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Our new, Main Event Mustard looks like it's going to be a hit. The orders starting coming in last night at a record clip and haven't subsided. Our sincere thanks to all who have ordered and who are planning on ordering from us for the holidays.

Lots of random thoughts.....

Check this out http://yhoo.it/fftwqs. Yours truly is compared to, of all people, Jon Gruden. Wow.

So likely Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton did not know what his Dad was up to when shopping his son to college's for big money. I hope that this is true for the kid's sake and the sake of the Auburn football team but somehow I don't think that this story has been completely told. Yet.

The Yankees need to re-sign Derek Jeter. End of story. Jeter needs to end his MLB career as a Yankee, love them or hate them. 

OU is a 6 point favorite, the line opened at 3, over Nebraska this Saturday in the Big 12 Title game of which we will attend. I'm very leery of that line so no wagering please. This could well be the most physical college football game of the year. Coaches Stoops and Pelini are both from Youngstown, Ohio and the same high school means that the juices will be flowing for the right to go to the BCS Fiesta Bowl. It's Slobber Knocker time in Jerry's World! Plus, it's the last scheduled meeting between two of college football's most storied rivals. For the record, Taz is a big time Husker fan and obviously you know who my dog is in this hunt so we've had some fun Tweeting this week. You can follow along @JRsBBQ. 

For any young wrestler or wannabe who wants to learn how to pace a match, tell a story, do less with more and to invest the audience, I strongly suggest that you re-watch the Jerry Lawler vs. Miz WWE Title match from this past Monday's Raw. It was classic example of story telling and the 61 year old King was amazing. Miz is a 'beatable' champion which I personally perceive to be a good thing. Hats off to all involved in what I felt was one of the most compelling, unpredictable main events on MNR in a long while. 

BTW I talked to King today, we talk generally once a week, and he was blown away by the response that he has gotten from fans after his main event performance on Monday night. Jerry received nearly 400 emails on his Facebook account within hours after the match.  

'King' Sheamus works just fine for me. WWE continues to evolve their antagonists and Sheamus is one of the best young villains in WWE. He's big, strong, rugged, and hungry. Now let's see how the Irishman continues to build upon his body of work and takes his game to another level. I find it exciting to watch these younger athletes grow. They are a large part of the future of the biz.

John Morrison, even in a losing effort, had a memorable night on Raw with three, solid outings. Morrison is showing more toughness in his bell to bell outings which I personally like. The UC Davis grad is extremely athletic and has the required charisma to become a main event level hand sooner than later.

It felt like that the 8 men we saw compete in the KOR tournament are all on WWE's 'unofficial' watch list of talents to keep an eye on for the future. As I continue to say, and it's what I believe, how talent's grow, improve, and evolve is largely up to them. How well they continue to prepare outside the arena and how they maximize the minutes on TV that they are provided are some of the vital keys to their success. Of course, being at the right place at the right time and getting a little, good luck never hurts any thing either. Unfortunately, some fans want the future to be 'now' and can't understand that becoming a main event performer is a process and a process that doesn't have a definitive time line.   

I wholeheartedly believe that future pro wrestlers are better served to have a college degree which helps provide them with something on which to fall back. Making it long term in the wrestling biz nowadays is a daunting task. Careers going forward may not endure two or three decades, or longer, as they did in previous generations. College students can still get pro wrestling training while attending school if they plan well and want to go the extra mile. Seems that's what Mick Foley did, among others.

Our Main Event Mustard is a healthy condiment with zero fat, zero cholesterol, 1 gram of carbs, and 1 gram of sugar. It's a blend of Jalapeño and Honey Mustard that our family is extremely proud of and that we hope that you will try. Our "Sampler with Mustard" is our hottest seller right now. I had a low fat ham sandwich on a wrap today with the Main Event Mustard and it was spectacular.

Without question Josh Koscheck has done a marvelous job of becoming, if he wasn't already, a stark contrast to the squeaky clean perception that is GSP. Their upcoming UFC PPV fight in Montreal will be an emotional presentation without question. The live crowd, if we are allowed to hear them, will put us all in a moment that cannot be artificially manufactured as the crowd 'heat' can create an atmosphere that no announcer can replicate. GSP is the classic hero while Koscheck is portrayed as an unlikeable wiseass who many fans want to see get physically dominated and humbled by, arguably, UFC's most skilled, all around fighter. (Anderson Silva fans feel free to start raising hell now.)

The fight game isn't unlike any other sport in that there are always, to varying degrees, antagonists and protagonists. For me, on Saturday night, the Sooners are the fan favorites while the Huskers are the bad guys. For Nebraska fans, it's just the opposite. Nonetheless the emotion that is created when there are clearly defined fan favorites and villains adds to the wonderful and intangible element of sports. To watch any sorting event and not care who wins or loses is ludicrous.  

Josh Koscheck is a villain in the majority of circles while GSP is the hero in the eyes of most fans. These elements will contribute to two highly skilled, throughly trained, physically tough athletes to produce an emotionally charged main event in a little more than a week in the hero's home town. TA lovely table is set.          

I thought that CM Punk did well for his second night on the job especially considering the magnitude of the main event Monday night that Punk was left to handle alone at crunch time. Doing live commentary on a broadcast like Raw isn't an easy assignment particularly for someone with little experience. Punk adds a unique element to the broadcast which is always a positive. I'm happy for the Chicago native and enjoy his wit.

Speaking of announcing, it will be interesting to see how WWE and perhaps even the anonymous GM will address Michael Cole's actions as it pertains on how Cole and long time broadcast partner Jerry Lawler interact after what occurred on Raw between the two. This dynamic should add to the 'sound' of Raw.   

To clarify a matter that some have asked us about, the reason that we don't ship to post office boxes is that we cannot guarantee delivery of our goods to you that want to use PO boxes via USPS the way that we are set up. We have tried and we have encountered numerous problems with people saying that their order did not arrive and we ended up sending out a second order for a 'make good.' One doesn't want to think that some people would try and pull those types of shenanigans on another but realistically and unfortunately that isn't the case. We can track Federal Express packages from point A to point B which helps provide better service to our customers of whom we value. Bottom line is that we sincerely appreciate everyone's business but we need a street address to complete the transaction and that address can be a neighbor, relative, business, etc.

Bottom line is that no post office boxes will be utilized and we hope that you can understand our situation as it relates to shipping in the USA. For shipments outside the USA please go to http://www.wweshop.com.  

We had a customer order two samplers recently and we packed them in one box instead of two. The customer said that he only received one sampler. We had the Federal Express info including the weight of the package so we knew that the customer wasn't being truthful. The weight of the box would indicate that there was two Samplers in the container and not one. Nonetheless we did what we had to do to finalize the transaction and move on. 99% of our customers are honest folks who support our family run business amazingly well. It's too bad that there is a small handful who feel compelled to try and 'beat the system.' 

BTW we are getting rave reviews on our 97% Fat Free Beef Jerky. We're actually having a challenging time keeping it in stock. We tweaked the recipe on it a few months ago and only made it better.  

Remember that I will personally inscribe whatever it is you want on our cookbooks which are not only filled with delicious, easy to execute recipes but also with wrestling stories and photos. These books are shipped FREE in the USA for only $18.88.

I'll be heading back down to FCW in a week or so and am really looking forward to the trip. WWE has done a stellar job of assembling a young talent roster that possesses a great deal of potential.

Thanks so much for your business and please let us know how we may serve you better.

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During the 2000 season, an assistant football coach in Memphis, Tennessee claimed that an Alabama booster had paid him $50,000 to encourage one of his players to sign with the Crimson Tide. Following the NCAA investigation, Alabama received a probation from 2002 to 2006, a two-year post-season ban (2002 and 2003), and scholarship reductions. A secret witness was later revealed to be Tennessee coach Phillip Fulmer.

My team got in hot water for the same damn thing but Auburn got away with it how fair is that!they just said Cam good and will be in the SECCG on sat!

Sooners going to play Stanford again this year! don't count luck got of the heisman he played on One team and his stat's are better then Cam newton that been at Auburn for One year! Luck been at stanford for a while!

J.R. Did you happen to see this? One big Undertaker fan for sure. Friday is his "judgement day." NCAA to rule on Enes Kanter's status Friday. If you have not seen this video, he comes out in tribute like the Undertaker. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18ZmCrneQRE

Bit of a random question for ya, JR.

At the time that Marc Mero left the then WWF (due to a knee injury?), I thought he was one of the better bad guys you had. He and Sable were kind of like Macho and Liz for the Attitude era. What were your thoughts on him at this time? If it wasn't for the injury, would he have gotten close to the main event level?

I've still gotta find the Lawler/Miz match to watch online as I was busy flying and getting over flying (not my favorite thing to do) on Monday night.

CM Punk is a smart, focused guy - similar to Chris Jericho in that way - who maxed out on his Ring of Honor experience where he was the star performer, lead trainer & broadcaster all at the same time.  That kind of pressure and experience is clearly paying off for him in WWE and I couldn't be happier.  I'm a huge fan.

Been watching Colloge Football all day. Have not seen any upsets yet that will effect BCS games. I watching the Auburn/ South Carolina Game. Gamecocks were driiving but fumbled in the thrid quarter. Cam Newton is this year heisman trophy winner hands down. Watching Orgeon/ Orgeon St game. Beavers got the ball. Beaver got a chance for a major upset. Hope u have fun at the Sooners/ Corhuskers game Jr.   Dallas home of the Von Erichs and World Class.  Oklahoma vs Nebrska are always entertaining are tight. Enjoy The Game Jr

Boomer Sooners JR

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