Jim Ross' Blog: OU - Oklahoma State (from OUInsider.com)

Editor's Note: Jim Ross of course is a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, owner of J.R.’s Family BBQ, but a life long Sooner fan who has written three best selling books and has appeared weekly on national TV for over 25 years.

Firstly, here’s hoping everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Being Sooner fans, we all have much to be thankful for and should count our blessings for the football season that Stoops Troops has provided us.

The Sooners overall team effort last Saturday night before the largest crowd to ever see a sporting event in our state was amazing as was the level of fan enthusiasm. The noise level down on Owen Field was nothing like I have ever experienced in Norman and without question motivated the team tremendously. In the locker room after the game the players were still buzzing about the crowd and how much the Sooner fans motivated them.

I made a flippant remark last week in this blog about the old cliché that if it’s too loud one might be too old. Some folks took that negatively as if I was trying to eliminate AARP members from the stadium. For the record, yours truly is a member of the AARP so, obviously, that was not the case as I plan on attending OU Football games until I take my final dirt nap. Nonetheless any one who was in attendance last Saturday night won’t soon forget the experience thanks to the atmosphere and an overwhelming Sooner victory. Sooner Magic was alive, well, and loud.

But that was last week.

Traveling to Stillwater Saturday night to again appear on prime time, national TV on ABC, Bedlam will be the focus of many college football fans in our nation. As usual, winning in Stillwater won’t be easy for the Sooners who have played very well on the road this season.

Too bad the stadium likely won’t be sold out. Thanks to the OSU Athletic Department’s philosophy of requiring one to buy a season ticket, as I understand it, to get a ticket to the OU game I am told that there will be many empty seats in Stillwater on Saturday night. I hope the ABC announce team have the info to explain to the nation why the stadium isn’t full with so much riding on this rivalry game that started in 1904 which was three years before statehood.

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