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Thanks for stopping by and paying us a visit. We've been sort of busy and my blogs have not been as frequent as I would like. Nevertheless, we're trying to catch up and get back to a more normal schedule. Our on line biz w/ http://www.wweshop.com/Category/JimRoss is continuing to grow which is because of many of you. Thanks to all as we get this blog rollin'...... 

It was very exciting Monday night getting a shot to work back on Monday Night Raw which was my broadcast home for so many years. I felt a little rusty at times but getting a strong main event with time in which to invest, Mysterio vs. Cena, was helpful and was also really fun to call.

I arrived at the Hampton Coliseum after the matches had started Monday night and stayed on a TV crew bus until just moments before I was introduced by HHH. Sort of flew by the seat of my pants for the broadcast which keeps one of their toes. Bottom line is that I had a blast and can't wait to do it again next week even though I fully realize that Michael Cole won't make things easy at the announce table.    

Next stop will be Indianapolis for Raw Monday night at Conseco Fieldhouse where, I assume, we will roll out the three man booth with King, Cole, and me. 

I'm anxious to hear the Raw, back story as to the CM Punk return from Punk and from COO HHH as I assume both will have things to say notwithstanding from John Cena as both Punk and Cena can lay claim to the WWE Title. 

BTW...if you're ever traveling and you can make it by the Dan Gable Museum/Lou Thesz-George Tragos Museum in Waterloo, Iowa make sure that you stop and take the tour. The facility has some cool memorabilia and one of a kind items that chronicle the history of the sport of amateur wrestling and the business of pro wrestling. 

To update those asking about this site, we have no plans of eliminating it. I will continue to blog and answer your Q&A's going forward plus we will be selling JR's Cookbooks with a new offer soon that we hope will include international mailing. We do not plan on selling our sauces or other condiments or Beef Jerky on this site at this time which is why we are working so hard to continue to build our brand at WWEShop, http://www.wweshop.com/Category/JimRoss

Here's some answers to the questions that you've emailed us here or Tweeted us @JRsBBQ:

Do I think an Austin vs. Punk match would ever happen? Same old story, never say never. Punk would love it and Austin likely would as well if all the pieces fell into place such as Steve's professional schedule, etc. I don't know the answer but right now I'd say it's somewhat of a long shot.   

What do I know about the new, Stone Cold DVD that will be out in time for the holidays? I know that Steve is, for the first time, totally hands on this project from start to finish. I know that a WWE crew has been in Texas w/ Stone Cold at the BSR Ranch since Monday. I was interviewed for over 3 hours by a WWE TV producer for the project and answered well over 100 questions and follow ups. I know that several, TOP stars have also been interviewed. I have extremely high expectations for this DVD and expect it to be a great holiday gift item.

Speaking of great DVDs, I am told that the Hitman/Heartbreak Kid DVD that I moderated will be released around October 25. I can assure you that after 4+ grueling hours of grilling the two WWE HOF'ers who sat side by side during the interview that this DVD is a 'must see.'  

If Randy Savage goes into the WWE HOF who will present him? I really have no idea. I would assume that his brother Lanny Poffo would accept in Randy's honor. 

Am I interested in returning to a talent relations job at WWE? I'd rather not as I enjoy living here in Oklahoma but I'm always willing to help WWE in any way that I'm needed.  

Do I watch the late Herb Abrams' version of UWF on ESPN Classic? Very rarely as I usually am not aware that its on. It's a far cry from Bill Watts' UWF in all due respect. You can check out the original UWF at http://www.universalwrestling.com.    

What did I think of David Sammartino as a wrestler? I personally don't know David but thought he was sound. It was virtually impossible to follow in his father's foot steps as great as Bruno Sammartino was. It would like being the son of Mickey Mantle or Michael Jordan....not an enviable situation for an athlete in the same genre. I said on a Legends Roundtable that David might have had more success if he hadn't used his legal, last name.

Where is Kevin Kelly? He's alive and doing well and will be doing play by play as I understand it for the new Sinclair Broadcasting owned Ring of Honor Wrestling organization. KK has always been an underrated broadcaster. I enjoyed working with him back in the day and am happy he's getting a chance to follow his passion in a manner that should be fun and allow him to keep his 'day job.' I'm sure that I will hear from him when his alma mater Florida State hosts my OU Sooners on September 17 in Tallahassee.

We've gotten lots of feedback on the latest Legends Roundtable that airs on WWE on Demand and covers the nWo w/ Kevin Nash making his Roundtable debut as a panelist. The vast majority of the feedback has been favorable. Another Roundtable regarding Major, Outdoor Wrestling Events will debut sometime in August I am told.

Why have wrestlers abruptly left various organizations over the years? There are exceptions to my theory but more often that not talents leave the employ of a company due to two reasons. Money and/or creative direction/positioning.

Do I share in @steveaustinBSR take on Samoa Joe? I like Joe's in ring work and his potential plus he has a unique body type that I feel is an asset.

Will our products ever be sold at WWE live events? I am told that that matter is being seriously discussed and the chance of this happening is good. I sure hope so.

Speaking of our product available at live events, I know that there will be autographed, JR's BBQ Sauce and Beef Jerky at the WWE Merchandise Booth at Summer Slam Axxess.    

I want to thank all my friends within the business for their kind words and best wishes regarding my return to Raw. If I could somehow put all of those who emailed or text me the past few days back in their prime, I could give any wrestling promotion a true run for their money. Plus, fans from all over the world tweeted me as well. Joey Styles told me that I was actually 'trending' on Twitter Monday night and then he had to explain to me exactly what that meant. Social media is new stuff to me but I enjoy it.    

If you are in the Norman, Oklahoma area that we have all our products at the four, Norman Homeland Grocery stores and the one at the Robinson Street exit East is open 24 hours, 6 days a week and is only about 2 minutes off I-35.

We appreciate you visiting our site and all your support as we continue to build our family brand with WWEShop via http://www.wweshop.com/Category/JimRoss

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Stone Cold is retired. It's time to get over it people. CM Punk should be defending his title against his equals and there ain't that many. There are 4 actually wrestling for WWE.....Bryan...Ziggler....Cena and Orton ? Jericho and Punk would be money. The rest are either being buried at iMPACT or WRESTLING FOR ROH.

During the Miz/Mysterio match, Cole had some atypical lines that me think, "JR did prep work for him or JR's feeding him lines." Despite this, was completely shocked when you returned. Great to have you back!

Having you do PBP should let Cole focus on what he's better at: color. Hoping we can see some "vintage" Heyman-style tension.

Welcome back JR!  Good to see you back on RAW.  Was a great surprise!   Wasn't really surprised at CM Punk's return. Just didn't think it would be this soon.  You and Lawler need to keep a leash and gag on Cole.  Will have to admit that Cole is good at portraying his role though.