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Random Thought Thursday...let's get to cooking! Happy Valentines Day to all! My Valentine, my amazing wife Jan, is in Pittsburgh caring for her ailing Mom. I'm very lucky to have finally gotten the marriage thing right as Jan is a WWE fan and was the best 'coach's wife' when I was the head of WWE Talent Relations one could ever ask for. I can't tell you how many late night phone calls she fielded from distressed talents or their wives. She puts up with my obsession of all things sports entertainment, OU sports, sports in general and my incessant marketing of JR's Family Brand of food products. I really out punted my coverage when we met on a US Air flight, she was a flight attendant, and Ric Flair and I were sitting in first class coming out of, I think, Charleston, W.V. in the late 80's while I was at WCW. Even my 'love at first sight' and 'finding my soul mate' story has a wrestling connection. Is that sick or what? Let's remain hopeful that the IOC has a change of heart before they finalize in September eliminating wrestling from the Olympic Games. The backlash has been significant and perhaps this will also motivate amateur wrestling to truly unite and to collectively begin aggressively marketing their product.  Many changes this week on the #OU #Sooners football coaching staff. Every man who is now gone was and will always be a friend of mine. It's tough seeing them leave but I have complete faith in my close friend and Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops and know that every decision that was made was for the advancement and overall improvement of the football program. Several Sooner fanatics, some who conduct themselves like they were 'fanboys' living in the Internet Wrestling Community, have second guessed virtually each of these decisions even though they were likely the same bitchers and complainers who last season were squealing like a pig under a gate for change. KSBI TV will be taping a 30 minute TV special on yours truly this Friday at the Barry Switzer Center on the OU campus for future airing. We'll talk many things about my career including WWE returning to OKC for a Smackdown TV taping on Tuesday February 26 at the Chesapeake Arena.  Interest in carrying JR's products in selected retail outlets continues to pick up and I'm hope that we get a break through regarding this matter this year. It's been a tough hill to climb but I won't give up my goal to build a brand in honor of my late Mom.  Am I wrong that I cannot honestly answer what my favorite match of all time that I've called is? I'd guess that the number of bouts that I've broadcast numbers in the thousands spanning several decades and to single out just one seems impossible to me. Any one have any ideas send them to the Q&A section which I try and look at daily. I will consider LeBron James on Michael Jordan's level when @KingJames amasses a comparable amount of NBA Title rings no matter what some @ESPN may infer. You asked..I'd much prefer to see @TheRock utilize the 'Spine on the Pine" Spinebuster along with the People's Elbow and not just the elbow. Together they are much more impactful & meaningful, in my humble opinion. Shocked to actually see @Jerry Lawler tweet something as he did today about me and my 'tweetheart.' Love it on Twitter @JRsBBQ when I'm asked to do personal B-Day wishes and then when I don't the same humble folks come at me with the intensity of  @JoeyStyles calling a CATFIGHT! Really cool story on regarding black history month. I say there that I feel that Jackie Moore was the most underrated female arguably ever in @WWE. Great skill set, reliable, tough both mentally and physically and she adapted from being a legit, highly skilled,  womens wrestler to a Diva. There were many times when Jackie had to be patient and help lesser skilled females along in their bouts. I'd put Ivory aka Lisa Moretti and Jazz in that group as well as being athletes who never quite got their due. I have great respect for all those ladies who had the challenge of working while under my watch at WWE. Getting tons of questions daily on Twitter about the Undertaker. I get the curiosity but I don't have any answers. One a more strategic note why would any announcement be made until after the Elimination Chamber when the Road to WrestleMania really starts rolling? I was also asked in the Q&A section if WWE would put Taker in a multiple person match at a WM? I can't and won't speak for WWE but I certainly wouldn't do such a booking. Finally, once again, I NEVER see the STREAK ending at the hands of ANYONE at ANY WrestleMania. With @steveaustinBSR recently signing a new, two film deal someone hit me at the Q&A section that this deal would like end any potential return to the ring by Steve. I don't get that logic nor is there any 'return' planned but it's certainly not because of Austin's movie work which continues to evolve amazingly well.  I like the potential of ' Zeb' being added to the presentation of @RealJackSwagger. Key term is 'potential' but if it works it will help put Swagger back where I feel he will eventually land and that's in main events on a regular basis. Winning the Elimination Chamber match this Sunday in #NOLA would give the former #Sooner two sport star significant momentum. I may even pick Swagger to win when I do my predictions for the PPV this Sunday. I'm pulling for the Perry, Oklahoma native who made himself at home on our couch back in the day. There was no violations of any whacky, NCAA rules either for those with conspiracy theorists minds.  WWE has literally spends thousands upon thousands of dollars on helping former talents deal with their personal issues. TONS of big, money for the record. WWE never has received the credit due them for their help especially when they are not contractually obligated to do so but they instead address these matters because it's the right thing to do. However, people have to want to truly help themselves in order for rehab to work and unfortunately many more don't and would rather catch their buzz and continue to live the same pre-rehab life that they lead before therapy. I've been knee deep in these issues throughout my career and can assure you that relapses by talents and former talents is heartbreaking.  My respect for @RealKingRegal is multi layered but nothing makes me prouder than to call the Brit my friend and to know that he was a success story when it comes to the substance abuse issues. Unfortunately, the double tough Englishman is in the minority but an inspiration nonetheless. Big night tonight for me as I will be sitting courtside in my "Jack Nicholson' seats for the annual Pink Out game as @OUWomensHoops takes on Iowa State. Then its home to watch the season premier of @SwampPeople. Life is good. And simple.  Working on some ideas for a book, more specifically two books, that will break up my life/career to where I can go into a little more detail without writing a "War and Peace' like tome. I'm thinking that 250-300 page book is plenty. The ideas are being pitched to several publishers so we will see where it goes. If no one wants to work with us, I can always say that I tried but to write a book just for the hell of it and to have it published on an off branded label  isn't what I'm looking for at this time of my life. "Go big or go home!' I've updated the Q&A's here on the site as of Thursday morning and also encourage you to read out archived blogs.  Remember that the great folks @americansoda ship JR's products throughout the UK and Europe. Plus,,, has our complete line of products including the five flavors of 97% Fat Free Beef Jerky available.  Thanks for the visit. Boomer Sooner! J.R.  @JRsBBQ                     
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Happy Thanksgiving everyone !  And a special shout out to WWEs greatest new hero ...The Miz !  The assault continues. ............
 I remember a few years ago Vince McMahon sending out a letter saying he was going to pay for former talents rehab. The reason for sending the letter: “Two words: public relations. That’s it. I do not feel any sense of responsibility for anyone of whatever their age is who has passed along and has bad habits and overdoses for drugs. Sorry, I don’t feel any responsibility for that. Nonetheless, that’s why we’re [sending the letter]. It is a magnanimous gesture.”
So there is an article with The Miz claiming that Ric Flair passed the torch to him. Is anyone not disturbed by this ?  I understand that the business has changed since Hogan/Andre ...I get it, and know in my heart  this is a storyline that will blow-up in his face and I will "mark out" when it happens. So why am I so against this guy ? I do believe that he has paid his dues and he's not terrible ! He hasn't come up with his own finisher, that's a sore spot for me. Simply put...he is nor will he ever be in The Nature Boys league ! Besides, didn't Flair "pass the torch" to The Heartbreak Kid or AJ Styles at some point in his retirement ? Anyway, a nice little tidbit on Samoa Joe appearing for WWE in 2001. Maybe something on the horizon ? ..IT'S STILL REAL TO ME DAMN IT !

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