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Just about a week away frm RINGSIDE w/ Jim Ross in Knoxville just two days ahead of the much anticipated Oklahoma vs. Tennessee college football matchup. My show will be at the International in Knoxville on Thursday night September 10 at 8 pm...6-8 pm for the VIP ticket holders for their meet/greet/photo op. Tickets for the first RINGSIDE show ever in Tennessee start at only $20 and there are only 450 total seats available. Tickets are available online at I will be in Knoxville next Tuesday to begin doing local media for the show and will say in Knoxville for the Sooners vs. the Vols on Saturday night.

The on going whispers within the wrestling business of the 32 year old, alleged murder of his then lady friend by Jimmy 'Super Fly' Snuka has finally resulted in an indictment of 3rd degree murder for the WWE Hall of Fame member. Snuka was one of the greatest attractions of all time in WWE and was arguably one of WWE's most marketable stars after finding equal success in the territory era of wrestling and in Japan, as well. It will be interesting to see how this case proceeds as the 72 year old Snuka wa recently diagnosed with stomach cancer and still takes autograph/personal appearance dates to make ends meet. Hopefully this matter will finally be resolved so that both families, Snuka's and the deceased, can move on with their lives and find closure and a measure of peace. Let the justice system do as it was designed to do.


Watched the show via DVR as usual. Easier to make it through the three hours for me. Plus, one doesn't have to see the many, many commercials on the show that are repeated over and over again. Not a smart move for any advertiser as most of us tune out the sales message after hearing it so many times.

LIked the Cen/Rollins/Stephanie business at the end of the show and it was a good way to put the heel champion in jeopardy at Night of Champions in Houston on Sunday September 20. If Rollins makes it out of Houston with both titles in tact, he indeed does have a rocket ship attached to him by the company. I'd open the show in Houston with Cena vs. Rollins and close it with Sting vs. Rollins.

Our RINGSIDE with Jim Ross Show in Houston will precede the NOC event at the Toyota Center as we will be doing RINGSIDE at the Warehouse Live Ballroom at 4 pm. My venue is only a 10 minute walk to the Toyota Center so hopefully fans will plan on attending both events. Our tickets start at only $20 and are on sale online at Some VIP meet/greet/photo op tickets are available, too. My show will be over in PLENTY  of time for fans to not miss a moment of NOC.

Thought Ryback and Big Show exceeded many  folk's expectations in their bout. I like Ryback as IC Champion and feel that if he's booked somewhat like the Ultimate Warrior that he will get over and become a talent who can man event live events.

Apparently New Day is going to be heels via simply being annoying as Hell and not by having legit, heel heat. I like the trio as they are highly entertaining but do you want your top villain, team to be overly entertaining or disliked? I've got no dog in the hunt but it would be awfully easy for this trio to be fan favorites.

Smart move by WWE bringing the Dudley Boys back. Those "Damn Dudley's" have added a spark to the tag team scene in only a couple of weeks.

Enjoyed Cesaro vs. Owens match a great deal but it did not feel as big as I would have preferred. Not sure why but it simply felt like anther rematch as it was presented. Nonetheless, it was a solid match and arguably was the best match on the show.

Braun Stoman is an infringing persona who needs ample protection until he gains more experience. It's easy to see that he's a little 'tight' and that's to be expected. He's getting a nice break and obviously he wants to make he most of it but he will have to relax and rely more on those around him and his own work ethic and instincts more to get better and certainly to enjoy the journey. I'd address his facials right away. In any event he's an impressive looking son of a gun and seems to fit the Wyatt's well. I still think that Luke Harper is grossly underutilized and is one of the company's most valuable villains. Hopefully Harper won't become the Freebird Buddy Roberts of the Wyatt's IE he's the one who drops most of the falls in their tag matches or in singles. BTW Buddy Roberts was a marvelous worker.

Not wild about the Summer Rae/Dolph shower biz as it's not believable and the more it played out the more eyeball rolling it became. Yep, I'm not in the target demo any longer but I think that I still know a good storyline when I see one and this one isn't it. Just one guy's opinion. The storyline feels forced.

I wish the Diva, or Women's,  Beat the Clock Challenge had more match time. I don't know how many people on the WWE roster, or any roster, male or female, for that matter that can tell a viable story in under two minutes.

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Had a good conversation with Impact Wrestling World Champion Ethan Carter 3rd Monday night for a Ross Report Podcast that will drop on Tuesday September 29 just in time for us to promote TNA's Bound for Glory PPV which is Sunday October 4 from the greater Charlotte, N.C area.

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We are just about ready to present several sample chapters of our autobiography to various literary agents. The book is progressing nicely and we still hope to have it on shelves by the first half of 2016. Fingers crossed. Between Scott Williams, Paul O'Brien and your's truly, we have been rocking right along.

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It's football time in Oklahoma and I am ready for Saturday evening when the Akron Zips roll into Norman to take on my re-vamped Sooners. Lots of unanswered questions regarding my team this year and some will be addressed this weekend but many, many more will be addressed in Knoxville when we travel to Tennessee to take on the SEC's Volunteers.

Boomer Sooner!

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