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Greetings from Miami, Florida where I am for this Thursday night's Orange Bowl game between my Oklahoma Sooners and the #1 ranked and undefeated Clemson Tigers in college football's semi final playoff scenario. Tonight (Tuesday) at 9 ET a new Ross Report Podcast will drop with my special guest Jeremy Borash of TNA, formerly of WCW, about his career that includes radio work, Howard Stern, his Impact wrestling work in the UK, and much more. Fun show with a great guest tonight at 9 ET on, iTunes and here on the home page of this site. Subscribe to The Ross Report for FREE on iTunes and never miss a show. 

Looks like my personal streak of being on the Oklahoma Sooner sidelines will be broken Thursday night as the powers that be with the CFP and the bowl people have put the hammer down on who gets a field credential. I am overly superstitious and haven't missed a play of any game this year from the sideline but I will still be excited to attend the game and pull for the Sooners. I don't see how OU is the favorite in this game on a neutral field, versus the number one ranked, undefeated team in the nation but they are. Kickoff is New Year's Eve at 4 pm ET.

RAW Thoughts:

The Brooklyn crowd seemed a little off their game. Lots of things that go into that matter. Old promoters would say that "we did not give the fans what they wanted."

Three hour TV shows are built for DVR's as most people can't stay hooked for three hours to watch a TV show.

Vince McMahon was the star of the broadcast . He's the WWE's best heel by far. He loves his role, makes it is own and isn't playing the role of a villain. I thought it was smart booking that WWE promoted the next RAW main event of which is a WWE title match with McMahon as the special referee. How many times will the Montreal Screw Job be referenced between now and January 4th?

McMahon's return has been a spark for RAW whose TV ratings have been in the tank. 

Nice angle shot involving Kevin Owens and Adrian Neville.

Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks was a healthy 15 minute match but the overall women's scene seems flat. No well created personal issues. Sasha cheats to win but that fact is never mentioned by the broadcasters. Why?

Still of the mindset that New Day is too entertaining to be classified as money drawing heels. Why do they need to be heels?

Big Show is the #1 entrant in the 2016 Royal Rumble. Will he be booked to last into the double digits?

The Sheamus is boring chant is approaching bush league and forces the spotlight on the vocal and defiant fans who are seeking some sort of attention and not the talents.

Nice remembrance to Lemmie Kilmister the recently deceased front man of the band Motor Head who is known for being a friend of HHH and created the Game's entrance music. Lemmie was a hard core rock icon who lived hard and passed away at age 70 on Monday.

The Cena vs ADR conclusion was predictable but a solid match. I'd have had no issue with Cena winning the US Title back.

Enjoyed the fact that WWE finally promoted something for next week of significance.

If WWE wants the Rumble to be a hit and sell more subscriptions to the WWE Network, then they will book Brock Lesnar in it. No brainer.

Tonight is the final Smackdown TV taping for WWE this year and before Mauro Ranallo takes over as the lead Smackdown broadcaster when the show moves to the USA Network the first Thursday in January. I expect there to be more announcer tweaks as the new year progresses as well.

Tickets for our three RINGSIDE with Jim Ross & Friends shows at the Dallas House of Blues are still available starting at only $20 at Two shows around the WWE Hall of Fame on Saturday April 2 and one show after Raw on Monday April 4. I will have a different, surprise special guest for each show. Don't be left out and get your tickets soon.

Rock will be a part of WM32 in Texas but will he wrestle? In any event for the Rock to simply be committed to the April 3 event in Texas is HUGE.

Q&A's are updated elsewhere on the site. One question was my latest, 2016 WWE HOF wish list that includes: Sting, Stan Hansen, Freebirds, Jackie Moore, and JBL. This could change with my mood at any time but this is today's wish list. I purposely left out deceased potential inductees. will be completely restocked with JR's products this week so check out their site and order away! will be restocked soon as their order is being shipped via ship to Manchester, England.

We are now on FACEBOOK at JimRossBBQ.

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I'm going to miss broadcasting Wrestle Kingdom 10 in a few days. It seems like last year we had a nice buzz going into the event but this year not so much hype at least here in the USA. I think that the decision to not have an outside of Japan PPV for this event was a mistake whether I was doing the commentary or not.  

Nonetheless I am a big fan of NJPW and hope that their big event does well. 

Great show this week on The Ross Report podcast with Jeremy Borash. Download it for FREE at, iTunes or listen right here on the homepage of our site. 

Thanks for stopping by and GO SOONERS!!


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JR they aren't being straight with you about the sideline passes at the Orange Bowl. We heard Rex Ryan, the Bills coach (and former Oklahoman) whose son is on Clemson saying that he's going to be on the sidelines Thursday night. This is a conspiracy! They are giving more sideline passes to Clemson than OU!