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Jesse Ventura suing TSA for unlawful search and seizure essentially suing the Federal Government isn't a shocker. Jesse is outspoken and loves controversy (does it create cash?) likely feels justified in filing his suit and it gets him some media stretch for his TruTV show. He was the most challenging partner that I ever worked with in the broadcast booth which doesn't mean it was a negative experience. Just challenging. 

MMA purists are inferring that Brock Lesnar really wants no part of Junior Dos Santos after the two heavyweight, UFC fighters host TUF TV show. That's a load of manure. MMA message board geeks have been waiting for Lesnar to lose a fight so that they can jump off his bandwagon and continue to rail on the former WWE Champion not because Brock was a Division 1 National Wrestling Champion and legit, multiple time All American but because he spent time in a pro wrestling ring. That's brilliant logic isn't it? A classic example of pro wrestling bias at work. 

Speaking of MMA, I would suspect that if Dave Batista is in the country that he will be in San Jose this Saturday night for the Strikeforce fights on Showtime. Hopefully Showtime will be smart enough to interview Batista and to throughly preview their heavyweight tourney coming up throughout 2011 and not drop the promotional ball like Strikeforce/Showtime did on their last broadcast. 

UFC heavyweight Matt Mitrione is a classic example of why promoters for years recruited talented, college athletes to come into pro wrestling and why I feel that finding ex-football players who are still young and athletic is essential in the recruiting efforts of future sports entertainers.

I hope to recruit the football world throughly in 2011 and find guys  who are out of college and looking for a career even after not making a NFL team for what could be a variety of reasons. Mitrione is big, intelligent, learns quickly, is tough, and has charisma. I don't know how the former Purdue lineman will fare against world class MMA competition as his career moves forward I suspect that the MMA rookie will continue to improve and turn, and take off, heads. 

Arn Anderson, to answer repeated questions, has certainly had a WWE HOF level career. Whether that means he goes into the HOF this year in Atlanta is anyone's guess. Good question is whether AA goes in alone or with Tully as a part of the Brain Busters. 

Why was Bob Caudle so effective as a broadcaster? Simple reason....Bob had no ego and always made sure that the talents came first and was never concerned about promoting himself or making himself a part of the performance to any significant degree. Those days are fading. 

Agree that Miz does remind me at times of a young, Roddy Piper. That's a good thing for Miz who has the efficient attributes of being a 'beatable' champion who can theoretically lose on any given night to a hero. I am very interested in how Miz fares against Randy Orton at the Royal Rumble. The outcome of that WWE Title bout will speak volumes. 

Good to see WWE using former wrestler Nunzio as a referee. He's a good guy who is reliable and deserving of opportunity. Nice move by WWE. Quality referees are hard to come by and are so underrated in the process of presenting a good wrestling bout. 

No WWE isn't 'mad' at Rock as best I know and yes Rock will be a WWE HOF'er one day or so I would bet a case of Chipotle Ketchup. This time of the year everyone seemingly has a conspiracy theory about why this wrestler and that performer are not in the WWE HOF. I will be happy when all the names are released so that the next round of second guessing can commence. 

Keep your eye on Percy Watson who is arguably the most athletically gifted athlete WWE has signed in many, many years. 

One of the topics that I will be working on at the next Legends Roundtable this week are wrestling rivalries. I think that I'm going with Austin vs. Rock for my personal choice and it will be interesting to see who the other panelists select as theirs. I'll keep you abreast via Twitter @JRsBBQ.

I don't know when these next Legends Roundtables will air but will let you know when it's determined. 

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 Jesse Ventura suing TSA, what a joke! I am sorry Jessi, you are not above rules... If you let him go, everyone should not get checked when flying!

 J.R., lets STOP the B.S. and put Randy "Macho Man" Savage in the HOF! When I watch WWE Classics "On Demand", he is featured in a big match every month. He was the champion during WWE's "Golden Age" when the belt meant something(yes, I said it). WrestleMania 4 was one of the BIGGEST pay per views of all time and he wrestled and won the title beating four people! 

It was groundbreaking winning the WWE title during Hogan's super rain and that should mean something. He means a lot to the business and is still looked up today. 80% of the people in the HOF were not even close to reaching his success and still Macho is left out. I do not know much about a rumor of Vince blackballing him, but time to move on. 

If I had a vote in the WWE HOF, I could understand the barrage of Macho Man emails that I receive endorsing Savage to enter the WWE HOF but I don't. I've also said that I felt that Randy deserved induction. I'm not sure what more you want from me as I have as much influence in the WWE HOF biz as does WWE's receptionist.

J.R. if you could compare C.M. Punk with any wrestler from another era, who would it be?

I'd say Jake "The Snake" Roberts with a more athletic in ring style and a dash of Roddy Pipers quick wit. Hell of a mix.

He seems like a guy who could seemlessly fit the mold of any era. I know Harley Race is a huge supporter of him. I believe he said if he could come back and have a match with someone it would be C.M. Punk.

I am a huge fan of the Miz. If he walks out of the Royal Rumble PPV WWE Champion I will be stunned. Excited, but stunned. It would certainly speak volumes if Miz retained the title as to the direction of the WWE and to how the WWE feels about the most must see champion in WWE history.  Hopefully the Era of Awesome rolls on to Wrestlemania!

Hey bjohnson767, totally agree on the Macho Man. Wrestlemania 4 is still my favorite of all time because of what he did to win the title. Talk about telling a story and building up a character. See Macho Man in WM4.

My Rumble prediction...Triple H will win. Yea, I think the Garden will explode when he is announced an a RR competitor, and I think he will go on to headline Wrestlemania. I could be WAY off here, but what the hell, right?

If I were Daniel Bryan, I would be pretty offended by you saying that Percy Watson is the best athletic wrestler to be signed by WWE in recent years. I'm sure he's great and all, but athletically superior to Daniel Bryan? Really? 

Number one, you're not Daniel Bryan and number two I expressed an opinion that Percy Watson that was based on his pure athletic skill and that he was one of the best athletes WWE has signed in years. That statement doesn't mean that he will ever be a wrestling star or that his wrestling skill set will ever approach Daniel Bryan's. Being athletic doesn't always equate to becoming a top wrestling star.  

 Sorry JR but this blog was disappointing. Know what ISN'T disappointing? Your amazing Main Event Mustard.

I didn't know that you were a skilled 'blog critic.' Thanks for the feedback.  I know I can always count on you for a positive message. 

@ JR

That's a lie though. Where's your foundation that people saying negative stuff about Brock has anything to do with pro-wrestling?

Other MMA fighters have been active in pro-wrestling too: Josh Barnett, Ken Shamrock, Bobby Lashley.

So what does that say about Brock? It says that people criticize him for having a bad attitude and conducting himself the wrong way. For example I don't think it makes him look any good when he says "I had no clue that Fedor is fighting Werdum tomorrow". And a week after the loss he actually comments on the fight.

Or when Chael Sonnen was trash-talking Brock a little... Brock's response was "I have no clue who this guy is". Sorry, but everyone who has something to do with the UFC knows Chael Sonnen.

And even Brock's explanation for signing with the UFC... "I don't like fighting at smaller shows" ... well, he started at the bottom in amateur wrestling and in WWE too. Why can't he start at the bottom in MMA?

Those things seem like small irrelevant things, but when he does it over and over again in every interview, then you shouldn't expect people to like him. To compare this guy to Muhammad Ali is a joke. Ali was a different area code.

The anti-Brock stuff did indeed start out because he was a pro-wrestler. The fact that Sakuraba and Shamrock were also pro-wrestlers first, or that guys like Barnett, Coleman, Frye, etc have also done plenty of pro-wrestling is beside the point to them. Apparently doing stuff in Japan is different. Not sure how, as it's still predetermined.

Look through Sherdog forums for PLENTY of examples. Granted Sherdog's full of idiots (yes, I post there...) but it's also one of the biggest MMA boards out there.

I'm familiar with sherdog and it's basically 50/50 there. Brock has lots of haters or people who dislike him, but he has lots of supporters too.

None of it has to do with pro-wrestling. It's because of what they see from Brock currently. And if 50% of them don't like it, it's they're decision.

Brock's wrestling is from the past, many years have passed by. And aside from that, Brock was only 2 years on WWE TV.

Sometimes it seems like JR is only mentioning Brock because he wants to make pro-wrestling more important and get people to visit his website and ketchup products.

I like I have an opinion, like you,  and yes I want to sell products. Nothing secretive about that.

if there is indeed no hall of fame conspiracy, then why is it that there is one man who should be in the hall of fame but is not. if this is indeed a wcw themed hall of fame he should be included this year certainly before lex luger who has been rumored for sometime. without this man paving the way in wcw we may not have rey, eddie, jericho, or even do i dare say his name, benoit. i know jr is a fan. i am talking about brian pillman. its time for him to go in the hall. have stone cold induct him.

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