Jerry Brisco Update, Legends Roundtable thoughts, New JR's Products now at WWEShop, JR Going Hunting. Sauce It!!

Here's hoping everyone has had a great week. New products are now on line at and I invite you to check them out. Great gift ideas for the holidays and one can never order too early to insure timely holiday delivery. Here's several random thoughts.....

The Mexico City Raw was a unique experience and it is always nice being a part of WWE history as it was the first Raw TV from Mexico. Our segment featuring the tag match between Cole/ADR vs. Cena/JR seemingly did great in the all important TV ratings. Thanks for tuning in.

In a perfect world, that would be my LAST foray into the ring as an active competitor/participant. Think a cow on ice wearing bowling shoes.

For some fans with over active imaginations and too much free time, I'd like to think that there is hopefully no chance that Cole vs. JR ever happens any where especially at a Wrestlemania event. As Ron White would say, "Let it go."

As I write this on Friday I have no plans to be traveling to Texas this weekend for WWE events including San Antonio and Austin. Yes, thinks could change but not likely.

I plan on attending the OU vs. Texas Tech football game Saturday night on ABC from Norman. Had a great time Thursday night socializing with the ABC broadcast team including old friend and major WWE fan Brad Nessler, analyst Todd Blackledge, and the talented and informed Holly Rowe. 

The Legends Roundtable taping Wednesday night was a blast. Newcomers Roddy Piper and DDP, Diamond Dallas Page, added some new, sizzle to the production along with Michael Hayes, Mean Gene Okerlund and yours truly. 

In January the first show about Wrestling Renegades will air on WWE On Demand. We talk about many men who were strong, individual personalities including Stan Hansen, Bruiser Brody, Abdullah the Butcher, Piper, Steve Austin, Brian Pillman, the Freebirds, and so many, many more. Great stories and spirited debate. 

The second show is about Celebrities in Wrestling going all the way back to former heavyweight boxing champions Jack Johnson, Joe Louis, Jack Dempsey, Rocky Marciano, Ali, Tyson and others. Plus we discussed Lawrence Taylor wrestling, and doing extremely well under the circumstances, at WM11, and the infamous David Arquette fiasco in WCW which sparked some colorful debate. Pete Rose made the list as did so many others. 

These are the most enjoyable productions, personally, for me in today's WWE environment and I think that productions such as this will be assets to the future, WWE Network which is apparently going to debut in 2012 around WM28.

I'm going to do a hog hunt with HBK for his outdoor TV show and we hope to tape what should be an interesting experience in December. 

What more can be said about the compelling Scott Hall piece that ESPN E60 did this week on the former WWE/WCW star? Addiction is so deadly and dangerous and why some individuals seemingly can't get away from alcohol and drug abuse perhaps will always be a mystery. The obligatory emails and Tweets about Scott going into the WWE Hall of Fame or perhaps becoming a broadcaster in WWE feel so untimely as the ONLY thing that Scott should focus on is getting healthy via being clean and sober. I sincerely and truly hope that he succeeds. I will tell those that don't know that Hall was gifted with a great mind for the wrestling business.

My dear friend Jerry Brisco had a mild stroke on Wednesday just before he was to fly to Mexico to attend the Pan American games to scout amateur wrestlers for WWE. Luckily Jerry's son Wes was driving his Dad to the Tampa Airport but instead took the WWE HOFer to the hospital after Jerry described how he was feeling. More tests are being run and other specialists opinions will be acquired to attempt to discover why the younger brother of the great, Jack Brisco is having these serious issues. I assure you that Jerry Brisco is a fighter and when I talked to him this week nothing was ever more evident. 

Many fans will never know how vital Jerry Brisco was to the WWE Talent Relations department over the years particularly when we were signing some of WWE's future, biggest, all time stars and looking far and wide for world class athletes to comprise the WWE roster. 

The new, All Propose Seasoning that is now available on line at is one of the best and hottest selling products that we have ever produced. It can be used as a rub or a single seasoning for virtually any dish that one might use salt, pepper, etc on. I've seasoned green beans, fried potatoes and onions, pinto beans, steamed veggies not to mention baked chicken and broiled fish. This All Purpose Seasoning is going to possibly become our best seller. 

Plus, we're getting great feedback on the four, new Beef Jerky flavors we introduced this week especially Senor JR's Mexicana Beef Jerky.

If you want to be entertained, take a look at my Twitter mentions and at some of the amazing questions that we get. We also receive great feedback and suggestions for a variety of things. We're rapidly approaching 250,000 followers @JRsBBQ. Join us. 

Should be a fun weekend of OU football, the NFL and WWE PPV Vengeance all of which I plan on enjoying. My OU drill is to attend the game, DVR it and watch it again when I get home or Sunday morning. Then enjoy NFL Red Zone before Vengeance. Plus, we're still grilling here in Oklahoma, BTW we never stop grilling, so that will be a tasty part of the weekend too.

Life is good. 

Boomer Sooner!


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Very sorry to hear about Mr. Brisco's health issues. My prayers will be going out for him and his family. I really miss seeing you on RAW when you aren't there, J.R. Seeing you and John Cena win that match was a huge highlight to my night :) Hope to see you back soon. Take care

Scott Hall should go in the HOF in 2012. His in ring days are over and with Mania near his home in Florida what better time to induct the Bad Guy. Hall has had a great wrestling career and it would be a shame to let happen to him what happened to Randy Savage. Induct Hall while he's still alive.

Had to be a rough weekend  for jr. First, he tried to organize  an "occupy oklahoma " protest but then realized there is absolutely nothing in oklahoma worth occupying. Secondly, his most loyal customer , Libya's mohmar ghaddafi is shot and killed, putting a real damper on his bbq sales, and finally the sooners lose to texas tech and all but guarantee themselves a drop out of the ap top 25. my condolences big guy.

have the passion of Gordon Sollie,The Pride of Ric Flair and the open of the can whoop ass of StoneCold  I almost forgot the crazinees of Dr. Death and U got JR. Cole be afarid be very afarid when Jr is going to kill u next Monday Night on Raw to get his job back.  Please shut the hell out of Cole please.  Have the Match at owen field instead in front of JR's backyard

As much as i'd like to see JR beat Cole i don't think we're gonna get rid of that annoying prick that easy. I'm guessing this is another way to humiliate JR and get Cole some more heat.

To me the big money match WWE has had for the past several years is The Undertaker vs John Cena at WrestleMania. I know they fought back in 2003 but why not again since & is it because Cena would get too much heel heat like he will at Mania next year vs Rock...