JR Reaches 1M Twitter Followers, @LiveNation, @HeymanHustle, ROH, @JEFFHARDYBRAND, Dan Hodge for WWE HOF.

Hello to all and to all Happy Holidays! Let's get this show on the road...

WWEshop.com has restocked their shelves with our products and are also preparing to launch a new JR's offer that I think that you will enjoy. I put lots of time and effort into it and it will be for a limited time only and should be on the site at any moment.


Very pleased to have reached the 1M follower mark on Twitter @JRsBBQ with the help of many of you. My sincere thanks and we're going to have even more fun on Twitter in the coming months. I consider this a great team accomplishment especially considering that I'm not on TV any longer self promoting.

Some Twitter questions/topics from recent days:

Yes I'd consider broadcasting again and feel motivated to do so but it takes two to Tango and most companies aren't looking to hire 61 year old guys with Bells palsy. I never let my facial paralysis define me but unfortunately some companies do along with the stigma that being a long time "pro wrestling guy" has to some narrow minded, uncreative decision makers.

Being a pro wresting guy for as many years as I was can be a blessing or a curse.  

These decision makers forget the loyalty of many fans that have followed my work for multiple generations and who would invest in a broadcast to see how I would do in a new arena.

Nonetheless if I never broadcast another event, EVER, I have zero regrets. I will remain professionally competitive and take my creative energies to other forums. That's simply how I am wired, for better or for worse.

 Been working on material for my upcoming one man show in 2014, RINGSIDE: An Evening with Jim Ross. It's a blast researching some of the great and hilarious memories that I've experienced in my career. Plus, I think that my shows will also resonate a message that if one believes strongly enough and doesn't bail on their dreams that any thing is possible.

Tickets for my first show which will be at the @GramercyTheater in New York City are on sale now at the theater box office and at all ticketmaster.com outlets. I'm doing two shows on Saturday March 1 and expect them to both sell out...the power of positive thinking...and the VIP meet and Greet tickets are already getting scare.

Live Nation, my promoter, is doing a terrific job of fielding some really intriguing offers for my show next year. It's great to be affiliated with the biggest, most successful promotional company in the world.

I get daily questions on whether a Sting vs. Undertaker match at WrestleMania is ever going to happen. I have no answer to that query but I can say that it's seemingly fish or cut bait time as the window off opportunity is rapidly closing on an attraction that fans have been clamoring for years.

No...I do not see Stone Cold wrestling at WM30 nor likely at any WrestleMania unless....unless....all the stars aligned and it was in something that was very creatively enticing to Austin and only IF WWE promoted a WrestleMania in Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas and even that 'dream scenario' is a LONG shot.

Yes...one thing that football fans can always count on is Tony Romo throwing a few December interceptions. Good, Ol reliable Cowboys. The richest, most dysfunctional family in the NFL.

Watched @GLORY_WS Saturday night on Spike TV and really enjoyed the fights. My old pal Mauro Ranallo does a superb job on play by play. I'd love to work with him some time on that venture or any combat sport oriented project. I'm a big fan of combat sports and think the experience would be a blast. I'm damn sure available.

Pumped about traveling down to NOLA for the Sugar Bowl. I get reminded daily or damn near hourly how bad the mighty Alabama Crimson Tide are going to wipe out my Sooners. Nevertheless I am steadfast on supporting my @Oklahoma_Football team and will be on their sideline cheering them on against the best team in college football. I have great respect for #BAMA fans even though some are a little stiff with their Tweets.

People ask how I had such great with Paul Heyman @HeymanHustle back in the day at the announce table considering that we were from such diversely different backgrounds. The answer is simple. We both grew up as wrestling fans and started out in the territory system paying our dues. Yes, an Okie Redneck and a New York Jewish man can function together because it was always about our joint effort in enhancing the talent and explaining what the viewer was seeing in our own, individually unique methods.

I can still vividly recall requesting to WCW honchos that I wanted to partner with Paul in WCW when many of the old guard guys did not want to work with him and they were ecstatic to tell me how stupid I was for making such a request. Nonetheless, they were happy to get Heyman out of their hair and let me have him. We then started with Wrestling Announcing 101 and low and behold Paul Heyman evolved to became one of the best color analysts ever.    

Yes, I am admittedly bias when I so vociferously endorse the great Dan Hodge to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame at WM30. It's a no brainer to me as Dan is in every wrestling Hall of Fame in the world and his inclusion into WWE's HOF would also be a great tribute to the college and amateur wrestling world. At 81, Dan Hodge is the oldest, greatest, living wrestler in the world.

Love this question that comes in daily on Twitter...Who is WWE's next BIG star? Obviously I have no idea and I'd suggest that WWE doesn't know either. Nothing's automatic. Too many uncontrollable variables to guarantee any thing. 

I'm sorry if I offend some who think that I'm boycotting WM30 because of my own, admitted, lofty ego, but any talent being a part of any event is largely up to the promotion. If a promotion extends an offer and the talent roadblocks it, then that's another story. I'm not boycotting any offer to broadcast anything if it's a win-win arrangement. At this stage of the game, it has to be fun and something where I can be myself behind the mic.

When asked if I prefer the term 'Wrestling" to "Sports Entertainment" my first response is "you have to be kidding me" but the short answer is "Wrestling."

Disdain these types of questions on our Q&A here on the site, "Who's the better wrestler, Bret Hart or HHH?" How's this, what's the better flavor, chocolate or vanilla, or, ribs or brisket...you get the picture. It's a subjective question from people who are either either 8 years old, trolling or looking to start an argument.

Yes, I watch ROH on our local OKC stations when I can remember that they are on and now that football season is drawing to a close I will be home on most Saturdays to try and catch the action. I do know this...Sinclair Broadcasting needs to spend some money and improve ROH's TV production including the lighting, among other things. If a show looks dark and has little production values it adversely affects the investment from the first minute that the broadcast is on the air until sign off. That's unnecessary especially for a wrestling show owned by a broadcast company.

Why don't I embrace the idea of doing a 'Shoot" interview? One reason is I don't care to travel a long, winding, salacious road with 'dirt' related questions. Secondly, there's no real money in it for the time one invests. Thirdly, I will have no holds barred Q&A's at all my one man shows. No questions off limits.

I am not going to comment on the controversy surrounding the Duck Dynasty, politically incorrect business except to say I think that it could have been handled much more wisely by all involved and that I believe in the First Amendment.

Yep...I'm a wrestling fan and I enjoy sampling TNA occasionally. Really liked seeing Jeff Hardy last week. Jeff is still a top hand in anyone's company.

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget the Q&A's are updated if you care to peruse them.

Be safe out there and enjoy the holidays! We'll be back soon with more. (Just warning you.)

Boomer Sooner!

J.R.   @JRsBBQ                



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it would be a honor to lose to the sooners because I know the history as a Bama fan that Ou and Bama has. good luck I know that it will be a war on the field I know the feeling is the same that Ou fans will be ready to roll wish it was a year early Ou and Bama in the title game that would been something but I take this. Dr.Death will be on your side Rooting on the OU One hell of a man!! Good luck J.R. and Roll Tide Roll!!
I've been a big fan of yours J.R. ever since good ol Mid-South Wrestling. In my personal opinion, with all due respect to the late Gordon Solie, YOU are the dean of wrestling broadcasters.