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It's a snowy Friday here in Norman, Oklahoma. We appreciate you paying our site a visit. I updated the Q& A's and invite you to take a look at them and submit your question there if you'd like. With that said...Random Thoughts..... 

Paul Heyman @HeymanHustle stepped into the ring in Madison Square Garden Thursday night to face @Ryback22 of all people. Ryback won. Shocked? The point here is that even though Heyman likely knew that this encounter wouldn't work out favorably for the New York native, he likely fulfilled a bucket list moment by being in a match in 'The Garden.' Happy Heyman started his career as a teen photographer in MSG back in the day some 25+ years ago. 

I had my moment in the ring in MSG many years ago against HHH in the final segment of Monday Night Raw. I can always pull an old timer quote out of my black hat and say, "Yeah, I closed the show, sold out by the way, in the main event in 'The Garden,' got bloodied up and still got my hand raised. (Thanks to Batista.  ) I will freely admit that night was the most apprehensive evening of my career as a talent on any level. I was in foreign territory, the ring, in the World's Most Famous Arena against a future Hall of Fame talent who had the challenge of not killing his in ring persona or me.  Thanks to the abundant talent of HHH neither issue occurred. My wife was a little concerned as my appearance after the bout wasn't too PG. The athletic commission doctor wanted to put 6 or 8 stitches in my head but I declined, he seemed disinterested and reminded me of a veterinarian, and instead I had him glue the cut closed. It wasn't like it was going to affect my modeling career or any thing. 

You will likely never see any photos of that encounter but I still have the bloody, torn Oklahoma Sooners jersey that I wore that fateful evening stored somewhere. Not sure why I kept it but it does serve as a reminder of one of my 'Bucket List' moments in the business. 

It's amazing on Twitter how so many followers try to stir the manure with @MichaelCole and me. I assume they must be defiant, looking for trouble young men. For the record, there is "nothing to see here." I've enjoyed working with Michael since he first arrived in WWE and am happy that he is now the lead announcer in WWE. He's earned that opportunity and some day, likely not soon, it will go to someone else. That's just the way it works. Same for essentially any TV entity especially one that is more entertainment that sports. Our styles are different as they should be and we, as lead announcers, have entirely different products with which to work. Most fans don't realize how challenging it is to broadcast WWE in today's world with the addition of all the non ring oriented info that must be disseminated such as social media, etc. Michael handles that amazingly well. Better, most likely, than I ever could. 

Does all this mean that I'm done as a broadcaster? I think not. I enjoy my guest shots on the NXT broadcasts and one never knows when WWE will utilize me for selected events in the future. As I said in my last blog, if I only make one appearance on WWE TV or PPV, other than NXT, in 2013 I hope it's at WM29 because it means so much to me personally. But if that doesn't happen I've had my 'run' that I'm very proud of and blessed to have had. 

As we usually do this time of the year, I'm getting tons of questions regarding who will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013 as a part of WM29 in the much anticipated ceremony to be held at Madison Square Garden. Apparently the internet wrestling community has more info than do I as some have 'inside info' on who's being inducted. Obviously, I don't have such sources. I do know that many men and women are deserving and it's not my place to say who doesn't belong. I remain steadfast in that I feel MSG would be a wonderful place to induct the great Bruno Sammartino if he would accept the induction as I know that many of his fans, some in Bruno's age group, would love the moment as would their kids and grandkids. That's my personal opinion. In a perfect world, Bruno Sammartino would be my #1 choice to head the 2013 WWE HOF class but as we all know the world isn't perfect. 

Former WWWF Champion Bob Backlund is also high on my person list of candidates. Hopefully, Bobby is at a place in his life where he would feel that it's timely to accept this honor. 

The accomplishments that both Bruno and Backlund earned in WWE will likely never be duplicated and many of those amazing moments actually occurred in MSG. 

I'm also hopeful of @RealMickFoley going into the WWE HOF in this class as his induction in MSG would complete an emotional full circle for Mick at the World's Most Famous Arena. Selfishly, I am prideful of the men and women who were hired on my watch in WWE when they are inducted. 

WWE.com has some interesting Top 50 lists that always provoke the ire of many fans. Any list of top anything always flips the switch of many fans. They're all subjective and are generators of controversy. One doesn't have to agree with them but at the same time please don't complain to me about them as I get the info the same time that other fans do. Do I agree with all WWE.com lists? Hell, no but I enjoy reading them. 

Case in point is that I think that the Masked Assassins were the greatest tag team that i ever saw. Most fans today don't even have a clue as to who the Assassins were, Tom Renesto and Joe Hamilton, by the way or that they took their name in 1963 when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. I can still vividly remember their promos and in ring work from that period and that was almost 50 years ago.. Most won't agree with my take on this particular matter but that's simply my opinion of which we all have a right. 

I also say that even though @ShawnMichaels or Ric Flair are generally considered the best in ring talents, over the long haul, as any one ever in pro wrestling that the greatest all around performer that I ever witnessed do their thing was Bobby 'the Brain' Heenan. Many younger fans will disagree of which they have the right.

Anxious to head to Dallas for the Cotton Bowl next week. Hopefully it will be a memorable birthday for yours truly as I hope that my underdog Sooners can overcome the Manziel Aggies aka Texas A&M. @JManziel2 is an amazing QB, first freshman to win the Heisman Trophy, and seems to be more socially active than the Kardashian's. Nonetheless, the national media has embraced the young man and are back burnering the Sooners and I hope that continues through kickoff on Friday night January 4. When a team has to endure the ridiculous wait from the end of the season to their bowl game having to listen to the pundits say that they will lose and that one guy is 'The Star' in a major bowl game, it should serve as motivation. It motivates me and I'm just a fan. Time will tell but I'm excited to be going to Jerry's World which I'm relatively sure will be a WrestleMania site some day when the dates are compatible. 

Excited to be heading back to Orlando for the Thursday January 10 NXT TV taping @FullSail headlined by an appearance by WWE HOF'er the great @ShawnMichaels. I'd suggest getting the very affordable tickets early for this event. The venue seats approximately 500 and is a great atmosphere to watch the stars of tomorrow attempt to turn heads of the decision makers. 

As promised...I took left over pot roast and diced it....cut up onion, celery and bell peppers in a pan with a small amount of olive oil over medium heat...added diced potatoes...allowed the vegetables to almost cook before adding the cubed pot roast...seasoned with JR's All Purpose Seasoning and JR's Chipotle Ketchup. It made a helluva rejuvenated left over meal.

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Boomer Sooner!

J.R.   @JRsBBQ          


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"I'm no longer the American Dragon... I am now the ULTIMATE DRAGON. I will start wearing face paint and tie ties around my biceps." - Daniel Bryan

I'm not bothered by different Top 10 lists, as long as it's logical and I can see it being the truth. For instance, if we do a top ten tag teams of all time list and nothing five on that list is "LayCool" and they're above The Dudley Boyz and the Hardy Boyz. Yeah, I can say that it's that guy's opinion, but you think that list has any validity to it all because it’s an opinion? Hell no. 

People have every right to express their opinion, it’s a free country. I'm not saying you do this J.R., but what ticks me off is when people start hiding behind the phrase "it is my opinion" to protect themselves from facing any backlash. Backlash is inevitable cause 9 times out of 10 you'll find someone who will disagree and think your view is crazy. But when your opinion has the majority agreeing and saying, "I see where you're coming from" than the 10% who don't agree won't mean crap, unless you make it mean crap. That's why I trust YOUR opinion a lot more than others because you're knowledgeable and you've entertained me for years. I can trust what you say is either truth or somewhat related to the truth, unlike someone like Michael Cole who most of the time I disagree with cause his opinions are ridiculous and non-consistent. You'll say HBK, Flair, and Heenan are the top performers in wrestling and I'll go, "Yes, I can see that cause I've seen them work and not many are better" while Cole will say I think Cena, Orton, and Ryback are the top performers in wrestling history and I'll go, "No, they're not cause I've seen THEM work and I've seen tons who are better".

So yeah, people have their opinions. That does not mean every opinion is valid and we have to accept every opinion. Cause if that's the case, I can make an opinion about LayCool bring a better tag team than the Hardy Boyz. Yeah, it's harmless, but you'd think I'm crazy and probably won't give it any validity, right? Exactly. 

Anyways, hope to see you back behind the desk a lot more often in 2013. 

~ Alex

I don't know how anybody could disagree with your opinion on Bobby "The Brain" Heenan.

In MY OPINION......... Porkchop Cash and King Parsons were the greatest tagteam of all times !!!!!!   ahahahahahaahahahahahahahaha !  Have a day to like and a great New Year .

For the Hall of Fame this year i'm thinking Mick Foley will go in for sure since his in ring career seems to be over and MSG would be perfect for his induction. Sammartino seems a long shot since he's refused it for years now. I've also heard The Nasty Boyz and Harlem Heat may go in this year. Backlund also obviously deserves to go in.

As for The Assassions well i remember seeing them first in the early 80's when they were feuding with Jimmy Valiant in NWA and Valiant unmasked one of them and it was revealed to be Hercules Hernandez so i guess they weren't the origional Assassions although i believe Hamiltion was the other one then. And i guess it goes by what era someone starting watching wrestling to determine who they believe is the best. For me it's between The Road Warriors and The Steiner Brothers as i saw them in their primes whereas someone who only saw The Warriors in the late 90's in WWE might disagree since they were not nearly as dominate as they were in the 80's. Same with anyone who only saw the Steiners brief reunion in TNA a few years ago. I'd put The Dudley Boyz/Team 3D up there as well based on their longevity and worldwide success.

I certainly remember Heenan's bloody countenance gracing the cover of a number of wrestling magazines in the late 60s and early 70s.

They weren't all that easy to find back then.  Tom's First Ward Cigar Store in Hamilton, Ohio had the best selection.


   I grew up in central Kentucky, and since Lexington was one of the key cities in the old Memphis territory, that's what I got to watch on Saturday mornings. The Assassins were by far my favorite tag team of my childhood! They were so smooth yet so brutal in the ring. I was always fascinated when one of them would get color through his mask. It is rare to hear them mentioned in retrospectives, so thanks for giving them props!

   I reall enjoy the blog!


 As usual, I agree with all that you mentioned. As far as Bruno, just this past month, KSWA (Keystone State Wrestling Alliance)inducted him into their HOF. Bruno is one hell of a man, as I have spoken with him on several occasions, I can't think of a more deserving individual, and I'm surprised he is not in the WWE HOF yet! He and Dominic are frequent visitors to the KSWA Arena when asked to be apart of the live event. Thank you for the great article as usual. You never let me down. Also, if I may, I would consider it an honor to meet you my friend. I consider you one of the greats in the business... for your past and future contributions in and out of the ring!!! 

If possible, could there be a way for you to make a personel apperance at one of the INDIE shows in Lawrenceville, PA I attend? I know the owners very well, and it would be an extreme honor to have you there! This past year, George "The Animal" Steele came and it was an incredible night.

Thank you for your time. Have a great New Year. Hopefully, see you at Raw in Pittsburgh, i'll be behind the announce table.