Jim Ross' Blog: OU - Texas Tech (from OUInsider.com)

Editor's Note: Here's the first of Jim's weekly pre-game blogs. Jim Ross of course is a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, owner of J.R.’s Family BBQ, but a life long Sooner fan who has written three best selling books and has appeared weekly on national TV for over 25 years.

The Sunday after attending the OU-A&M game down in College Station, I flew from Chicago O’Hare to Manchester, England for the WWE to tape two broadcasts of Friday Night Smackdown. Before leaving Norman, I bought every, different Sunday newspaper I could buy and I purposely did not break into my reading stash until I boarded my 8 hour or so flight.

Unfortunately, the gentleman who was sitting next to me wanted to talk….and talk…and talk…specifically about the OU-Tech game. This fellow wasn’t a fan of either school but a sports fan that, like many of us, couldn’t wait for the spectacle in which this Saturday night’s Big 12 South contest has involved.

I guess it was my Sooner attire and black hat that gave me away but we had a lengthy visit which culminated in my prediction that OU would beat the Red Raiders in Norman. That was one day after the win over the Texas A&M Aggies on the road and my feelings haven’t changed.

Oklahoma 35 Tech 31.

Last week I happened to do two radio interviews, on with KOKC in OKC with James Hale and Jimbo Elrod, which I do every Wednesday at 5:30 p.m., and another national interview. Ironically, the discussion came around to the Sooners’ home field advantage and Coach Stoops’ home record of only 2 losses in Norman since arriving here in 1999. I mentioned on both those broadcasts that I felt like the Sooner faithful attending the games at Memorial Stadium could be more emotionally invested during the games and therefore become a greater asset to the team.

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