Happy Thanksgiving! Q&A's Addressed...Random Thoughts..Order JR's from WWEShop.com for the Holidays

Here's hoping that everyone celebrating Thanksgiving has a blessed day. Let's roll...

Thanksgiving is arguably my favorite holiday. Family, food and football...with a nap or two thrown in for good measure, pretty much covers my day.  Enjoy these special days because nothing guarantees is that we will all be around to enjoy them together again next year.

My day is made when my wife makes my Mom's homemade, cornbread dressing or stuffing as some call it. It's pure magic and makes the entire house smell heavenly. 

Just about every thing we will enjoy for Thanksgiving will come out of JR's Cookbook which is largely comprised of family recipes. WWEShop.com ships autographed copies of the our last cookbook, the one with Stacy Keibler and Trish Stratus on the cover with some guy, worldwide. 

Random Thoughts:

Football is getting interesting in both college and the NFL or should I say American Football and qualify that I rarely watch the CFL.

My Sooners took a hit last Saturday night in Waco but Baylor outplayed OU and I make no excuses for the team that I follow and that I will follow until I'm taking the eternal dirt nap. I did have some great BBQ in Abbot, Texas at Up in Smoke with my friend and former Orange Bowl MVP and former Sooner football star Bud Hebert.   

Too bad that money and power brokers in college sports are ending rivalries such as Texas vs. Texas A&M and Missouri vs Kansas. College football conference realignment sucks. Geography has become a non factor as have the fans and families of the players. The only thing that counts is TV markets and the cash that they produce. Conference leaders are being 'played' by TV netrworks and their checkbooks.  

I was impressed with how lean and yet how powerful the Rock looked at the Survivor Series. Plus, 'the Great One' looked quick as a hiccup.

I felt that Rock had 'it' as in charisma the first time that we met which motivated us to sign Dwayne quickly. However, I never predicted that @TheRock would become the global star that he has worked diligently to become. Hard to believe that the young man that I signed to WWE, when he was essentially fund-less, has already made 18 films. Not to mention that Rock was able to return to MSG after 7+ years to perform at a high level as he did last Sunday night. 

People who feel that Rock isn't good for WWE are missing a helluva story unfolding as he brings amazing PR and media coverage to WWE not to mention that he sells lots of PPV's of which everyone on the team benefits. I've actually had Tweets from fans that feel that Rock returning to WWE hurts the biz and other talents which I believe is completely wrong. 

Rock was always aggressive in how he approached the biz and refused to NOT be the 'top guy.' He frequently questioned his creative direction and how he was managed and produced while always remaining professional. 

Younger wrestlers need to attempt to interject elements of how Rock, among many, many others, approached their vocation. I'm a big proponent of maximizing one's TV minutes and for all talents to contribute to their TV personas even when it isn't asked for or used. 

Wrestlers need to learn how to converse with, not confront, decision makers and come with viable ideas that are doable in today's marketplace. Remaining diligent in providing these elusive ideas is essential also.     

Did a radio interview today on Sean Pendergast's Yahoo Sports Radio, as I do every Wednesday at 1:30 pm central time, and was asked if the Undertaker was retired or retiring. We get more Twitter questions, @JRsBBQ, re: The Undertaker than anyone, and my answer was that the Undertaker had not retired nor had I heard any definitive plans of him doing so.

If 'Taker was retired or planning on doing so, don't you think that WWE would have made a HUGE deal of it? Of course they would have. A man with, arguably, the most storied, tenured career in WWE, ever, will not go quietly into the night or without fanfare. I can easily see Undertaker defending 'TheStreak' on April 1, 2012 at WM28. Exactly when he returns isn' t on my radar but he will return and, just as his retirement will be some day, it will be HUGE news. 

I did communicate with Taker today and what did we discuss? The last, regular season, college football game featuring Texas vs. Texas A&M this week. Both of us lamented that money has bought out tradition. 

WWE12 video game is apparently rocking the video game world. Sales seem to be amazing and the feedback that the gaming world and gamers is overwhelmingly positive. Ol JR is a downloadable player which is a sight to behold in itself. 

I'm sure Michael Cole fans, both of them, are beating JR like a government mule on WWE12 and on a regular basis. 


Are we getting back in the restaurant biz? No and that's as close to saying never as I can.

Do I enjoy Restaurant Impossible on the Food Network? Yes. Chef Robert Irvine is a compelling, reality show character. Good guy too from what I can tell. He's on Twitter @robertirvine1.

Is JR becoming the new, RAW GM? Lord, I hope not. I don't see that ever happening nor am I upset about that assessment. (I can't follow Super Dave.)

Have I seen the Stone Cold DVD? Yes, I got it a few days ago and will soon be writing a review for WWE.com. This DVD has Austin's finger prints all over it and the highlight, for me, was the alternative commentary that Steve and I did on three of his handpicked, Wrestlemania bouts. This DVD is another great production from WWE along the lines of the amazing, Rivalries: Bret vs. Shawn DVD. The USA release of Steve's DVD is any day now.

Do I get offended by 'fat jokes?' No. not really. For the record, I am 'husky' while the jokes are somewhat uncreative and not overly funny.

Why am I a Steelers fan? Because the woman that I regularly sleep with, my wife Jan, is a Pittsburgh girl. For you married guys, need I say more? Plus, I love physical football and the Steelers get after people.

How can folks find out where WWEShop.com ships JR's products in this wonderful world in which we live? Just to to the website and check out that info or place your order and you'll get the info at checkout OR call the customer service number and ask the representative.  Remember that some countries do not allow meat products to be shipped to them and that includes our Beef Jerky. This is not the case every where but it does occur.

Am I returning to Raw? There are no plans of which I am aware that has me returning to RAW on a regular basis however things change on somewhat of an on going basis. I enjoy dropping by on Raw from time to time. I had a great time in Boston recently.  

Do I still have issues with Bells palsy? At times especially when I'm tired and am trying to verbalize. Sort of get that Foster Brooks thing going. (Google him) The paralysis around my mouth will likely never go away and I'm sure that my enunciation of certain words isn't embraced by some. For the record, I can no longer whistle thanks to three bouts of Bells. (That's true but a lame attempt at humor.)

Do I personally want to be involved in more 'wrestling matches?' Nope. Haven't I put fans through enough misery over the years with my lack of wrestling skills? However,  I will put my 'gear' on if called upon. 

Have I spoken to Chris Jericho lately? No...but he sent me a great Thanksgiving text message today. Chris is one of my favorites and he seems to be doing really well. 

Are JR's sauces vegan friendly? Yes, but note that the Main Event Mustard has a hint of honey in it but the two BBQ Sauces and Chipotle Ketchup are vegan friendly. And that would be a NO on the Beef Jerky.

Do I think that Zack Ryder deserves to elevate on the WWE roster? Yes..I'd suggest giving  him the ball and seeing what happens. Ryder has worked diligently to brand himself via social media but will have to be taken more seriously inside the ring to get to where he wants. However, that can't occur unless his number is called. Ryder is one of many WWE talents that seem to be "this close" to moving on up to the East side. Sometimes it's just a right place, right time sort of deal that brings everything together. Again, all talents should maximize the minutes of TV time no matter how short or the circumstances. 

What are my thoughts on Lesnar vs Overeem for UFC in December? I think the fight 'might' go two rounds but likely not. I think that Lesnar has to take Overeem down quickly and with authority and not stand and trade blows with Overeem. Plus, Brock has to avoid Overeem's kicks and test Alistar's heart. More on this later. 

Thanks for the visit and for supporting us at http://www.wweshop.com/Category/JimRoss. We hope that you will consider us for some of your holiday shopping needs. WWEShop.com has 15 different selections of JR's products for which you can select.

Other websites that use content from this blog, feel free to mention the ordering info. :)  

It's another football weekend in Norman, Oklahoma and I am a happy man.

Boomer Sooner!

J.R.   @JRsBBQ


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ur products are great jr,plus love reading stuff even on twitter.

 I know what you mean when it comes to rooting for a team that your significant other roots for. That is why I was at the OU-Baylor game. I hope you liked the picture I posted on Twitter of you from my vantage point. Wish I could have walked down to shake your hand but the stands were PACKED!!! 

happy thanksgiveing jr to you and your family ,i wish you all a great day

It's gonna be very interesting to see who challenges The Undertaker with the streak on the line at Mania. Wonder if Wade Barrett's recent push will lead him to facing the Deadman or maybe Sheamus will try to end the streak. I just hope it's not someone we've seen face Taker' at Mania before such as Triple H, Mark Henry or Kane...

I forgot about Alberto Del Rio as a possible opponent for Taker at WM28. Or maybe it'll be someone we have not seen in awile such as Chris Jericho, Bill Goldberg or The Ultimate Warrior. Or maybe Sting will jump ship and get the match that nearly happened last year. What about Stone Cold Steve Austin returning for one match only to try and end the streak.

First off.. I hope that You and Yours have enjoyed a peaceful Thanksgiving day.

I love the SuperDave reference.. the second I read it, I thought "oh my god.. he's right". Also.. Thank You for the Foster Brooks reference.. I just had a flashback to the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts for the Friars Club... Brooks was Priceless in those.

The interview You hosted for the Bret v Shawn DVD was great.. Enjoyed every minute of it.

Lifelong Alabama Crimson Tide fan here. We share the same opinion regarding the current situation in college football. Greed Kills.. and Money supercedes tradition, loyalty and respect in almost any/every business. To me, that is what College Football has been for most of my life (45 yrs). I'm of the mindset that that the NCAA, FBS and BCS just need to condense things to 8 relavant conferences and devise a playoff system from there. Why limit things to just four when they could create 8, include more teams, and expand the revenue base from there.

What are your thoughts regarding the ejection of Suh from the Lions/Packers game today? Has he justified the opinions of some of those who feel he is a 'dirty player'? (I personally am not sure about the label 'dirty', but I don't think he did himself any favors with his critics today.)

Loaded Question: About 12 years ago, I conducted an interview with Dusty Rhodes. I asked him to comment on personality comparisons made regarding Him and The Rock. I also asked him how he felt about  comments that some people felt that Dwayne was a viable '2nd coming' of The American Dream. In my opinion they are two of the most personable and charismatic workers ever in the ring. I say that to Ask You This: Who do you feel is on the horizon that may actually grow into that type of personality.

Always enjoy reading your thoughts on here and twitter (@FastEddieLayne).. and have enjoyed your work.. all the way back to UWF. Still remember the broadcast of a show from Monroe, Louisiana featuring Dr. Death & Steve Cox vs Wild Bill Irwin and Eli the Eliminator with OMG and General Akbar (It's Breakin Down right here in Monroe)..and have some older than that on VHS somewhere..

JR -

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Thanks for all of the great moments that you've given us fans.


And how about The Undertaker vs Mick Foley with the streak on the line. They had some classic brawls around 1996-98 including their Hell in the Cell match but a lot of younger fans were not around then to see it.

Tried to think of who could wrestle Taker at WM28 and can't see the streak being broken by any new talent. Can't didminish the efforts of HBK, HHH and others who have recently tried and failed. I personally think it will be Kane just because beating the streak has to involve a strong storyline and that can be done with Kane.