JR Blogs Backlash and he's not happy! (from WWE.com)

 I am happy to be in NYC because that means the WWE Nation will pack Madison Square Garden Tuesday night for the taping of ECW/Friday Night Smackdown.

Edge is the new #1 man on SD. Who will be his #1 contender going into Judgment Day? One would assume we'll find out this week on SD. Could be one of several individuals. I'm relatively sure GM Teddy Long will settle this matter in the ring.

Don't count out the multi talented CM Punk because of his Backlash loss to Kane. The Chicago Made Punk is being counted on to be a main event player on Friday night. I like his Muay Tai strikes and his toughness. I wish I knew more about him. FTW Kane has beaten many BTP'ers.

Interesting verbal interation between Edge & Christian at Backlash. Made me think of three letters ....TLC.

Many young fans will never know personally how good Ricky Steamboat was back in "the day." Trust me when I tell you that he was the perfect fan favorite. For yours truly to be inducted into the WWE HOF before "The Dragon", among many others, is humbling and embarassing. Any young wrestlers who want an in ring role model should study Steamboat like a hawk. Modeling one's self like Ricky outside the ring isn't such a bad idea either.

For you Foodies who might be wonder where an Okie goes to eat in NYC, stayed in the game. By that I mean that I had BBQ at "Daisy Mae's BBQ" which was voted NYC's "Best." The wet ribs & the collard greens were really good. I shudder to think how well a JR's BBQ would do in the right NYC locale as it relates to how great our food is compared to NY's "Best" in all due respect. I'm just saying.

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Great Blog Mr. Ross. I will also be attending the Smackdown Taping at Madison Square Garden tonight. Hope its a good show with a loaded card of wrestling! I recently ran across a well written blog by a fellow announcer of your Jim Cornette. I was wondering if you had a chance to read it, as well as share it with other wrestling fans. I have attached a link, and it would be most kind if you could discuss some of what was written and give it a good o JR touch. Thank You for Your time.



Backlash was an excellent show. I don't say that solely based on my personal preference for 'heels' over 'faces';  the event felt like it was booked in a relatively simple fashion whereas the storytelling was done by the wrestlers as opposed to feeling like it was the writers taking center stage. I had to watch it twice in a row.

I will say I was slightly disappointed that CM Punk lost as many would expect the Money In The Bank winner to be almost 'invinceable', but by the same token it's good to see Kane winning big matches where most may take him for granted. He's one of the best big men in the business and always brings that "uh oh" factor when he ubruptly enters the arena.

I look forward to some honest and thorough character development of CM Punk as there are many layers to his persona nobody has seen yet, and despite his 'come as you are' look, he is extremely relevant to the business and deserves every bit of 'push' that he gets.

Justin, Toronto

Hi J.R., I'm sure my opinion is going to mean squat to you but as a lifelong wrestling fan I felt the need to speak up. Watching the Santina segment Sunday night, I found myself getting angry for you. You're an absolute legend in this business yet at times you're still treated like the whipping boy for a cheap laugh. You put up (and have put up) with a lot of stuff over the years and I respect your willingness to put your head down and keep plowing forward. Still, it disappoints me when stalwarts of the business like yourself are mocked and used for cheap comedy. You're the G.O.A.T. at what you do and no unnecessary pot shots your way are going to change that one iota in my eyes.

2 questions: Any insight as to the future of the tag-team scene on Smackdown and/or ECW with the unified tag belts on Raw? Or will the champs be defending across the three brands?

Also, ever looked into the logistics of JR's BBQ having a booth, or maybe even a full concession stand, at WrestleMania Axxess?

Hi Mr. Ross

Just wondering if you get the chance could you answer these following questions.

This coming month marks 10 years since the tragic and untimely passing of Owen Hart.  What, if anything, will the WWE be doing to mark this occassion?  Surely it's about time that a DVD set was bought out?

On the subject of DVDs, do you know if there are any plans for a Ricky Steamboat set to be released.  Surely his profile amongst younger fans has never been higher, and now would be a good time to strike while the irons hot.  Although I feel he still has some classic matches left in him, and would like to see him be given the respect he deserves and score a victory or 2 before he's finished with this run in the WWE.

What is the plan for the tag team division... although it doesn't really appear that there is one at the moment, as the only major tag team there is are The Colons (and very good they are too).  Will this year see more tag teams bought in or created?  It would be good to see The Stampede Bulldogs (Tyson Kidd & Harry Smith) together, DiBiase & Rhodes would make a great team rather than being Orton's henchmen, and also it would be good to see stars such as Jesse (Terry Gordy Jr) and Charlie Haas being used more efficiently, and perhaps the tag team division would be a place for them?  I would also love to eventually see The Flair's (David & Reid) being used as a tag team for a while in WWE as they have done some good matches together on the Indie Circuit, although given the recent news about Reid, I fear this may not be happening quite so soon.

I'd like to also say that I thought Backlash was probably the strongest PPV so far this year, and focusing it more on wrestling (Santina & Khali's little sketch aside) really paid off.  I'm no fan of John Cena, but his match with Edge was very good, and was less 'soap' and more action, and it suited them both.  I'm glad to see Edge walk away with the title and I think there are some good contenders for him to now go up against on Smackdown.  I feel nearly every match on Backlash was very strong and the action spoke for itself.  Is it correct that a fight between fans caused the deathly silence in the midst of the Hardy's match?  Sadly, that really took the wind out of the sails... but the guys more than made up for it.  Still think their Wrestlemania match will take some beating though!

Thank you so much for your time, and sorry for the long winded blog!  It's my first one here, and I had a few things on my mind!

- Nivek

Yes J.R. your right, as a so called "young" fan at 21, i don't remember Ricky Steamboat in his prime. However after seeing him at Backlash and especially Wrestlemania 25, i think fans like me have got so much new found respect for him, i think his better than half of the locker room nowadays, and thats utterly amazing i think at his age.

So yes while at lot of us "young" fans never saw Ricky wrestle in his prime, i'm sure he will be delighted to know he has amassed a new generation of fans today

J.R. I will be 47 on the 11th. I remember Andre The Giant,Ricky Steamboat, Tito Santana, Roddy Piper, Randy Savage, Jake Roberts to name a few, The Rockers, and others, the list goes on and on.. I have loved wrestling, a long time. I am glad to see the younger generation, getting to know the legends. It is good to see the blood , sweat , tears and hard work paid off. Wrestling sure has changed, alot. But, it still grabs you and holds you in your seat. Just like any other things do, like Football, Boxing, Soccer and Hockey, heck even N.A.S.C.A.R. (All things, I  enjoy by the way.) Mr. McMahon and all of you do one heck of a job with the sports entertainment industry.

May the W.W.E. reign on forever.

God's blessings to you all,

With love and tons of respect,

Mama Kass

 Having seen a lot of Steamboat footage from the late 70s-early 80s before his first venture into the WWE, I know that Steamboat was one of the best out there. He and Ric Flair sold out venues alone when they were the main event.  Watching his matches of late, he still has the skills and looks to be in great shape (for a man his age or younger). He still looks like he could go 20-25 minutes non-stop. Maybe we can entice Ric Flair to come out of retirement for one night and show the whipper-snappers why these two tore up the Mid-Atlantic area whenever they faced off.

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