Hitman/HBK DVD=Amazing,Vader or Zeus?, Tex Mex Jerky Needs a Name, Varsity Club, New, All Purpose Seasoning, Sin Cara

Prayers to all who will be affected by Hurricane Irene over the next few days. I wish everyone well and feel free to send some of the rain our way here in Oklahoma.

Check out this link to see the deals on JR's products from WWEShop.com, http://www.wweshop.com/Category/JimRoss. Looking is free and WWEShop ships virtually every where. Let's grill...

Excited for Raw to be in Tulsa this Monday night at the beautiful and spacious BOK Center. Tickets are still available for Monday's event as Tulsa has long been known as a 'walk up' market.

I refereed my first match of my career in Tulsa which was a 10 minute draw between Treach Phillips and Mike George back in 1974.

We're working on a new, all purpose seasoning and my wife used it last night on pan fried potatoes w/ onions plus I used in on some small steaks that I grilled. It worked big time on both. This new product will be available, hopefully, in about 30 days or so. It will come in 5 ounce, plastic bottles.

We've also developed a Tex Mex beef jerky but we're up in the air on a name. Any suggestions are welcomed. "Latino Heat" has been suggested by many but I don't think that moniker will clear legal hurdles. ( I asked what Slobber Knocker was in Spanish and got about half a dozen answers.) 

There will be probably 3 more new Jerky flavors coming out soon, too, including Peppered, a Sweet/Teriyaki, and HOT!!

Since outsourcing our order fulfillment to WWEShop our business is growing rapidly. International shipping is becoming a significant component of what we do and we thank you all for your support at this link, http://www.wweshop.com/Category/JimRoss.

Our Twitter followers are growing daily and we are now over 212,000 @JRsBBQ.

Previewed the documentary portion of the @BretHart and @shawnmichaels_ DVD Thursday night and it was main event money. Those two WWE HOF'ers were honest and open to every question. I did not lob softballs and they did not avoid any questions. It was a very emotional and compelling piece of business. The DVD hits stores around October 25 and will obviously be on shelves for holiday shopping. I can't recommend it strongly enough.

@steveaustinBSR, whose DVD will be out about a month after the Hitman/HBK DVD, sent me an email link of a match I called between Steve and Bret from Kuwait in the mid 90's. It might be available on You Tube and is certainly worth a look. 

An emailer asked me what I would enlist in the development of future WWE superstars and one thing I would suggest including is classroom work that would include homework and testing. 

Got several Tweets @JRsBBQ about Saturday night's UFC PPV. I think I'm going to take the easy pick and go with Anderson Silva at home. I hope that Anderson is deadly serious and doesn't get into a zone where he can 'phone it in' against Okami. That would be a mistake.

When is the Undertaker returning or is he retired? When the Undertaker retires don't you think that every wrestling fan in the free world will know it ASAP via WWE? Taker is not retired. I do not know when he'll return and neither do those who Tweet us and act as if they do.

Tweeter...My thoughts on the Varsity Club? Loved the faction in WCW. It was logical in its creation and the members were spot on. One of the better creative concepts WCW had while I was there.

Do I see Demolition being inducted into the WWE HOF some day? I'd say yes. They had a great run in WWE. 

Is Taker vs. the Great Muta possible for WM28? I assume it's possible but it's not the match I'd want to see Taker have. Perhaps a decade ago, yes.

Would I like to be a 'B' Team announcer on Fox for UFC? Uh, no.

Will Kurt Angle make the next USA Olympic Freestyle Wrestling Team? I seriously doubt it but I'd love to be wrong. It would make a helluva story if it happened but it's a long shot at best in all due respect to Kurt. Honestly, at that level one must devote all their time to achieving their goal.

Love it when fans ask where they can buy WWE DVDs. That's like asking where one can buy groceries.

Who was better, Vader or Zeus? You HAVE to be kidding me! Vader, by two time zones.

Will Sting ever RETURN to WWE? What did I miss? Sting was here and I didn't see him? WTH!

Any time I mention my OU Sooners on Twitter, I generally get a rash of manure from  college fans who think that I have subliminaly dissed their team. I do this late in the evening to see how many drunk Twitter followers are quasi coherent.

This just in from Twitter....Sin Cara is actually Chris Jericho. I can't verify that info but a Twitter follower feels somewhat sure of that revelation.

It's going to be a great week upcoming. No airplane flights and hopefully a superb night of Raw in Tulsa. I hope to see many old friends there as 'Take Me Back To Tulsa' will be my song of the day come Monday on the Will Rogers Turnpike.

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Boomer Sooner!


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how about the name "south west slobber fest" for the jerky. get in part of your classic slobber knocker phrase.  just a thought.

Chris Jericho = Sin Cara? I have to assume some people were just being sarcastic. Jericho's / Hunico's finisher aside, wouldn't Jericho be about a foot taller? I'm looking forward to a potential Hunico vs Mistico (Sin Cara vs Sin Cara) match. However, as a humble fan, I beg to please knock off the blue lighting during the match. Entrance is fine, but not during the match. It is such a distraction.

Hey J.R.

how about boomer sooner jerky or dr.life jerky in memory of Dr.death your friend?

That boy must be tired! hanging out with metallica,  Lead singer of fozzy now he's sin cara???

 How about 'JR's Texas Death Beef Jerky"  The Jerky you eat when you're looking for a fight to a finish.

WOW, seriously?  Someone even mentioned Zeus and Vader in the same sentence?  That had to have been someone with no knowledge of wrestling in the late 80's/early 90's.  Vader was a beast and moved around the ring better than alot of the 260-270lb wrestlers!  When he came out back in the WCW days in that headdress equipment, he was one of the most intimidating guys in the business.  That entrance would rival any IMO.  Everyone should go back and watch Vader vs. Stan Hanson around 90/91' .  One of the roughest and craziest matches I have ever seen, and yes, I will still pull out the old VHS and watch it when I have the time!!!!!