HOT Blog of Random Thoughts..Booger Red..Undertaker is Alive & Well..@JRsBBQ Twitter Questions Addressed..

It's scorching in Oklahoma, the heat index at our home in Norman this afternoon was 122 degrees with a real temp of 113. With that said and all due respect to the Weather Channel's Jim Cantore...let's grill... 

The Q&A section of the site is updated but we also get many inquiries on Twitter @JRsBBQ. So, here are some of those questions addressed in perhaps not so serious tones and, then again.... You be the judge....

What does Booger Red mean? It was a failed nickname for the Undertaker that I came up with figuratively that took a Ric Flair face bump. Booger Red was not only the nickname of former Texas Linebacker and HOF'er Tommy Nobis, who was a gridiron beast, but also a famous Texas quarterhorse. Taker is a natural redhead and if you look up the word 'booger' in the dictionary you will 'get it.' But the mere fact that I've had to take this much time to describe it equates to the name bombing. Can't win them all. 

BTW...The Undertaker is alive and well...but I don't know when he's going to return to the ring...nor do I know who his WM29 opponent might be if Taker does indeed compete on April 7, 2013. Internet reports of Taker's untimely passing today have been running rampant on Twitter. Not true...simply more, make believe horse manure.

Is @CMPunk now a wrestling villain? Depends on who you ask and what side of the aisle one sits. Punk made a great deal of sense on several points he addressed when speaking on Raw Monday night. However, I do see the talented wrestler traveling in the direction of the 'badlands' or so it seems. Nice reason to stay tuned. 

Favorite NFL team? My wife is a Pittsburgh girl so we support the Steelers. Even have a @Steelers decal on our mailbox in Oklahoma. She puts up with my #boomersooner fanaticism and I have grown to enjoy Steeler football. I also keep an eye on other NFL teams that feature former OU players. 

Toughest league in college football? Obviously it's the SEC but the revamped Big 12 isn't bad. OU has to win on the road in Morgantown and at TCU in November to hopefully take care of their business. That won't be easy but the great accomplishments in our lives rarely are easy.  

Is J.R. going back to full time broadcasting for Raw or Smackdown? No plans whatsoever at this time but if needed I'm pleased to pitch in and help. 

Do I consider being on NXT a demotion? Heck no but I do consider the question somewhat of  a restaurant quality eye roller. There is nothing more important in WWE than developing new talents.  

Am I watching the Olympics? Absolutely. I'm supporting America's athletes plus I enjoy seeing the all the world's best. However, I am growing weary of so many, long lasting 'man hugs' plus the parents of athletes who are mic'ed for TV. It's as if the parents are auditioning for a reality show or a Subway commercial. 

Thanks for so many Tweets about my article re: working with Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan in my early WWE career. It's at at the Classic section.

Do I like the three hour Raw broadcasts? So far, yes. As long as the shows are entertaining, unpredictable and feature ample in ring action, I think I will be fine with it but that extra hour really leaves little margin for error. I'm hopeful that the three hour format facilitates more, new athletes being introduced on the flagship show. Our society in general has little patience which is why, I assume, that major motion pictures are in the 2 hour plus range.        

Favorite Olympic events? Women's gymnastics, wrestling, swimming and water polo. I will also watch the track and field the Jenny Finch yogurt commercials.  

Interesting food tip of the week...using JR's All Purpose Seasoning in pasta preparation. 

One way that I have been able to drop some pounds has been to eliminate mayo and replace it with JR's Main Event Mustard on my sandwiches. Yep, I'm a sandwich junkie. Eliminating most dairy has helped too but hitting the treadmill 4-5 days a week has been the difference maker. Believe what you want but attempting to lose weight and get healthier without exercise is BS.

Thoughts on UFC? They are growing so fast that it's beginning to show in some areas including having the essential same look of their PPV's for seemingly an extended length of time. Plus, UFC doesn't seem to have a 'go to' weekly, TV show that one can always easily find and get caught up and plug into UFC's resident star making device. UFC hardcore fans likely will disagree with this opinion. Bottom line is that PPV's are driven by attractions IE stars with name identity who are embroiled in a personal issue or fighting for a meaningful championship. Same holds true in sports entertainment. However, at the end of the day, I am a big MMA fan and spend plenty of dollars on UFC PPV events. With that said, one PPV a month from UFC, or anyone, is plenty.  

When will JR's products be available in grocery stores on a national basis? That's a tough one. We're trying but it's a major mountain to climb for a small, family run business without an 'in' with a national chain. We do have some things at play that may get us more regional distribution. Until then, the four, Norman Homeland stores are the only stores any where that carry our products and all sales, at this time, are online and go through

Thoughts on WWE's Brawl for it All? It seemed like a good idea at the time but it became like flatulence in church....not good. It was ill advised in hindsight. Lots of unnecessary medical bills but the presentation did produce plenty of imaginary folklore within the business that many crave.

Who's the top prospect in NXT? Not a question that I care to address because those that are deserving and that are inadvertently omitted feel slighted. Let's just say that WWE has plenty of potential, young stars in FCW training and appearing on NXT. Of course, whether  they succeed or not will be blamed on 'creative' of which I do not sign off on whatsoever. Can that be a partial reason for a failure? Yes. However, undeniable star power and the 'it' factor overcomes lame TV personas virtually every time. 

I'm told that my voice appears at the beginning of a song called "Elimination Chamber" by an artist named Domo Genesis. Not sure how that one slipped by me... I guess that I need to get the 8 track.

Best match I ever broadcast? Honestly, I have no idea.  I've been blessed to sit at ringside and provide the 'lyrics' to some amazing 'music' that some very talented people have created. 

Food idea #2...use J.R.'s Chipotle Ketchup as your base to make a badass cocktail sauce. Or warm it slightly for an awesome steak sauce.   

My photo was changed today on the JR home page at First official shot of your favorite Okie with a goatee. Jury is still out on the facial hair by the way. 

Thoughts on WWE13 from THQ? It's the best script yet plus King and I got to sit side by side and do some enhanced ad libs for the Attitude Era portion of the video game. Pre orders are rocking and the game goes on sale in October. I'll be doing some THQ promotion during Summerslam weekend which does NOT mean I'm broadcasting Summerslam. 

Adam Sandler is going to have to shoot around Steve Austin's bad wheel in Grownups 2 this week. Steve is in Massachusetts now filming with an all star cast and a bum leg. @steveaustinBSR hopes to be fully healed by January.

Saw on where Booker T is the new, Smackdown GM. The show was taped Tuesday in Indy and will air Friday night on SyFy. Booker should be very entertaining in this new role of which I think will be easier than doing commentary for a two hour broadcast. 

Any more Legends Roundtables scheduled? Not at this time but more will be produced. Arguably the best WWE program that airs on WWE On Demand. I'd like to see @HeymanHustle on a panel. Paul is always good for an argument or twenty. Very bright man who knows how to make his point. 

What did JR and Brock Lesnar talk about when  re-connecting in St Louis for RAW1000? many and whether Citrucel is a better product than Metamucil. It's a diverticulitis thing. 

Check out the new look at Business is growing every week for which we are grateful. 

Follow me on Twitter @JRsBBQ as we near 500,000 followers. 

Boomer Sooner!


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The problem I have with the three hour show is that the show has too many replays and rehash too much from what happened the previous week. This Monday there didn't really  seem to be anymore wresting, just more talking. By expanding to three hours I was hoping they would use more of the talents that never get any TV time.

Seems to me that Punk was a bit shaken, and a worried Punk is a dangerous Punk.He is right to make the focus the WWE title. Anyone that thinks The Rock is not there to win it all is ,sadly mistaken. Any wrestler that is in the business and dosent want the WWE title needs to look for other jobs.

My cholesterol is down thanks to exercise and JR`S products, still gonna have to go on meds for it but I put a huge dent in the bad "C".Thanks JR and Jan!!

Ready to see what Larry Fedora brings to the game as new head coach for my Heels.

I see the Panthers vs Steelers in a few weeks, are the Steelers ready for Cam?

Personally I like the "ROOSTER COGBURN" I just hope the TSA keeps thier hands out of it!

I wonder what the "Deadman" thinks about being dead?

I love MMA but it is just to hard to keep up with, I would rather spend my money on WWE ppv`s.A weekly run down show would help!

I love the olympics but good lord, can it be any more confussing, to find team USA  on some 9 channels.Pick a few things Networks and stick to them, you can`t broadcast everything.


I don't see Punk as a full heel myself. I think what he's done is make his character more interesting like he was just after MITB last year. And i'm hearing Taker will face Brock Lesnar at next years Mania which likely means Rock will beat Punk at the Rumble and go on to drop the WWE title to Cena at Mania in their rematch.

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