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Hello from Norman, Oklahoma. It's a another great Tuesday as I will be recording another Ross Report podcast that will air in a few weeks. You can see our podcast schedule of guests and when their shows drop on the home page of the site. Today at 6 pm Pacific my MVP conversation drops at podcastone.com and iTunes. We talk MVP's 9 1/2 year prison term as a young man and his unique relationship with the late, Chris Benoit among many, wide ranging topics including his WWE run.  Check it out as downloading is FREE. Let's grill.... 

My management team has been approached about a movie role for me that we should either accept or decline in the next day or so. It's an independent comedy film that sounds like a fun project on which to work. Stay tuned.

Our tee shirt biz has exploded with the FREE RINGSIDE shirt offer on any JR's shirt that you buy from prowrestlingtees.com/jimross. The 'Slobber Knocker' shirt is my favorite but the 'Tougher Than a $2 Steak' shirt is still #1 while 'BAH GAWD' Is closing fast. We have all sizes available and they easily ship worldwide.

One thing that's annoying in today's pro wrestling presentations is how stupid the referees are made to look and how much they are ignored by the talents. Smart wrestlers of previous generations knew how vital the Ref was to the success of the presentations of their matches but today's generation of talents don't seem to understand that nuance.

Fundamentals. Don't forget them or ignore them. No talent in today's game is good enough to take overt shortcuts. 

In WWE it's imperative for every talent that can to talk about the importance of the WWE World title especially now that it's in an undesired state of limbo due to Daniel Bryan's neck surgery. WWE can ill afford for any luster to be lost from their top championship and one that in both fact and fiction that each man on the roster should be dying to win for a variety of viable reasons including more money in their pocket. 

I like the duo of Goldust and Stardust and they have a significant upside. Too bad that they aren't heels, and perhaps they will be in time, as the Usos are fan favorites like the Rhodes brothers and the two teams have the potential to have some great matches but the fans need a team to cheer and one to jeer....IMO. Nonetheless with one simple, creative move Monday night the tag team scene in WWE became topical and relevant.  

Bray Wyatt continues to be pushed as a 'character baby face' on RAW. His gritty and often times irreverent character is highly entertaining and allows the audience to systematically interact with him and seemingly gets more popular by the week. It's only a matter of time until he's changing jerseys IMO. Mentioning the name of the town that he's in ala Mick Foley's "Cheap POP" or Stone Cold's "Give me a hell yeah!" plus the sing along to 'He's Got The Whole World in His Hands' makes Bray fan friendly.

Too many non finishes on today's wrestling TV shows is a pet peeve I'd like to see go away. Clean finishes help forward stories better, as a rule, and creates a more viable, short list of emotions, IE I'm pissed or I'm happy,  than the Switzerland-esque, neutral feeling that a flat disqualification or Countout often creates. If talents aren't skilled enough to lose without it doing 'irreparable damage' (stop the pain) to their TV personas then maybe they are in the wrong business.  

It would be good if the Adam Rose persona was better explained to the audience because I'm trying to understand the persona and haven't as of yet. Rose can wrestle, as I observed in NXT, but his persona has many bodies involved with it and those types of presentations are normally given a shorter window to connect with the fans because of the cost involved compared to solo or tag team acts. Rose is a hard working talent who I hope makes it. 

Roman Reigns is looking like the next 'it' guy, or so it seems, and I am completely fine with that. Great shine in the battle royal for the Samoan athlete and as I said months ago on the Ross Report Podcast, I've got Reigns winning the Rumble and then the WWE Title at WM31 and hopefully not before. WM31 is the only place to put Reigns on the desired pedestal. Plus, he is far from polished and that comes with time. In other words, I hope he isn't rushed or force fed to the fans. 

Changing topics for a moment, being somewhat predictable of a specific end game within a pro wrestling story line isn't necessarily a bad thing. If it's the right thing to do for the time, then being predictable isn't a negative. I see too many things booked as 'surprises' simply for surprise sake and that makes little sense at the end of the day. This occurs on multiple wrestling, TV shows.

I'm catching up tonight with Bubba Dudley aka Bully Ray for a future podcast. Should be a blast. He's a tell it like it is old schooler. 

John Cena winning last night was reminiscent, as it relates to the crowd sound, as when the Rock 'n Roll Express would win a big tag match in the Mid South territory. Lots of high pitched cheers.

Was watching ROH this weekend and saw a wrestler hit his opponent 9 times in the face while the striker was standing on the second rope and then after 9 punches he bit his cornered opponent in the face. There were no viable marks on the opponent's face, no selling of the hand by the puncher, and within 30 seconds the victim was back on the offense. 


 The ROH PPV is THIS Sunday and it has been poorly promoted on the national cable, barker channels. That's unacceptable and extremely untimely when the systems are looking for wrestling products to take over because of the absence of WWE content moving to WWE Network by and large. I am pulling for ROH to do well this Sunday and for Sinclair to take their investment more seriously.  

SMH #2.

Hearing that Impact Wrestling might be getting ready to turn the dogs loose in the ring and if so I say "Bravo." Play to your teams strengths is akin to not running the option offense with Manning or Brady like Cleveland may do some with Johnny Football.

americansoda.co.uk and beyondtheropes.co.uk have been rocking the JR's with online business booming and they are out of some products but are in the process of reordering. We're building a great business in the UK, Ireland and Europe of which we are grateful. 

wweshop.com continues to ship JR's at a brisk clip here during the beginning of grilling season. Their customer service is excellent and you get quick delivery especially in North America.

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