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 Being busy is a good thing and change isn't always a bad thing. I'm just saying.

Anxious to watch Raw tonight to see how Michael Cole justifies his actions of last week where he did all that he could to make sure that Miz retained the WWE Title. What will Cole do? Get a reprieve from the 'mysterious' Raw GM,  hire a good attorney?? In any event the interaction between Cole/King/Punk should be entertaining and better each week.   

The three man Raw broadcast dynamic has been interesting for me to listen to even though I find myself listening too closely at times. Was it Ron White or Larry the Cable Guy who simply said, "Let it go." Old habits die hard.

I find myself doing the same thing when listening to radio sports PXP or watching a football game where I keep a close eye on the officiating than I need to be doing after 20 years of wearing the (thinning) striped shirt on the gridiron.

No need to send me any more links to the recent comments made by Shane Helms regarding Shawn Michaels. I'm not getting involved in that matter nor am I commenting on it. You would be amazed at how many people have asked me my thoughts on this subject of which I have none.  

MVP requested his WWE release to explore other options as I understand it. I personally like MVP and have always enjoyed our relationship. He's a talented guy who has endured and overcome some major league challenges in his life. MVP's life might make for a good movie as a matter of fact. I always preferred the antagonist MVP better than the fan favorite MVP but that's merely a personal preference. The guy is a survivor and he will perceiver and be just fine. Being off the road during the holidays isn't a bad thing and it gives him time to assess what he wants to do. We had some particularly fun conversations when Oklahoma had their home and home college football series with MVP's fav team, 'The U.'

Good to see that UFC star Chael Sonnen got his suspension cut in half. Heard the hearing was a joke. Between athletic commissions run by government appointees who are, at times, totally unqualified for their roles and the wacky judging of some MMA fights there is never a dull moment in the ever growing sport of MMA.  Sonnen needs a solid fight and obviously a win to get back to the rematch phase with Anderson Silva in my opinion. In my opinion, Sonnen not having a fight prior to fighting Anderson Silva would be a strategic mistake.

How's this for a fantasy scenario, GSP beats the holy hell out of Josh Koscheck for three rounds and then in the 4th round in Montreal GSP is severely cut, the fight is stopped and Koshcheck leaves Quebec with the hometown hero's title and more angst than a serial killer? 

For that rematch, one would be printing money.....oh, I forgot, MMA 'purists' aren't wild about 'rematches.' My bad.  

Yeah, I get it MMA crazies, this isn't pro wrestling but, remember, that I did include the term 'fantasy.'

Had a blast at the Big 12 Title game in Dallas over the weekend. Sad to see the Sooner-Cornhusker rivalry fade off into the sunset but at least I can say I was there and that my team squeezed out a 3 point win. I took as many photos with Nebraska fans as I did with Oklahoma folks. If a future Wrestlemania doesn't happen in Jerry's World aka Cowboys Stadium some day I'll be shocked. With the right attraction, and I mean the right attraction, the event in Arlington could theoretically move 100,000 tickets. 

Because I was in Dallas over the weekend, I saw no MMA Saturday. I will be watching the UFC PPV this week however. 

Federal Express says that they cannot guarantee Xmas delivery of shipments that go out after December 17....just a FYI. Fed X Ground generally gets to where it needs to in 2-3 days from our experience. Again, we ship only to street addresses and no post office boxes. 

The Main Event Mustard has become a hit. If you are a mustard person and want to enjoy a tasty, healthy condiment this is the one for you. 'The Sampler' is our top seller but we are being challenged to keep the Beef Jerky in stock.

Lots of folks are ordering from us for not only personal use but also for gifts for family member, fellow wrestling fans, and for corporate/business gifts. Others are also gifting teachers and others with our products. Our thanks to you all.  

Saw a short clip of Kofi-Swagger from Smackdown Friday Night. These two hungry, athletic young men have chemistry without question. Next to Lawler's show stealing performance with Miz last Monday on Raw, IMO, once again, Swagger-Kofi was the best WWE, TV match on the air last week. 

The next NXT group has some talented guys involved with it. I've seen them all multiple times in FCW and some have the potential to be very good. It won't happen this week but in time good things could happen for some of them. No I won't say who's the next big thing, etc as its not fair to the athletes or to me.  

The Q&A section of the site has been updated as of Monday afternoon. Did your question 'make the cut?'

Follow us at Twitter @JRsBBQ. I do what I can to answer many of the sane Tweets as best I can. 

Huge interest and a huge TV rating awaits tonight's Jets-Pats game. I'm pulling for the Jets even though I'm not a Patriot's hater. Lots of my pals in the Northeast are Jets fans including Taz, The Fink,  and even the controversial voice of WWE Michael Cole. Bottom line though is that I'm a Rex Ryan fan considering he once coached here at OU and is a native Okie. The human sound byte machine became golden to me after his performances on HBO's Hard Knocks. I'm happy to have picture in picture in our big screen TV. 

Sorry to hear of the passing of Dandy Don Meridith who was one of the great voices of Monday Night Football for over a decade. he was one of my favorite broadcasters because he was so natural...very organic. That's good advice for any young wrestler or beginning yourself...don't play the role of a wrestler or a broadcaster.

Thanks for stopping by and for supporting our site. We appreciate all that you do for us. Boomer Sooner!




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Received my sampler pack w/ the Main Event Mustard(to my suprise also received a jerky pack my wife bought as a stocking stuffer as well) As a fan of all your other products,I couldnt wait to try it.All I can say is the label is right on the money! This is no curtain jerker ,It is WM main event quality that wont last long in my house!Im going to shortly have to buy a case of it. Best wishes and continued good health and success,and to you and yours Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Thanks for the nice feedback. We'll be happy to sell you a case any time. All our products have a one year shelf life. Mustard doesn't last too long around here either. :)

Dear Mr. Ross:

My name is Ken Coulter, and I've been a wrestling fan for many years - I grew up in Central Alberta in the 1970's which meant we saw Stampede Wrestling, which was Stu Hart and all the Hart boys, Dan Kroffat, Mr. Hito, Bad News Allen (Bad News Brown), The Dynamite Kid, Davey Boy Smith, Leo Burke, and of course the legendary Wailin' Ed, Ed Whalen - who is in my personal top 3 announcers along with yourself and Gordon Solie.  I came across your website several months ago and have enjoyed it tremendously, and was making plans to purchase your cookbook, and the sauces that are available through the WWE website (I live in Canada so I'd have to get them that way) as a surprise birthday present for my wife. 

There is a reason I say "was."  My wonderful wife, Tricia, died suddenly at the age of 36 on Saturday December 4.  She may have been an even bigger wrestling fan.  Tricia always watched WWE Raw and Smackdown, and to prove she had no preferences, also watched WCW when it existed and was watching TNA as well.

I'm sorry if this rambles on, but please bear with me.  I am 46 and that's too young to be a widower. 

Among present day wrestlers, her favorites were John Cena and Randy Orton (I've sent a separate message to WWE addressed to them).  We purchased the last 2 Wrestlemania PPV's (we bought no other PPV) and the 2 Shawn Michaels matches - one with Ric Flair, the other with Undertaker - were her favorites.

She always wanted to see a live event, but because we live where we do - Fort St. John, BC , which is about 400 miles NW of Edmonton - it was too far to go.  I got a chance to see one before I met my wife, in 1989 at the old (now torn down) Winnipeg Arena.  I recall 2 of the wrestlers on that card were Curt Hennig and Sherri Martel - also gone far too soon.

Among many others, sadly.

One day I will take my girls - who are 13 and 11, and have been absolute pillars of strength through all of this - to a live event.  That's one way we can honor and remember Tricia.

And one day I will order your cookbook and whatever sauces I can get through WWE.  The grilling season up here is short but I enjoy BBQ and I remember the episode of Dinner Impossible that featured WWE and your grilled chicken and BBQ sauce.  That was also one of Tricia's favorite shows and particularly that episode.  Especially when Chef Robert did the impossible and shut the Miz up.

Tricia had Crohn's disease, which to make a long story short eats away at the digestive system.  It can be controlled through medication and/or surgery, and I do not know as yet if that had anything to do with her death.  But I can console myself with the fact that she is not in any more pain and is in heaven with her mother (who died suddenly also in 2006)

If you have read this far, thank you for your time.  I hope you and your wife are in good health and in happiness this holiday season, and enjoy the time you have together.  We never know when it will be taken from us.


Ken Coulter 

Our sincere condolences. Keep strong and keep your Faith.

All of Ryan's trash talking is fine when you WIN. After Monday night's loss, just made him look like a blubbering fool. We'll play them in the parking lot right now. You just had them in the STADIUM!!! lol