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Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to check out Thursday's post WM29 blog and the updated Q&A section of the site. I last updated your questions as of Friday at noon Oklahoma time. Grilling time....  Just a few random thoughts... Although I loved the WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony at Madison Square Garden last Saturday night, I have to say that there were times during it that I was embarrassed to be a wrestling fan. The loud and obnoxious yelling and taunts from some attention starved morons put a damper on the evening especially when Maria Menounos was inducting Bob Backlund. The same stereotypes that many fans detest that are unfairly, at times, hung on them from the main stream media was well deserved by a handful of tools who just had to be heard and noticed. I wish security was stationed in the cheap seats and would quickly escort those obnoxious fans away from the event. One wold think that a 'real fan' would have more respect for the overall event than to cause so many negative disturbances. I'm all for fans cheering and having fun but off color remarks from the peanut gallery isn't warranted at an event such as the WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. I'm headed to Las Vegas next week and will be attending the annual Cauliflower Alley Club Reunion. Check out  @CACReunion or http://www.caulifloweralleyclub.org for more info on this great event that will be held at the Gold Coast Hotel in Vegas Monday thru Wednesday. Several WWE folks are attending with the list still being finalized. I hope to see you there. This is arguably the most fan friendly event of its kind any where.  My hog hunting adventure with @ShawnMichaels for his TV show will be taped in May at HBK's ranch. We'll be using crossbows will be a new experience for me. We harvest these over populated, destructive animals and then we have an official JR's BBQ to enjoy our, hopeful,  success.  Called a 42 minute NWA Title Bout from 1983 or 84 between Ric Flair and Terry Taylor that emanated from the Superdome, site of WM30, for the upcoming WWE produced Mid South DVD and the match was a text book, fundamentally sound classic.  WWE captured a ton of interviews from talents who passed thru Mid South last week at the WWE hotel in Jersey City that will add a great deal to the DVD presentation. The release date is sometime in September and it will be interesting to see how it sells as many younger fans likely won't have a clue as to what Mid South Wrestling was or how many great stars were produced under Cowboy Bill Watts heavy hand.  For those who haven't studied about Watts, he headlined MSG vs. @SammartinoBruno in Watts third year in the business and headlined most major, United States territories as a 300 pound monster when there weren't many 300 pounders who were athletes. Watts was a cross between Bill Parcells and Bobby Knight as it relates to his 'coaching' and was a hands on owner long before Jerry Jones bought the Dallas Cowboys.   I was always a fan of ECW but Mid South Wrestling was 'extreme' long before ECW and that is not a diss on Extreme Championship Wrestling. Some of the bouts, such as @OfficialHacksaw (Jim Duggan) vs. Maddog Buzz Sawyer from the Municipal Auditorium was graphic as hell. I'd assume that this DVD release will be a PG14 aka mature content type thing with parental guidance required as it has some really edgy, physical content on it. It's not vulgar but has graphic physicality included because that was the style, especially, in those days of the wild, wild West.  Some friends and I are making plans now to travel to South Bend, Indiana for the #OU vs. Notre Dame college football game this fall. Bucket list deal for me as I've never been to a game at Notre Dame.  It was an awesome experience for many of the NXT talents to be able to come to WM29 and compete at AXXESS. I loved their infectious enthusiasm and the fact that they looked, as they should, at that opportunity with great anticipation and excitement. The feedback was excellent and it's once again proof that the WWE Developmental Program has never been in better shape but, trust me, the best is yet to come. I'm really proud of the coaches and athletes in NXT and feel honored to be able to work with them in any capacity.  In my view, WWE has no more important department in the entire company than the Talent Development Program because that's where the WrestleMania main eventers of tomorrow will be developed. Just found out that the last hail storm that rolled through Oklahoma ruined our roof. Thanks, Mother Nature.  We are doing all we can to get our products into grocery stores or major retailers like Wal Mart, etc but as I've said it is a massive challenge. We won't quit but until we make it happen but it isn't immanent. Until then please order online for home delivery at WWEShop, http://www.wweshop.com and hit them with your questions on Twitter @WWEShop. Our distributor in Manchester, England, http://www.americansoda.co.uk just made another large order that is on a ship in route to England as we speak. They ship throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe and can be reached via Twitter @americansoda.  One of my bucket list moments was fulfilled at WM29 when my wife and I had dinner with Bruno Sammartino and his friends from my wife's hometown of Pittsburgh. I heard some great stories and was amazed at Bruno's recall for details, etc. I'd love to do a sit down interview with Bruno for a DVD some day. Just saying... Even though Chael Sonnen is a significant underdog against Jon Jones in their upcoming #UFC Title fight and even though I'm a @sonnench fan, I'd submit that the brash talking Oregonian winning the Light Heavyweight Title would be good for @UFC. Why, you ask the 'pro wrestling guy' who has no business speaking on MMA? It's called a return. It's a shocker, an upset that would get tons of MMA fans talking and buzzing about what 'Bones' Jones would do in a rematch vs. the natural born, pro wrestling villain whose long term future in MMA is behind a mic.   It's too bad that more MMA fighters don't have the organic, verbal skillset that does Chael. He knows how to sell a fight and please don't tell me that stuff is for pro wrestling only. Promoters have been doing hype for years since the days of Jack Johnson being promoted heavily not because of his skills but because of the color of his skin. Who';s going to beat the black man? What about the German, Max Schmeling, vs. the American GI., Joe Louis, or Muhammad Ali talking people into their seats against an array of average heavyweights who fans wanted to see knock out the talkative and brash Ali?  Was asked a question on the Q&A's here about the importance of an antagonist broadcaster in WWE, etc. I'd say it is imperative. There must be a trusted, voice of reason without question of which @MichaelCole handles for WWE expertly. I do think that it is important for @JCLayfield to continue to evolve as an intelligent 'villain' who makes valid points that many viewers don't want to hear or accept. John is a welcomed voice on Monday Night Raw in my view and I'd love to hear @JerryLawler recapture his ' antagonist edge' too because no one is more witty or has better natural instincts then does the King.  It seems as if a three hour, flagship broadcast like Raw would be well served with the trio of Cole, King, and JBL handling the commentary. That's just coming from a fan/viewer of the broadcast.  It would also provide Cole and Layfield more opportunities to promote the @LayfieldReport app which I highly recommend even though I'm still sitting by the phone awaiting the chance to promote JR's products on their ever growing entity. Perhaps we'll do it closer to the official beginning of grilling season which many consider to be Memorial Day.  I'm attending the OU Football Spring game which will be televised on Fox Sports Southwest as I understand it. If you see me there be sure and say hello. If you are in Norman, you can also hit any of the four, Norman Homeland stores for JR's products at great prices and no shipping costs.  Thanks for dropping by and please visit the Q&A section if you have a minute. We are less than 2,000 followers away from 750,000 so any assist you can provide there is always appreciated.  Be well. Boomer Sooner! J.R.                                    
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I agree 100% I was in the audience at MSG and I covered my face in embarassment. I once left an ROH show early because the drunk audience was only interested in hearing themselves scream and heckle. Honestly, when the audience would not quit booing at the mention of Trish Stratus' husband, I thought that was rude from the start. Trish had to have felt at some point that it stopped being flattering and became plain disrespectful. Many did not seem to realize that the HOF is a serious thing to the inductees. People fail to see the line between being a fan and being rude. When Booker T was talking about his deceased mother, and jerk offs in the audience were screaming "spinaroonie!" When the audience starting heckling Maria Menounos, I had to step out for a minute, I was flabergasted. She's a sweet girl and did not deserve that. I went out and vented to some of the employees at one of the merchandise stands, could not believe it. If anything, WWE knows to be prepared next year to have security staff escort out those displaying innapropriate behavior. My personal suggestion, ask the venue not to serve alcohol that night.
Totally agree with you about the Hall of Fame ceremony, it has turned into an "who can scream the loudest, dumbest remark" competition. I know you werent at the Hulk Hogan show at the Beacon on Friday before Mania, I was it was worse than the HOF. You would think that the people who were there to see their "childhood hero" would have a little more respect than they did. It was an horrendous experience, and if the HOF didnt make money for the WWE I would say to ban fans. Also met you at Axxess, it was a real honor to "press the flesh" and thank you for your work throughout the years. Mick Foley is right, you are the greatest announcer in wrestling history!
 This has been a problem for The Hall of Fame ever since they decided to let fans attend in 2005. It will never change as long as just ANYONE can buy a ticket. I understand that WWE makes money holding these events in such big venues, but at the same time they are sacrificing the purity and sanctity of what a hall of fame honor should be. Imagine if you were receiving a lifetime achievement award and thousands of random people showed up to heckle for the sake of heckling. This should not be an event open to the public. This was the 9th year that the Hall of Fame has been open to the public and we have shown absolutely no respect or class. Hold the event in a smaller venue, so the audience is easier to control & make tickets available through some sort of lottery system. Even better, make people who want to attend submit some sort of essay explaining why, just like colleges do. You would weed out 90 percent of idiots right there since that would be too complicated a task for them. I'm a lifelong wrestling fan. I LOVE attending live shows, I love the energy from the crowd. That's where the screaming and heckling belongs, not at a serious ceremony celebrating someone's lifetime career. If you want to avoid this in the future do not open it to the public. Hand pick the crowd & let them know they will be kicked out if they so much as let out a "Whooo". Either that or use a smaller venue since there's no way to police a crowd in the tens of thousands. We had 9 years to try and class it up a little and we failed.
I'm embarrassed to be a fan too, these ppl don't know how lucky they are to be there at all, don't they realize behaviour like that could force organizations to put their prices up? not every decent fan has Donald Trump's money, & they spoil it for those who'ved worked & saved up for the event. I love these stories of Bill Watts, Sammartino and the like, being born in 1981 and becoming a wrestling fan in the early 90's doen't stop me from loving the old stories thst you ppl tell, then serching further back in history on google & youtube I remeber watching Mr Bob Backlund as a kid, WWE & a lot of young ppl call it old school, so if i remember Backlund, then to these kids i'm old at 32, not that i mind, esp with the PG era, but far too many fans shout 'old school' at everything past their birth year when it comes to WWE history. They need to start respecting the older talent + fans I don't understand why there ain't more natural antagonists like Jerry Lawler, an antagonist starts from childhood among friends, or otherwise known as the school/family clown, playground humor is dying out, surely we can make fun without bullying ppl The last time King pushed the boat out was with Vickie Guererro that some fans didn't like, & that was the end of that with Vickie...can't some are hard to please  + too many ppl grow up too quick & take life too serious, yet when set free in the world of WWE they have to learn the art of antagonism, which sound half-hearted. K.Lambert
 JR, I usually like your blog, but you are way off about HOF. Those cheap seats you speak of were $90 each for a compltely obtructed seat. Many people were very upset. I was not upset but realized I did not have a seat worth $90. Second, The same people that were at HOF were the one that gave us Monday night raw, two days later. I was at every event and as we chanted "We are awesome". Although I like all of the inductees, the speeches were bloated and long. I wouldnt mind if it was just the inductees, but it was the inductors as well. Lastly, your BBQ sauce cost $10 at WWE at Metlife store and $5. That's not cool!!!
There's always gonna be an idiot in every crowd. It's a sad fact. Escorting them out does nothing but start a backlash against WWE then, because the ones escorted out will have a platform starting with the internet. Yes, it puts a damper on the festivities, but it is what it is... It also goes to show how people lack respect anymore, plain, and simple... It's embarrassing to fans who love the business. I"ve seen people yell the same crap at Indy shows like they did at the H.O.F. Ceremony. Once again, it's a sad fact, and we'll all have to deal with it.
Fortunately I wasn't in attendance at the Induction Ceremony to have to feel the same embarassment that anybody with any kind of respect or class surely must have felt due to the taunts by some of the so called fans.  How anyone can call themselves a fan and then act in such a disrespectful way at an event like a Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is beyond me.  I'm usually not a big fan of how WWE edits a lot of their DVD releases, but in this case I hope that they edit out every bit of what happened on the DVD.  Show some class people!  I'm not sure where this total lack of respect currently in our culture has come from.  Wheter it's a generational thing or what.  All I know is, if I acted like that at an event like the H.O.F. Inductions my Dad would have made it QUITE CLEAR to me that it wasn't the way to act.  No body is taught respect anymore IMO.  They are led to believe that everything is all about them, and that's just not how things should be. ~AMBROSE~
Mr. Ross... big fan, not like that matters to you... but I felt compelled to create an account just to call you out on something.  That would be your constant ranting about the "dirt sheets".  Is it because you are employed by the WWE and are strong-armed into doing so?  Is it because they are in direct competition with your blog?  Or is it because you are flat out stupid?  I'm going to read you a quote.... "I loved seeing the legends panel and wish in hindsight, that I had known who all were going to be participating earlier as it would have increased my anticipation for the final scene of the night."  "REALLY"? Do you now understand why people read the dirt sheets?  You can hate on the "Attitutde Era" fans all you want but understand this.. I am in my mid-30s and if you disregard the "Attitude Era" , that leaves you with children and old people (no offense to old people), but you are essentially disrespecting the very fans that made wrestling.  When exactly was this attitude era?  I watched the RAW 100 and it seems to me that it spans the early-to-mid 90s to the late 2000s.  Thats a pretty big damn audience to dismiss. If that audience goes away, wrestling goes away.  I understand that a lot of people don't understand what the Cena's and Sheamus' of the world do backstage and do for children.  But there is a good damn reason each HOF'er gets up there and thanks the fans for making them who they are.  Fans make wrestling.  Does a falling tree make a sound if nobody is in the woods to hear it?  Does a fake match count if nobody is in the seats to cheer or boo it?  Does it make you sick that they thank the very fans that you detest? Is there a difference between ESPN NFL Rumors and the 'dirt sheets'?  Give us an intelligent answer or "SHUT... THE HELL... UP" P.S.  WHOLE-HEARTEDLY AGREE ON THE HOF CHANTS.  DISRESPECTFUL AND THOSE PEOPLE ARE A JOKE.  BUT DON'T RUN YOUR MOUTH ABOUT PEOPLE WHO READ DIRT SHEETS WHEN YOU, YOURSELF ARE PROBABLY ON ESPN INSIDER ALL THE TIME.