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Thanks for stopping by this fine Monday in Norman, Oklahoma. Let's grill....

It's been an interesting past few days.

After returning home from a great experience at the annual caulifloweralleyclub.org function in Las Vegas I had another issue of disorientation on Thursday upon landing in OKC and my wife insisted on taking me to the emergency room in Norman.

I was treated for stroke-like symptoms for two days in the hospital in their stroke care unit. I don't remember Tuesday morning whatsoever including driving myself to the OKC airport, my wife as in Vegas already as I had to stay behind and record a podcast, nor do I recall boarding the plane in OKC for Vegas.

I presented Terry Taylor with a much deserved Iron Mike award at the CAC and have no memory of what I said. That's scary. About a month ago I took a fall in our home that had me hitting my head on our wood floor but I no sold it and never mentioned it to my wife. I assumed that the loss of memory and lost days were a result of that.

After enduring multiple MRI's and numerous tests on my brain and heart it was determined that my prolonged use of Ambien as a sleep aid to combat my insomnia was the primary culprit of my issues. Ambien is a 'temporary' solution to insomnia but I have been taking it for years. Not good. The side affects of Ambien are scary, read about them,  of which now I know. If you are taking it, I strongly suggest that you consult your physician.

My meds have now been all adjusted and I am back on a healthy path of diet and exercise and, obviously, NO Ambien. The hallucinogenic issues with the drug are scary and I will never use that medication again.

One interesting thing that the MRI showed was that I actually did have a stroke years ago that went undetected. As is said in WWE, one can be sick at work just as easily as one can at work. I took one vacation there in 20+ years so I obviously loved my work. Old school work ethic can be both a blessing and a curse. That's all on me as I could have taken a vacation any time that I had chosen.  

Terry Taylor called me Sunday night to thank me for introducing him @CACReunion and I told him thanks but that I did not recall a single word that I said while doing so. That's not a good thing. He said that I did well and that he was happy which is all that mattered to me. 

I want to thank first of all my wife Jan for taking such great care of me and insisting tat I get care for my issues. Plus, literally dozens of friends who called, texted or emailed me was heart warming.

Steve Austin was the first to call me while I was hospitalized. Vince McMahon also made a very timely and heartfelt call when I was needing a boost while waiting on more test results. Plus, it's always great hearing from my old partner @Jerry Lawler who always makes me laugh.  

The amount of tweets that I received @JRsBBQ was amazing. Thanks to you all. I wish I could answer everyone personally.

I will reduce my work load....take the proper meds....eat better....exercise more and travel less going forward. Life is good and I'm blessed that my wife and team of doctors here in Norman took extra good care of me to put me back on the road to recovery. 

Also, the amount of tests that I took gave me solace that my brain, heart and other vital organs are in great shape which is a relief in many ways. Perhaps this health issue was a blessing in disguise. 

Heading to OKC today to do an interview for a Ted DiBiase interview for an upcoming independently produced documentary film.

We got great response on our Eric Bischoff podcast the past week or so as the Ross Report stayed in iTunes Top Ten Sports Category all week and that's with one episode while the other top rated Podcasts had multiple episodes. I'm very proud of how you folks have helped us grow this brand and the best is yet to come. I am grateful to each of you for many reasons.

My podcast talk, and it's a dandy, with @MDMTedDiBiase drops this Tuesday at 6 pm pacific time. One of our most enjoyable interviews/podcasts to date. 

All our podcasts are available at podcastone.com and via iTunes. They are FREE to download and I encourage you to subscribe. It costs nothing. 

Tuesday evening I'm talking with Kurt Angle for a Ross Report that airs in a few weeks. Check the home page of this site for the air date. I'm VERY excited to be able to re-connect with one of our greatest ever signees. He's like a son to me.

Worst example of judging ever in a MMA fight had to be Saturday night on #UFCFightNight on @FoxSports1. Travesty is a mild way of putting it. I enjoyed Jon Anik and @KennyFlorian work and loved that UFC mic'ed the crowd which adds intensity, interest and motivates the broadcasters to raise their game. Good job by all involved. The more background info the play by play guy can provide on who the fighters are the better. My rule of thumb is that the audience knows nothing about the participants and that it was my job to "make them care." 

Keep our products in mind for Father's Day, other gift ideas and and grilling and they can be bought online at :




JR's also available at the Squared Circle Restaurant in Chicago, the Wrestling Guy Store in Huntington Park. California, the 8, Crest Food stores in the OKC metro, the Norman Oklahoma Homeland Stores, and the Country Mart stores in Lawton, Oklahoma.

Anxious to see how much WWE re-shuffles the deck tonight on RAW as a way to freshen things up and to get folks talking. I wholeheartedly support "re-casting" from time to time and to try new things and provide opportunities for new talents to see what's in their tank. Many talents complain about not getting their ever loving 'PUSH" until they get it and then it's discovered that many can't handle the pressure of being a potential, top tier talent. Nonetheless, one doesn't know until it's tried. Throw 'new' in the game and see how they perform. Give it a few weeks or more and if they don't succeed then.....next.

Due to recent developments re: my health I have no more RINGSIDE w/ Jim Ross shows booked in 2014 but that could change with the right offer on the right date. I'm for sure shutting it down when OU Football season starts no matter what. I'm not missing a Sooners game to travel more and increase my work load. Priorities.....

Again, thanks every one for their support and please know that it is sincerely appreciate. I think that having less on my plate will actually increase the quality of my Ross Report podcasts.

Be well and don't take your health for granted. 

Boomer Sooner!

J.R.      @JRsBBQ



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glad to hear you are doing better JR, and that the wrestling community reached out to you
Glad to hear you're doing ok JR. Take care!