Jim Ross Blog: OU- Washington (from OUInsider.com)

Your resident BBQ lovin’ Sooner fan has never spent any significant time with any Dr. Phil types and I have never been diagnosed as being paranoid.

However,  this week’s long road trip for the Sooners to the state of Washington to play a team that is wounded and playing in front of their Mom’s and Dad’s doesn’t provide me with that “peaceful easy feeling.”

After being on the sideline last year in Ames, Boulder and Glendale where the Sooners had forgettable road games I would love to see a victory away from Norman for me to breath easy about our upcoming road trips none of which will  easy. 

ESPN is featuring the game as their prime time Saturday night affair even though they are promoting incessantly big brother ABC’s marquis match up between Ohio State and USC in Los Angeles. I can’t blame them for that but I, as a devout Sooner fan, am much more interested in what some perceive as a “trap game” for Stoops’ Troops that the national game of the week.

Tyrone Willingham’s Huskies are 0-2 but should be 1-1 after a heart breaking loss to BYU last week that was highlighted by a questionable call by the officials for excessive celebration which quite frankly defied the intent of the rule and also demonstrated a lack of common sense by the officiating crew.

Strange that we are talking about Pac 10 games with psycho officiating but there will be no Gordon what’s his name replay jokes in this space today. One can’t grieve forever.

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Hey JR

Im from Scotland and love you and WWE and do miss the Old days but relish the new ones too....

Please id love to do a piece on WWE in the UK and would love to envolve myself in the life that is Wrestling

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Hey J.R., being the college football fan you are, I hope you recorded both Smackdown and the Southern Florida v. Kansas game tonight. That final kick was more of a barnburner than Chris Jericho making the last second pin at Unforgiven. WOW! Instant classic. I hope Kansas doesn't come into the Big 12 schedule full of vinegar and you know what because of it though!

I appreciate that you're a loyal Sooner, but what did you think of the Sooners blocking Washington's tunnel?  Is there a difference between gamesmanship and classless?  I'm not a fan on either side of the fence but I thought the move by Oklahoma showed no class whatsoever.  Put on the pads, but on your helmet and play the damn game, don't act like a bunch of jerks.  Your opinion J.R.?

Rich S.

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