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We had quite the weekend especially if one is a sports fan as am I. I flew with the OU football team down to College Station, Texas Friday for Saturday's Big 12 game with the Texas A&M Aggies. OU did not play well, did not capitalize on several opportunities to score inside the Red Zone and generally was knocked around by a motivated, huge crowd infused, talented A&M team that has now won three games in a row. 

The Sooners final home game of the season is this Saturday afternoon versus Texas Tech and Oklahoma will look to get back on track on 'Senior Day.' 

Sunday I had the privilege of being a part of the Boston Celtic Radio broadcast with my friend and the NBA's best PXP guy, Sean Grande. My brief stint in the booth with Sean received some amazingly positive feedback which is always nice. Broadcasting a portion of the NBA game made me realize that I have not lost my desire to continue as a on air talent if and when the opportunity arises. Hopefully, the OU Football radio job will be a possibility next year even though I realize that I'm likely a long shot. As I always say, never stop dreaming, never say never or willingly take one's self out of the game. 

The King missed a rare, Monday night Raw this week from Manchester, England with a severe infection that came as a result of a knee injury. Jerry is getting a daily dose of antibiotics via an IV and hopes to be feeling better soon. He told me Monday that his knee felt better and that an expert physician in infections was addressing the King's condition. The King doesn't have staph infection as I understand it which is good news. Jerry is very resilient and I'm relatively confident that he will be back on the air when Raw does their three hour, Old School broadcast. 

If you haven't checked out our Q&A section lately I encourage you to do so as many folks have submitted some interesting and thought provoking suggestions as to who they would like for me to write about in our proposed 25 Most Interesting People book that is being shopped. There's always a chance that the book won't be picked up by a major publisher but many within that world seem optimistic. We're still taking your ideas and appreciate everyone's efforts on our behalf. The final list of 25, if that is the number that we go with, has not been determined. FYI, I'm not planning on writing about tag teams this go around but strictly about individuals.  Plus, it is still TBD how many ladies make the list.  

The Q&A section of the site was updated as of Tuesday midday.

An emailer sent me some info that my first Monday Night Raw appearance was in January 1994 on a taped show from Richmond, Va. That was info that I did not have. Does any one know my first Survivor Series broadcasting assignment? 

Many are asking what the future holds for Kevin Nash. I have no idea and that's a question for Kevin but what ever it is won't include him being in any financial dilemmas or rehabs. Kevin was always a bright guy and an athlete who I enjoyed helping get noticed when we did our 'Wrestling with Jim Ross' radio show on AM750 WSB in Atlanta back in the early 90's. BTW Kevin was on the same high school all state basketball team in Michigan with Ervin 'Magic' Johnson. Could Nash finish up his wrestling career in WWE? Sounds possible to me but I'm not in that loop. 

It's funny but not unexpected that many fans who have responded about our potential book idea simply want salacious info and as much 'dirt' as I can dispense. Sorry, but that's not going to happen. My book will be honest but it won't be one that's sole purpose is to embarrass or humiliate others about the past of which I do have ample knowledge but choose to not disclose.

Going down to Tampa this week for another visit to FCW. I'm anxious to launch a new project there over the next few weeks. It's all about preparing the WWE rookies to better be able to make the transition from developmental to life on the road in WWE which isn't an easy gig. 

Our 'Main Event Mustard' project is moving along well and we are relatively certain that it will be available for holiday orders. It's going to be a hit. 

Interesting suggestion that an emailer sent me mentioning that former Turner Broadcasting Chairman Ted Turner be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame this April in Atlanta during WM27. Ted certainly did a great deal for the growth of the business by featuring wrestling on the Super Station for so many years especially in the early days of cable. 

Man, is Frank Mir lobbying for another shot at Brock Lesnar or what? I don't expect to see Lesnar back in the Octagon until spring and many seem to want to see Brock fight Roy Nelson. The Mir fight would provide plenty of verbal fireworks in building the fight for UFC and perhaps some fans would pay to either see Lesnar destroy Mir in their 'rubber match' or perhaps some Kool Aid drinking, MMA 100% purists would pay to see Lesnar lose his second fight in a row.

UFC's strategic marketing to the Hispanic audience in Cain Velásquez's quest to become the first ever Mexican Heavyweight Champion in UFC was a promotional stroke of genius. I've talked to many people that were not major MMA fans who emotionally invested in the Lesnar-Carwin fight because of the storyline via the commercials that they saw on TV.

One of the biggest mistakes a promoter can make is to over think issues, storylines, etc. What makes for a big fight/event and for successful personal issues/TV storylines is telling an easy to understand story especially with the dearth of TV available to us all and with disposable income and one's time at a premium. Keep it simple and reinventing the wheel isn't necessary. A TV show only makes us a minuscule part of one's week and for a viewer to attempt to retain viable info on a convoluted story or issue is challenging at best.

I hope that you will spend some time in our store today looking at all the new specials that we have including some packages starting at under ten bucks. Your orders are what keeps this site alive and we hope to be around interacting with you for years to come. Thanks, again, for considering us for some of your holiday shopping.  Remember that we ship to the USA only but that ships internationally.

Boomer Sooner!


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 JR, I really enjoyed your Celtics broadcast !!! I always watch the game & listen to the radio broadcast; as I was doing that, when I heard your voice... I immediately sat up in bed & looked at the stereo in a shocked manner... saying to myself... "Holy S&%T !!! That was JR doing the Celtics !!! " I just want to say that I thought you did a tremendous job; as you know, the Boston Celtics are a storied NBA franchise. I could think of no one who was more qualified or deserving of this task than you... you did Celtics Nation proud !!! Thanks for a memorable call JR !!!

 Your first Survivor Series was the 7th Survivor Series, in 1993. Hope I helped :)

Congratulations go out to MR. William Regal who has had an outstanding yet UNDER appreciated career. Hopefully if given the option  he can help the young whipper snappers in FCW. Thanks for the memories William"don't call me Steven" Regal

I actually met Kevin Nash yesterday in Austin at the Comic Con and asked him since he is no longer in TNA if he was going back to WWE. He didn't say no, but he did say he was going to take a break from Wrestling and start doing more movies. He also mentioned Stone Cold was up in Canada doing a movie called The Hanger and it had some MMA guy from the UFC in it but not a big time name as he told me and a few other people talking to him at Comic Con.

It was AWESOME to see you back on RAW tonight JR! I think Michael Cole is an absolute TOOL and and glad you smacked him with the hat!  LMAO  I wish you would come back to announcing. I can't stand Michael Cole. He even mentioned this year was 2011. It's 2010 dumbass!  ;)

Is the WWE looking to get sued with all the WWF logo stuff? I thought you guys can't use the logo anymore and that is why you had the logo blurred when the World Wildlife Fund made you guys change to WWE? I assume you guys had this cleared?

Thanks again!


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