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Thanks for stopping by our site. We've done a fair amount of upgrades here including you being able to search for questions, etc. We've also got ticket info on my two, RINGSIDE: An Evening with Jim Ross shows coming to NYC and New Orleans. Lots of emotions being displayed by many WWE fans after the Royal Rumble...here are my thoughts

I don't think that I have received as much impassioned feedback on a WWE PPV event in recent memory as I have over the past several hours after the Royal Rumble ended. Many fans were downright pissed and shared their venom with yours truly.  

Firstly, the vast majority of fans wanted Daniel Bryan to win the Royal Rumble so that he would be in line for a WWE World Title match at WM30. That did not happen.


Obviously, Daniel Bryan has made an amazing connection with the WWE fans and I'd venture to say that today, 24 hours after the Royal Rumble, that Daniel Bryan has NEVER been more popular in his entire career.

At this point, Daniel Bryan becoming WWE World Champion would be great but it certainly isn't definitively necessary for DB to be 'over.' Daniel Bryan is 'over' and his fans are seemingly rallying behind him in a verbal show of solidarity and support. If Bryan embraces this support, then a happier ending is more likely to occur.

Will all this soap opera-esque content actually lead to happier days for Daniel Bryan fans? My guess is yes unless the sports entertainment business has changed even more than I perceive. However, I do think that patience needs to be infused here and that's something that many of us aren't long on.  

Personally, I'm happy to stay tuned and enjoy the Daniel Bryan bullet train ride to wherever its destination may be. I am a firm believer that great talents cannot be suppressed permanently and that there is a method to what is perceived to be the madness that is on going.

The Daniel Bryan phenomenon will likely result into a spirited and emotional Monday Night RAW that will also include a healthy TV rating. How WWE addresses the DB 'conspiracy' and creates an interest in the Elimination Chamber on PPV has my curiosity.

Huge night in Pittsburgh for Roman Reigns who set a record with 12 eliminations of which I guessed might happen. Of course, some think that I received inside info on that matter but if they only knew how little I communicate with anyone in WWE they would change their tune. It was a creative calculation that made sense to me. Today, it still makes sense.

Reigns is a future star and if he had won the Royal Rumble that would have been just fine with me. However, Reigns, as a fan favorite, chasing either villains Orton or Batista would be money matches. Reigns era is rapidly approaching. The foundation is being laid.

Bray Wyatt was another of the younger talents who had a break through night and was a bigger star after the Rumble than before it. The 300 pounder with a 2nd gear athletically rose to the occasion vs. Bryan and then got more 'stretch' being involved in Cena's loss to Orton.

Big E had a few moments in the Rumble but not to the level of Reigns or Wyatt but a positive night for 'E' nonetheless.

I'd give the PPV a B- or C+ grade and I paid retail for it just like most fans and I am not clamoring for a 'refund.' In hindsight, could things have been executed differently? Absolutely. But isn't that the case with any show biz entity or even most sporting events?

But that was last night and the question now is what will happen on tonight's follow up Monday Night RAW?

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JR. I love you and I bought 2 of your Chipotle Ketchup's. I also love IT! Haha. I understand your advice about "patience." But I think the DIE HARD Bryan fan views the beginning of this train ride back when he lost to Sheamus in less than 20 seconds. Yes, it's gaining big momentum now, but this treatment of Daniel Bryan goes WAY back. They used to call him "internet darling" and "no charisma boy." And then all that stuff about how terrible his look is. It's bigger than just the last 6 months, though I agree, lately it's been bigger than ever.
Thanks for the post JR. While there were some disappointments in the Rumble (New Age Outlaws over Goldust/Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton over John Cena, and no Undertaker) my hubby and I felt it was a good PPV. We haven't felt we've gotten our money's worth in PPVs (with the exception of Wrestlemania) in the past few years. This one was one of the better ones we've seen. Definitely worth the price. Miss hearing you every week. Current commentary needs an assist badly. King is great and Michael Cole has really evolved. The rest is "meh."
Wrestling isn't the same Monday nights without you Jr. And if the G.O.A.T undertaker does comeback it should be you calling his match. The way things are going it seems that they are building Brock for mania to look like a threat to the streak . My guess is it will be Brock/Taker. My question to you is do you think Brock deserves to be in the ring at mania verse taker. After all mark did for him back in '02-'03. Then walking out. My opinion is no he don't. Id rather see taker/cena or taker/shield gauntlet match. I'm not a cena fan but he's paid his dues. Brock comes and goes. He don't benefit in a match with taker. Just my thoughts . Would like to hear yours!!!
Brock/Taker is interesting to me from what may be a way off base point of view. Regardless of how one feels about Taker, The Streak is a work. Brock could legit go into business for himself and end The Streak and there is NO ONE in WWE who could stop him. Now, there's no money for Brock in doing that (unless there is), but as a previous poster wrote, "Brock comes and goes." Can he be trusted? That's why I don't think we'll be seeing it.
Should have written, that's why I don't think we'll be seeing Brock/Taker.
Obviously, just having a little amateur booker fun here. That's what makes Brock/Taker such a compelling matchup, the fact that Brock is the most legitimate threat to end The Streak in years. If they decide to go down that road, that's a really easy sell.
I dont think we will see it either. I believe the Undertaker eventually wants to pass the torch like Nadre did to Hogan, but I Think Taker is waiting for that ONE Superstar who can carry the torch for the next 20 plus years to end his streak and begin the new streak of WWE. So whether that is Brian, Wyatt, Reighns, ambrose whomever, i think The Undertaker will make the decision that is best for business and pass it along soon. It would be fitting for it to be this year but i doubt it will be due to the lack of promotion and ZERO storylines that we have in Wm preperation.

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