JR Remembers the late, Jackie Fargo..ticket update on 1st Ever UK Spoken Word Tour.. HUGE SALE on JR's at WWEShop.com

Greetings all! Thanks for stopping by our site. Refuse to allow any one or any thing prevent you from having a positively productive week. With that said, LET'S GRILL! Check out my page at WWEShop.com, http://www.wweshop.com, to take advantage of the great SAVINGS that are now available but only for a limited time. Stock up and be ready for the balance of grilling season especially for those who celebrate the long, July 4th weekend in the States. Ordering online from WWEShop.com is quick, safe and easy plus they deliver right to your front door.  We're getting some really positive news from our UK promoter regarding ticket sales for my first ever, Spoken Word Tour that will be in the UK on August 24-27.  London, which is on Sunday August 25,  has approximately 25 tickets in total left to sell and all the VIP tickets are sold out. Manchester still has seats available and is our largest venue on this inaugural tour but all their VIP tickets are sold out.  Manchester is Monday night August 26 at the Comedy Store of which I am very excited to take their historic stage.   Glasgow has approximately 90 tickets total remaining including only 30 VIP tickets for my first ever trip to Scotland. The Glasgow event is at the Hilton on Tuesday August 27 and is the last night of my four day run.    Cardiff on Saturday night August 24 is the first night of this venture and has 45 VIP tickets left and only 100 tickets total for the event in the Cardiff Hilton on Saturday August 24. This will also be my first trip to Wales on what arguably is going to be an exciting night as it will be the first show of my life taking the stage in this form.  I've gotten overtures about taking this show on the road in North America and even in Australia so time will tell on how this new venture, which is WWE endorsed, will materialize in the future. By the way, all the shows will be family oriented as in PG as I don't plan on cursing a blue streak nor laying in a 'gossip gutter' to tell coarse, off color stories. But I assure one and all that we will have a memorable evening.   My unlikely journey from growing up an Oklahoma farm boy as an only child/wrestling fan to ending up in the WWE HOF and becoming an EVP with WWE while learning the business in the territory days and doing a variety of jobs to survive is uniquely exclusive within our genre and I think fans of all ages will thoroughly enjoy my presentation. There will be plenty of laughs and poignant stories, that's for sure. The VIP tickets are limited and get you a private meet and greet with autographs and photo ops with yours truly and we have purposely not oversold these tickets so the fans are treated respectfully, as they should, and can enjoy the experience.  @americansoda located in Manchester and at http://www.americansoda.co.uk sells JR's goods online throughout the UK and Europe notwithstanding some of their retail stores in the UK area. They will also be selling our products at each of our shows on the UK tour.     For ticket info along with event information please check out http://www.psievents.eventbrite.com/ RIP Jackie Fargo who was arguably the biggest star ever in the Memphis area for years and was the inspirational mentor of my friend Jerry Lawler. Fargo took King under Jackie's wing and helped start Jerry's legendary, HOF career. Without question, Jackie Fargo was the most influential person in the storied career of Jerry Lawler. I've heard a litany of Fargo stories via riding with the King for all the years that we were broadcast partners so I felt like I almost knew the innovator and 'King of the Strut.'  Fargo was not an imposing athlete but was naturally charismatic, believeable and had the ability to verbally and physically connect with his fan base aka customers/ticket buyers. Those skills, some actually unteachable, are the same, exact skills one must have to be successful in the biz today.  The fundamentals of crowd psychology haven't changed and likely never will to any significant degree.    Jackie Fargo was a master crowd psychologist and gave viable meaning to the term "less is more" when it came to in ring execution. Everything that he did had meaning and Fargo told such a viable, believeable story that every fan in the arena knew what Fargo was doing and why, all the while being able to process the story that he was telling and emotionally invest in it.   For someone to sell as many tickets over and over again to the same fan base for as long as Jackie Fargo did, is truly amazing.  My thoughts are with the King, Mr. Fargo's family, friends and fans today and may the incomparable legend rest in peace. Anxious to watch Monday Night RAW tonight as WWE is coming off one of their best week's of TV in quite some time. Starting with the Payback PPV last Sunday in Chicago through Friday Night Smackdown, I thought that WWE had a terrific week of TV while essentially reshuffling significant parts of the creative deck from an on screen persona standpoint.   I am a proponent of doing such at the most opportune and surprising time which is another extremely, subjective function. Timing and execution are everything in sports entertainment and last week WWE pulled off several tweaks that provided more provocative questions than answers. Those various 'answers' will provide another chapter in the episodic ride that we are always on with any weekly produced TV show.  I'm particularly anxious to hear Paul Heyman's side of the 'Lesnar attacking Punk story' of which @HeymanHustle was so conveniently absent. I;m also curious to see when Punk faces Lesnar in the ring and I have no issue if it is at Summer Slam even though some pundits think that the build to that match would be too long of which I totally disagree.  What can Mark Henry do on RAW that will even rival his amazing performance last week? That's the magic of being a great performer; to be able to follow and add to what one executed last week. I know for a fact that Mark is highly motivated.    Plus, I'm happily riding the Daniel Bryan wave of upward mobility and look forward to his match vs. Randy Orton tonight. Bryan has to stay healthy for him to realize his professional dreams which seem to be within his grasp.   The Q&A's here on the site have been updated.  Check them out.  Some are actually very good and others are actually very humorous. I invite you to join the 800,000+ Twitter followers that I have @JRsBBQ. I enjoy the social interaction and will be live tweeting tonight during RAW.  Thanks for stopping by and come back again.  Boomer Sooner! J.R.    @JRsBBQ   
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This would be a great event. Hopefully the tickets won't be over priced. Thank you anyway for posting! sport photography