be missed and was an significant asset to the wrestling fraternity.

RIP my friend.

Boomer Sooner!



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 Was great to see you on Raw last week. Are you going to be making anymore appearances? Really hoping you call Wrestlemania. I have watched on ppv faithfully for the last five years but Micheal Cole is making it unwatchable and if he is on the announce team I will not order it. I understand I'm just one person but many feel the same way. As it is have been turning away from WWE programming. 

Also RIP Sir Oliver  . 62 is too soon to go


    Will there ever be a time when the bad guys get ( even if it only is a small bit of retrobution ) what's coming to them? There are more of us that are getting really upset with Miz, the puke mr. Cole etc. How many of the people out there believe that Vickie Guerrero is a decent person? I won't spend an outlandish amount of my Social Security to further develope an ulcer. Vince- - - would your Dad allow this great company to be run out of business? Sure the company is ok now, but I and more like me, I'm sure am really upset with the 4 on 1, all the outside interference and most of all- - - - THE COLESORE'S big mouth.I will be very surprised if I see this letter in print, but JR you have been and will continue to be the better part of the show anytime you are on the show.


Hey JR how come the  wwe doesnt have any events at the MGM Grand in Vegas like WCW used to do???

  R.I.P. Big Daddy Dink!!!