Happy Memorial Day!, Good Bye Nassau Coliseum, Ross Report Podcast Having Huge Week, RINGSIDE w/ Jim Ross Show Headed to Charlotte, @WWEHOFerSunny, TNA Debacle, Grill w/ JR's from WWEShop

Happy Memorial Day to everyone especially the men and women of our Armed Forces who protect and serve our country with many making the ultimate sacrifice over the generations. Without these heroes, where would our country be? Our gratitude can never be expressed often enough. Enjoy a day of family and grilling but let's not forget the true meaning of Memorial Day.

Hard to believe that after all these years that this will be the last Monday Night RAW ever held at the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, Long Island, New York. This arena has amazing significance in WWE history and certainly was one of my favorite arenas in which to work largely because of it's heritage plus it was a nice, easy drive from my home in Connecticut back in the day. I hope the fans that are in attendance know the significance of tonight and I'd love to see WWE show some Nassau Coliseum highlights throughout the three hour broadcast. I've already set my DVR to watch the show later tonight.

Being as this is the final, RAW prior to Sunday's Elimination Chamber event on the WWE Network, I'd expect tonight's show to be a hot one to build needed momentum for Sunday.

Tonight I'm interviewing/visiting with both Torrie Wilson and Bret "Hitman" Hart for future Ross Report podcasts while Tuesday night I'm talking to Mike Tenay for an upcoming Ross Report podcast as well.  Going to be a busy podcast week for us including a great show dropping tomorrow night with Danny Davis of www.ovwrestling.com fame who has helped train more WrestleMania main eventers than anyone that I can name. Danny will address all the WWE stars that he's trained in Louisville at OVW over the years, what they were like in their early days and how many of the then rookies, now millionaire, main event talents were to work with back in the day. It's a fascinating conversation plus Danny talks about his own territory, wrestling career as an undersized, masked man who broke in the hard way to the unique business of pro wrestling. Danny still trains wrestlers and you can get more info on that at www.ovwrestling.com.

You can  listen to all my podcasts at podcastone.com, iTunes, and on the homepage of this website for FREE and I encourage all to subscribe to the Ross Report at iTunes, also for FREE, so as to gain access to our shows the moment that they are dropped at 9 pm ET on Tuesday nights and so that you never miss a show. Plus, you can also go back and listen to the  shows that you've missed that many rave about.

Excited to be finalizing a business arrangement to MC the prestigious, NWA Legends Fan Fest in Charlotte July 30-August 1 in Charlotte, North Carolina at the University Hilton Hotel. The World Premier of the much anticipated film/documentary 'Mid Atlantic Memories' will be on Thursday night July 30 followed by a unique version of our RINGSIDE  w/ Jim Ross Show. Check out www.nwalegends.com for all the info and how to obtain tickets. This will be the first RINGSIDE w/ Jim Ross Show in the South.

All my upcoming appearances are listed here on the site including how to get tickets for my upcoming events in London and Manchester, England, the Rhode Island Fan Fest 5, the Wednesday August 19 RINGSIDE Show at the D.C. Improv, and our Summer Slam weekend show in NYC on Saturday August 22 at the Gramercy Theatre.

Still confounded about the debacle that is the TNA/Destination America train wreck and still awaiting something from the network that apparently isn't renewing TNA come September. I hope that the promotion is keeping their talents and the talent's families informed as to what is going on regarding this unfortunate matter. Leadership at the top in both organizations is crucial during these days as rumors and finger pointing seemingly is running rampant. Unfortunately, it seems as if TNA is at yet another crossroads and I'm hoping that they come out on the 'other side' better than they were when this matter exploded last week.  

The @Jerry Lawler documentary portion of his new and long overdue DVD is excellent as is the vintage, Memphis Wrestling footage that was utilized to produce the DVD. I highly recommend that you check it out and it's the best WWE DVD since the 'My Name is Paul Heyman' DVD produced in part by @HeymanHustle himself.

Congrats to @UFC for a stellar PPV Saturday night in Vegas and great wins by @ChrisWeidmanUFC and @dc_mma Daniel Cromier for dominating wins and building their octagon legacies. Stars sell PPV's in any genre and UFC is methodically developing more and more 'stars' for their fans to emotionally invest in as time goes on. DC attended my RINGSIDE W/ Jim Ross Show in San Jose during WrestleMania weekend. 

If there is another John Cena and Kevin Owens segment tonight on RAW, and obviously there has to be, Owens needs to retain his 'heat'.  He's not 'over' yet and needs momentum going into the Elimination Chamber. Loved what I saw out of these two last week.

Contrary to what some have asked me on Twitter @JRsBBQ I have not been conversing with Sunny on Twitter about the possibility her doing porn. That 's a faux JR Twitter account she thought was me, apparently. We haven't communicated since her WWE HOF induction and I find it  none of my business if she does or does not decide to make a porn movie. It's not against the law and people have to do what they can to earn a honest living. It's an undesirable trait of many in the entertainment businesses that performers get themselves into a situation  that they have to do things that they normally  might not do to pay their bills after their 'run' has concluded. It takes me back to my 'Plan B' philosophy that so many talents rolled their eyes at when I used to preach that philosophy. Nonetheless, I wish Sunny the best no matter what her decision might be.

www.wweshop.com is fully stocked with JR's products and ready to ship immediately for your grilling needs.

We are close to finalizing a business arrangement to sell JR's in @InglesMarkets throughout the Southeast part of the United States. Another great family owned chain of grocery stores that we hope to do business with for years to come. Stay tuned.

Great day to catch up on all the blogs that I've written over the past week or so and the Ross Report Podcast archived shows at podcastone.com and iTunes.

Thanks for dropping by and have a great day!

 Boomer Sooner!

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