JR in Cali...Huge Week..Raw Tonight..Order JR's at WWEShop.com today

 Feeling like a Road Warrior without the "What a Rush!" But life is good...let's cook!

Celebrating 19th wedding anniversary to wife Jan this Friday October 12. Before marrying my lovely, Italian Pittsburgh native bride, I was married to the wrestling biz. Jan embraced that particular passion along w/ my other passions IE OU football, BBQ, etc. I out punted my coverage folks! 

RAW should be an unpredictable ride tonight w/ not only the return of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon who's been noticeably absent from the Monday night flagship, WWE broadcast. I have no idea what to expect but Mr. McMahon will make a needed impact without question and the injured John Cena returns to with likely plenty to say.

Several, younger talents are getting significant, playing time and I expect each of them to maximize their minutes on Raw. It's essential. 

I'm very happy to be sitting in for Jerry Lawler until he returns in the next few weeks and really enjoy sitting along side Michael Cole. King is feeling MUCH better and is making a marvelous recovery. 

I'm home Tuesday before leaving again Wednesday for Orlando to tape NXT Thursday at Full Sail. Always a great experience for me. Back in Oklahoma Friday for 2 hours before heading to Dallas for OU-Texas.

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Happy Wedding Anniversary JR. I see you married later in life so i guess there's still hope for me since i'm approaching 40 now myself. As you said i also find it funny how some idiots out there think Jerry Lawler's heart attack was faked and part of a storyline. If that were the case than the tv camera's would've gotten plenty of footage of it and it would've aired live as it was happening. Plus Cole would've made a big deal of it as it was happening but he never spoke about it until the end of the show. Again the IQ level of some idiotic morons who think that has to be less than their shoe size. And i hope Vince puts Raw back to 2 hours tonight but it's likely just a cheap attempt to get Raw's ratings up after last weeks horrible 2.5 rating which i expect will continue to go downward as long as Raw stays 3 hours.

Looks like California has ruined a great show with their stupidity. I hope this doesn't ruin Punks run and lively hood.  FanS all over the country know the unwritten rules. You DON'T SHOVE AND HIT WRESTLERS WHEN THEY COME INTO THE CROWD. Thanks Cali for being so stupid. And people say MISSISSIPIANS are idiots. This sucks !!!!

First thing congrats on your 19th wedding anniversary to your wife Jan, Second thing great job you are doing on RAW. When you pump up Vince it was classic Jim Ross! Thanks for that, it was priceless.....