JR to Fox Update, Podcast One Deal Done, RINGSIDE: An Evening w/ Jim Ross has NYC MC, JR in NOLA during WM30 New Specials at WWEShop.com

Greetings all! Thanks for stopping by our site. Lots to catch up on but first don't forget those super cool pieces of art done by @RobSchamberger that I've doubled signed, front and back, available now at http://www.wweshop.com.  This personally signed art work comes with various JR's products and many packages are priced less than $10. Let's turn up the grill.....

Wrote a piece for FoxSports.com Saturday regarding the ballyhooed Ric Flair/Carolina Panther/49ers controversy in respect of it being a pro wrestling angle.

Check it out on FoxSports.com at this link http://msn.foxsports.com/buzzer/story/don-t-be-surprised-is-niners-fall-victim-to-ric-s-slick-tricks.html

If this link doesn't work it's easily found on the FoxSports.com site in the Buzz section or the NFL section.

I have not yet signed with Fox but we are obviously close and are hopeful that we can finalize the contract next week. Fox provides an amazing platform for creative work and for the many projects that I am working on during the most unretired time of my life.   

Fox has some potentially, amazing creative ideas for me of which I hope that we get to collaborate on sooner than later.

Brainstormed with Peter Rosenberg today of Hot 97 in NYC who will MC my two, NYC shows on Saturday March 1 at the Gramercy Theater. Tickets are available now but are selling quickly at the Gramercy box office and via all ticketmaster.com outlets.

I'm told that we will finalize our NOLA dates for 'RINGSIDE' during WM30 week this Monday. It looks as if the House of Blues will be our venue.The day and times are still to be finalized as well as when tickets will go on sale of which I hope will be in the next few days. If you are coming to WM30 please plan on attending one of our shows.

We had some very productive creative meetings this week about the format of my upcoming podcast for Podcast One. I think that you are going to like what we are planning on doing as it is very interactive.Our Podcast One venture will start in mid February.

Been asked by WWE to be a part of the upcoming Paul Heyman DVD of which I'm anxious to participate. Once details are worked out we will schedule a time for me to head to WWE HQ and tell a few...dozen Heyman stories. I'm very honored to have been requested to be a part of this production as it was me who gave Paul his first broadcast gig and taught him the ropes as best that I could . Paul was so high strung and outspoken that many within WCW did not want to work with him but I saw talent in the abrasive albeit highly intelligent Jewish kid from Scarsdale, N.Y.

Many fans think that our broadcast of WM17 may have been the best broadcasted 'Mania to date. The credit for that show goes to the amazing talents who raised the bar that night in the Astrodome. But Paul was at his best that night.

The Q&A's are updated here and unfortunately many did not make the cut. I read them all but there were too many duplicates and some folks were merely asking questions to get a response....any response. I really like, smart, succinct questions and please don't submit them multiple times in the same sitting.

You are invited to follow me on Twitter where we are over 1M strong and growing every day @JRsBBQ.

I never dreamed "retirement" could be so busy. :)

Remember to visit http://www/wweshop.com for the new, specials of JR's goods with some amazing,personally signed artwork that 's a $20 value in package that retail for under $10.

Boomer Sooner!

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http://t.co/yTPpyTkxaN it's for me not about winning football game it about making others around you that much better and that what A.J. did above Video about a guy that A.J. help his name is A.J. too. and he has the same thing you do J.R. but when he was born the cord was wrap around his neck. that story made me cry winning is overrated it the people you can help a long the way. Bama had there fair share of wins I would give that all up if I got bring back the people we all lost of the years I know it not mine to give up but as a fan I invest my time like others watching these games.