J.R. Remembers Andrew "Test" Martin Who Was Found Dead Friday Evening.

Late last night I received word that Andrew Martin aka Test had been found dead in his apartment/condo in the Tampa, Florida area. Andrew would have been 34 years of age this Tuesday.

I hired Andrew in the same class with his other fellow Canadians Edge and Christian in the late 90's in an outstanding group of young talent whose advanced training was over seen by future WWE Hall of Famer Dory Funk and by Tom Prichard. 

Andrew left WWE over two years ago and had wrestled off and on, briefly in TNA, and also on the independent circuit primarily on international tours. I spoke at length with Andrew, as did my wife, last year in Orlando at Wrestlemania 24 and he seemed very happy and looked to be healthy and in great physical condition.  He spoke of his real estate endeavors and the fact that he was strongly considering going back to school and becoming accredited as a physical therapist. Andrew had done well in WWE, saved his money, made some good investments, and told me he only wanted to wrestle when "he wanted to" which the randomly scheduled international tours would allow him to do. He did not express interest in the American indy scene and was genuinely excited about the prospects of the aforementioned physical therapy career. 

Andrew had always told me that he never wanted to wrestle past the age of 35 which was why he "listened to the lectures" as he told me with a smile that sunny day in Orlando in WWE's headquarter hotel. I honestly had never seen him happier.

Late last summer, reacting on the suggestion of others, WWE reached out to Andrew to ask if he needed some help handling some alleged personal issues that he was rumored to have been experiencing. Andrew had been gone from WWE for over two years but had remained friends with many still associated with WWE. The rumors of Andrew's issues were true and he was afforded the opportunity by WWE to attend The Hanley Center Rehabilitation facility in West Palm Beach, Florida for several weeks beginning in August of 2008. Andrew successfully completed the WWE funded program and was highly regarded by the Hanley Center with being such an asset to them after completing the program of which Andrew took seriously, according to the facility. Since being released from the facility after successfully completing the program, Andrew had been doing well in his 12 Step AA program and was in contact with WWE with regular phone calls. Ironically, Friday was the day for his regularly scheduled "touching base" but when called his voice mail box was full. 

I was not aware that Andrew was having problems and did not know of is rehab stint until  recently. Test, a name provided Martin after he portrayed a security person who tested the band Motley Crue's mic with the obligatory, 'test...test...test," always seemed to be a bright young man who knew what he wanted in life and was seemingly looking forward to his future and getting an education in physical therapy. 

It is comforting to know that Andrew was receiving support from WWE and it was also encouraging to know that he was seemingly on the road to recovery in the past several months. The exact cause of Andrew's death won't be determined for a few days after the results of an autopsy have been released. 

I will remember this young man as a bright, intelligent individual and am thankful that my last conversation with him was so positive and that he was excited about his future in a new field. Our sincere condolences go out to his family, friends, and fans and may God rest his soul.           

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rip andrew

This was a fitting memorial for a great entertainer.  Thank you, J.R.

R.I.P Andrew you were one fine athlete. J.R. do you think the WWE will hold a tribute show for Andrew as they have for other superstars



Andrew was a good performer and he sounds like a pretty solid guy outside the ring.  We all have our personal demons and unfortunately, his were all too public and he had to endure them in the spotlight.  It's a tough thing...

Great piece, JR.


Ben Miller


test test this is a test

test test this is a test

R.I.P test you will never be forgotten

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences with the man wrestling fans knew as Test. I always liked his upside back in the late '90s. Had he been a couple inches taller, I think he would have received a MONSTER push. Rest In Peace, Andrew

TEST TEST this is a TEST

TEST TEST this is a TEST

R.I.P  Andrew " Test " Martin

Best wishes to Test's family and I know he is up there.No matter what you have done and no matter what happened you were always a TEST of pure heart and soul in the ring and Andrew you have passed the TEST TEST.

P.S excellent memorial J.R

If that is the story the WWE wants people to think  how Test was given his gimmick and name, then it is still obvious that steroids were tolerated back in the day.  The name Test is obviously a play off of testosterone, a steroid. WWE constantly gave names or gimmicks as an inside joke and this was one of them, example: Virgil was named after dusty rhodes real first name when he was a rival of the company. WWE expects the marks to believe a lame story on how Test was given his name. Shame on them. 

Just another SAD day in Pro-Wrestling. Too many passing away too soon. R.I.P. TEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is so sad that wrestling keeps losing their talents.... Rest In Peace Test!!! We will never forget all the great times you gave us...



its amazing because only last week i was watching edge vs. test at survivor series 2001 on edges decade of decadence dvds and i thought to myself "man i wonder what test is up to these days..." and then i come on the net and read that andrew has passed away.

i always enjoyed watching him perform, mainly in 2003 when he worked as a face, i thought he was impressive for his size. and i really enjoyed his match with edge. its wrong that someone can die at such a young age.

rip andrew, thanks for the memories =)

and thanks jr for giving your thoughts... as a fan i always appreciate it

Another wrestler gone much too soon.  I want to express my condolences to his family and friends.  And to Kelly Kelly, who I know was dating Andrew a while back. 

Of course, we don't know how Andrew died, but if steroids or other drugs were the cause, I hope other wrestlers learn from this tragedy and get the help they need.  I admire them for their dedication to this business that I have loved since I was a small child and I want to see them have a long prosperous and healthy life after their careers are over.   I really feel an almost family like connection to the wrestlers I've watched over the years and when one passes it's like I have lost a loved one. 

RIP Andrew

 And thank you J.R. for your thoughts.

And to dougflex, you are a fool if that is what you believe.  But, I guess you have a right to believe it and be a fool. 

It is always heartwarming to see fans like myself show respect and love to those who have entertained us past and present, thank you Test for many enjoyable moments , my heart goes out to Mr.Martins' family and friends and may he  rest in peace.

RIP Andrew,we have and will miss you.

I was shocked to hear of the death of Test He was a great Wrestler and a great person My   thoughts and prayers go out to the Martin family

It's weird, I just turned 31 and then I read a guy only a little older than me who I watched on TV could die like this. Test was a solid wrestler and more importantly a man who was getting his life back together. Its a real shame.

I just don't get why WWE.com only put up a pic of Test and a paragraph about his death on the main page for a couple of hours. I know Wrestlemania is coming up but do we need to see The Dirt Sheet all the time? A man died, a man who worked there for a long time and a lot of people knew. Why is there only a brief link on the Industry News portion of the page about Andrew?

I know every news agency is a big target on wrestling and steroids, but nobody knows how Test died yet. I just think he deserves a little more of a rememberence than what he's been giving by the WWE. Even TNA, where he worked for like 3 days put something up on their main page.

I know Mr. Ross you have no control over all this, but I know you are a good man and I hope my comments make sense.

Thanks and RIP Andrew Martin and thank you.

Why are these performers passing away at such an alarming rate? Other pro athletes in the 3 or 4 major sports are not dying at this rate. Wrestlers need to start a union to protect themselves thier schedules are too demanding and thier dependancy on pain killers and muscle relaxers are killing them off. As big as a fan i am of raw and smackdown I Can go 4 months without these shows if it gives superstars proper rest and recovery time to freshen up. these guys can only take so much high impact and high risk action week in and week out.

Its a great shame that our (and I say our in the sense of the fans') performers are left behind like this.

He was never a headliner or  the most technical but dammit what does that matter? He entertained me and I'm sure he did with countless others when he wrestled.

It really struck home when I read that he died before I thought that I'd never expressed that the loss of a performer as a sad and tradgic event.  No matter if I'm their greatest fan or if I detest them, I still respect them for being in the sport.

R.I.P. Andy!

The death of a professional wrestler is always an alarming one, on several levels that don't seem to affect other sports. No other sport seems to demand so much of its athletes than professional wrestling, especially those gifted enough, and sometimes privileged enough, to be on television. No other professional sport in the world has such a small roster responsible for such a large fanbase. In my life I've seen more people who recognize The Undertaker, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, The Rock and John Cena than Lebron James, Tom Brady and Manny Ramirez.

So, for me, it's always scary when another professional wrestler dies young. Will this be the one that lights a spark that sends this dream of a sport, what many hold to be the greatest show in the world... Is this the man whose death will bring everything to a halt?

Paranoia aside, Andrew Martin was a fantastic athlete, a gifted performer, and the wrestling world will miss him dearly. I'm praying for Martin's friends and family this week, that God will be with him and with them.



I was a fan of Test.  He will be missed.  I was saddened when I read the news this week of yet another wrestler, just a year and a half older then me, had died. 

This is yet another sad loss...thanks JR.

Did i miss it, or was there no mention of the passing of Test on WWE Raw the other night?  I realize it was on WWE.com, but for somone who literally gave their life to the business, he could atleast have had a RIP before the show started, God knows we have seen way too many of those before the begining of past Raw shows. 

RIP Andrew "Test" Martin

I can remember watching Andrew Test Martin with my husband and my daughter we have all been big fans of the wrestlers in the WWE and Andrew test Martin was one of the wrestliers that we were a big fan of.we have missed seeing Andrew test Martin on the WWE and He will be sadly missed by all of his fans and coworkers alike. I can remember when Stacy came up with the name of the testicals for test's fans. May god Bless and keep his family safe in there time of grief and may we all remember that Andrew is in a heavenly home god speed Andrew test Martin may you Rest In Peace. 

You know, one thing in particular irks the heck out of me during this most tragic time. It seems to me that some people just wait on the sidelines for the opportunity to come out from under the rocks and beat the conspiracy drum, crowing how "Wrestling killed another one!" MY GOSH! People need to take 10 steps back and punt. The man is newly passed away and half of the news reports are reporting how drugs were found here, steroids were found there. As strange as this may sound, but Andrew Martin has friends and family who need time and space to wrap their brains around this. If the cause of wrestlers appearing dying young is a legit argument that one wants to make, then by all means there is a forum for that. But it's not now. What happened to him will come out in the wash. I take offense to the sensationalized news reports because a lot of people have already relegated him to mere statistic status. But to those who loved him and knew him, he was THE WORLD to them. The bottom line is Andrew is dead. And that is a travesty. Finger pointing and assuming what may or may not have happened won't change that. RIP Andrew. You will truly be missed.

I cannot believe myself what I read here. I cannot understand why did he died and what are the causes...I feel so sorry about him. The only bad thing it`s that I found that he California drug rehab center a few weeks ago. Maybe this has something to do with his death?

Sorry to know the news of passing out of "TEST". It'a another tragic story. Now the world knows that Test was going through rehab. I'm working with Narconon. Everyday I deal with the pain of the addicts. And I know this is the situation every rehab facility have to face. Addiction is the evil that takes the lives in a slow but painful manner. And addiction tolls the life of another talent.

Former WWE pro wrestler Andrew “Test” Martin was found dead at the age of 33 in his Tampa residence during a police welfare check on March 13, 2009. The cause of death has not been determined but foul play is not suspected. The Tampa Police Department has requested toxicology tests after discovering large amounts of prescription painkillers and anabolic steroids in his Post Harbour Place condominium. Martin was apparently notorious for his use of steroids and sometimes faced fans who chanted accusations of steroid use; Martin defended steroid use for cosmetic purposes as similar to Botox or a facelift.
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He was Great entertainer.

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It is worthwhile to live and fight courageously for sacred ideals. Rest in Peace, Test

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