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Hard to believe that my good friend Dr Death Steve Williams passed away 6 years ago this week due to throat cancer. Doc wasn't a smoker but he dipped snuff for years and I'd surmise that is what caused Doc's issues. When I saw a photo of Steve in the last days of his life I did not even recognize him as the cancer had taken him from a robust 285 pounder to less than 200 pounds. Doc, to this day, is near the top of the list of the toughest men to ever become a pro wrestler. He was a former Oklahoma Sooner who Bill Watts hired between Doc's junior and senior year of college at OU. Doc returned to college his senior year to play football and wrestle for the Sooners. Steve's career in Japan was extraordinary to say the least. He was a beast with amazing athleticism and agility for a guy who often times tipped the scales at close to 300 pounds and sometimes more. I was honored to speak at Doc's funeral along with Coach Barry Switzer and the great Stan Hansen.

There is not a day that goes by it seems when I don't think about Doc whose friendship I miss a great deal. 

We are readying for the Orange Bowl in Miami where my Oklahoma Sooners take on #1 ranked and undefeated Clemson to see who advances to Glendale, Arizona to play the winner of the Alabama-Michigan State game on Monday January 11 to see who becomes the National Champion of college football. 

Exchanged emails with The Rock while in Miami as he's busy with a new baby girl and HBO's 'Ballers.' I know of no one who seeming stays as busy as the Rock in the world of show biz. He's a one man conglomerate who will be appearing at Wrestlemania Texas in April but I'm doubtful that he will be in a match but I hope that I'm wrong.  

There is an early betting line on the '16 Royal Rumble. I'm being serious. Where were all these betting lines on WWE events when I was in administration there? Probably a good thing it wasn't around at least that I'm aware or I might have been guilty of 'insider betting.' BTW the favorites to win are entrant #1, go figure, and entrant #30. I'd lean toward Brock Lesnar as my favorite to win it all if he's in it.

Can you make a valid argument that Lesnar shouldn't be in the main event at Wrestlemania Texas?

I'd think that Kurt Angle going into the WWE Hall of Fame is a lead pipe cinch but when its the only question that I have. I'd love to see Kurt in a WWE retirement match and then be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame if and when WWE has the time and desire to make this matter a priority.  I'd assume WWE inducts Kurt into the Hall likely before he wrestles for them in a high profile match at Wrestlemania. Simply speculating that WWE is leery of Kurt's lingering neck issues but that's merely my speculation.   

I have no speculation that Kurt Angle isn't a deserving WWE Hall of Famer in the future. How can that be debatable?

It's laughable that some pro wrestling decision makers actually believe that TV shows that consistently feature disqualification finishes to simply 'save' a talents positioning and to not further a storyline is good business. Fans are too educated these days to see weakly structured DQ's as any thing but an easy way out.   

Met two young men who have WWE tryout's early in 2016, I think in February, that work at the Fontainebleau Resort in Miami Beach. I told them that they better jack up their cardio before they hit Orlando or their dreams of being a WWE Superstar will quickly become nightmares. I wish them the best in looking to live their dreams.

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Wife Jan and I had dinner Monday night with Mr. and Mrs. Brad Nessler in Miami Beach. Ness is a big wrestling fan and will do the play by play in Thursday night's Orange Bowl. Ness grew up on A/wa Wrestling as he;s a Minnesota native. 

Would you attend a special anniversary show in June with Mick Foley and yours truly celebrating Mick's epic Hell in a Cell match vs. The Undertaker in Pittsburgh in 1998? Mick and I are casually discussing doing a special show this June, location TBD. 

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