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Crazy weekend in the NFL. Carolina winning in San Francisco...Cincinnati losing a chance to apply a stranglehold on their diviision...Cowboys not getting it done in the Big Easy...my Steelers winning a game....Philly becoming, perhaps, the best team in an anemic NFL East,..Jacksonville remembering how to win a game..and Seattle going on the road to beat an underachieving Falcons team to cement the Seahawks as perhaps the best team in the league.

Tonight's Monday Night game is a snoozer between Tampa Bay and Miami with the only thing of interest being two players for the Dolphins who aren't even going to be in uniform.

The obvious key to any NFL team is their QB play and the teams with injured QB's usually don't often win and those who can develop consistency with their signal callers increase their chances immensely in success. Simple theory but one that is time tested.

Same thing for college teams. Football is a team game but the team is driven by their quarterback play. End of story.

WWE's Monday Night RAW catches a big break with the NFL schedule and hopefully they will capitalize on such.

WWE needs to ignite the interest in their next PPV offering, the Survivor Series, as there seems to be little buzz surrounding the event which has a wealth of history attached to it from over the years.

 I don't see WWE going back to the total, elimination tag team bouts ever again but putting one of their few, established stars in an elimination tag to provide the star's teammates a viable 'rub' isn't a bad concept.

It's amazing when reading emails and tweets @JRsBBQ that so many fans don't understanding the difference in the 'celebrity' wing of the WWE HOF and the 'traditional' wing. Guys like Drew Carey, Pete Rose, Mike Tyson, Donald Trump, etc are in the celebrity wing of the non physical, non existent. structure which could also add to more confusion. In other words, the aforementioned men and others like them are 'honorary' members inducted primarily to garner outside publicity. At least, that's my opinion.

So when some one rants at me as to why Drew Carey is in the WWE HOF and Chris Benoit isn't, it rings as especially being misguided and borderline ignorant.

Hopefully, Kane will add to the "Authority" storyline currently being played out in WWE. I'm often asked what I think of the latest Kane idea and I'm not smart enough to predict the future and am willing to watch how Kane's revised, TV persona and presentation plays out. We'll know soon enough.

The original Authority storyline back in the day featuring Mr. McMahon and Stone Cold will be challenging to ever replicate. Simply trying to do so is a calculated risk.

Been asked a great deal about Kassius Ohno aka Chris Hero's release from WWE NXT. Obviously, it is regrettable as no one wins in this particular scenario. I have been out of the WWE loop for a while but know that there were issues that were being addressed with this matter while I was still in the company. Ohno/Hero was well thought of and I felt he had a the potential for a bright future in WWE. Perhaps he still does down the road.

Any time a talent with the experience, skill set and potential that Kassius/Chris possesses fails, it is an unfortunate situation for all involved in the process. Having been there, hopefully all can learn from the experience and hope that history doesn't repeat itself. These issues are rarely one sided as it takes two to tango.

Big week for Oklahoman Johny Hendricks as he challenges George St. Pierre for the UFC Welterweight Title Saturday night on PPV. The left handed, former Oklahoma State wrestling star has been training with his OSU crew in Stillwater, Oklahoma a great deal so his ground game should be stellar. However, GSP has a take down defense percentage of 86% which is scary. As it often is, many grapplers have issues with their striking defense and I feel that matter will be a huge challenge for Hendricks this Saturday night.

The two men have a spectacular combined MMA record of 39-3 and I expect this fight to be one of the more exciting, athletic fights in the UFC in years It's hard to ever pick against St. Pierre, it's almost blasphemy within some MMA circles, but I'm going with the Okie to win the championship in the 170 pound weight division via decision.

When asked on a recent Tweet who the most under utilized talent in WWE is I will admit that there's no definitive answer but I'd submit William Regal as a prime candidate. Not only would Regal be a great mentor/advocate (God forbid one use the term 'manager') but Regal is also a skilled that could add to RAW or Smackdown.

Regal would certainly add to the shows sounding differently from which they could benefit. The British veteran also has a unique perspective of the business and ample entertainment sizzle.  

The women of Total Divas and some of their male counterparts are working over time to add drama to the reality show. I watched Sunday night and it was one dramatic scene after another. That's what most reality TV is, producers looking for controversy and conflict. From Restaurant Impossible to Bar Rescue, the money is in the conflict and "fixing relationships" along with saving businesses. The only successful reality show that has come on the scene that isn't controversial is Duck Dynasty.

Total Divas has its share of hair/makeup, bling, materialism, and most of the 7 Deadly sins.....all the makings of a hit, reality TV show on the E Network.

The big question is what talent will truly spin out of the Sunday night series and parlay the show into success on the bigger, WWE stage?

I wonder if any one in Talent Relations has gotten a raise for the additional baby sitting that they have to do in regards to this production?

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Always good to read anything positive related to his Lordship, William Regal. I certainly agree that he would make a wonderful manager/"agent". And being that I agree wholeheartedly with JR regarding the horrendous attempts at comedy we've seen so much the last several years, giving the genuinely hilarious Regal some face time would solve the 'humor' issue and perhaps rescue us from more Khali/Hornswaggle segments.
JR, First-time contact from a long time viewer. My personal thought on Corporate Kane is that this move by the creative team (or by the man upstairs) is an absolute masterstroke. This bold move will no doubt elevate Kane's long-term character development and this new direction will take his credibility to unsurpassed heights. I can see only good coming out of this for him, as well as, the WWE. If I was there live, I'd hold up a sign that says "Listen to Kane, or else he'll operate on you". Also, (I know you didn't necessarily blog about this this week) I agree with the sentiments on Paul Heyman, repeated regularly by JBL. He's certainly the hottest 'agent' around these days, but it remains to be seen whether he'll become the "greatest manager ever". I foresee this concept having a lot to do with the final outcome of a storied career, and not so much being the seal that so many view him as. Oh, and by the way, I agree with you on the Seahawks, who clearly have become the front-runner to make it to the SB from their respective conference. And as many currently think, they'll probably end up facing the Broncos if they get there. Warning: watch out for Indy as the dark horse in this race. They're not the top team right now (and when you're not the top team, you lose games to 'lesser' teams, i.e. this week vs. the Rams, and week 6 vs. the chargers), however, they've beaten the Broncos, which was an extremely symbolic win for Luck & Co, and when an average team picks up a win against a SB favourite, they know they win against them or anybody just as good. Cheers!
I can see how being bombarded with rants by fans over H.O.F. inductions could become extremely annoying. I just can not believe that there is actually people out there arguing that Chris Benoit deserves to be inducted into WWE's H.O.F. After how his life ended, and the horrendous acts he committed prior to taking his own life, anybody arguing for his inclusion into the H.O.F. is either extremely ignorant or is somebody with no idea as to what life is about. A child and wife killer has no business in a H.O.F. of any kind. No matter what they might have accomplished prior to committing those crimes. I'm honestly blown away to hear that some people are actually for his induction. That's really bothering.