J.R.’s Cyber Sunday Thoughts.. Weekend Update..

Yours truly is still in Phoenix for a few more hours before I hop on a Southwest Airlines jet bound for San Diego. Mondays after a PPV are not my favorite days of the week and are the days I miss being a part of Raw the most.

Nonetheless, “one can’t grieve forever” and here’s some random thoughts......

Not being unbiased whatsoever, I thought the two Smackdown bouts at Cyber Sunday were the best bouts of the night.

The ‘Taker-Show heavyweight fight was physical and had a really good pace. There’s no doubt that both men will be sore as Hell for a few days.

Yes, I know the MMA name for the submission ‘Taker used but the WWE isn’t MMA. Perhaps “The Death Valley Vice” would be a decent name for the hold. That’s not my call. However I do think we will see the hold again. Why wouldn’t we?

The WWE Title bout delivered and Jeff Hardy getting the popular vote shouldn’t have surprised anyone. HHH and Jeff have excellent chemistry and I really enjoyed their wrestling match. Nice ebb and flow, counters, and near falls. Both men, in my view, were elevated after the contest. Some will lament Hardy not winning the title but I am one that thinks the WWE title is still in the cards for the popular young man from North Carolina.

Tazz and I also called the Benjamin-R Truth United States title bout that aired exclusively on WWE.com prior to the PPV. Did you see it? I still say Benjamin is an athletic freak a la Adrian Peterson and I would love to see Shelton continue to up his game. R Truth is gaining in popularity but neither he, nor anyone else on any of the 3 brands, has Benjamin’s athleticism. Wrestling is more about athleticism and compelling competition than any thing else in my not so humble opinion.

BTW WWE.com is so improved its not even funny largely thanks to Joey Styles product knowledge and a really hard working team. The hits they most likely got during the Cyber Sunday process are likely scary numbers.

Batista winning the World’s Title surprised me. Former champ Jericho has plenty to bitch about which is always worth watching....I mean entertaining.

Stone Cold looked great at 248 pounds and had to fly back to Vancouver right after the PPV to begin work Monday morning at 5 on the film of which he is starring. Steve filmed several fight scenes last week and broke one of his adversary’s nose in an especially physical scene. Steve hopes to wrap the film just before Thanksgiving. He is going to try and make an Oklahoma bowl game if schedules permit and my Sooners earn a bowl op.

Matt Hardy vs Evan Bourne was memorable to me. Both men worked their backside’s off and Bourne definitely upped his stock, which is something I can’t say about my own stock portfolio.

Rey Mysterio’s win over Kane surprised me somewhat, but the live audience in Phoenix seemed to love it. Kane has been so solid for a long time, a great “big man” and Rey is obviously “special.” Raw is fortunate to have both on their roster.

I enjoyed watching the 1st half of the Browns game Sunday w/ the King at our hotel which was besieged with fans both Saturday and Sunday.

Yes, last week I used Ricky Steamboat in the same sentence w/ Funaki, not because I was equating Funaki w/ the Dragon, but because Ricky has been working with Funaki on his in ring work.

I flew to Phoenix from Kansas City Sunday morning after attending the OU-Kansas State game Saturday in Manhattan. OU is still in the hunt and play old rival Nebraska this Saturday night in Norman on ESPN.

Texas at Texas Tech is the game of the week and if the Horns are going to lose in the regular season, it will likely have to be Saturday night in Lubbock. Texas seems to be a team of destiny and the “over” looks intriguing. Both teams are 8-0.

Seems like a great time to be a Philadelphia sports fan. Phillies and Eagles both winning on Sunday must have had Philly rocking.

It looks as if Penn State is close to a lock for the BCS National Title game. With no conference title game to play teams from, the Big 10 and the Pac 10 have a decided advantage when it comes to positioning for the National Championship. Good for Joe Pa nonetheless.

Back to wrestling, the duo of Miz and Morrison have personalities that remind me of young versions of Rick Rude and Mr. Perfect. I like the improvement that both Morrison and Miz have made over the past several weeks and their promo pointed at DX last week on Raw was good stuff.

WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Brisco was on Arizona’s sideline Saturday night in the ‘Cats hard fought loss to Southern Cal. Jerry was a guest of his former college friend at Oklahoma State, Jim Click, who owns several car dealerships in Arizona, including Tucson, which is HQ for the Click family. Son Chris is a huge WWE fan and a great friend of yours truly.

J.R.’s Family Bar-B-Q hosted the Pittsburgh Steelers OKC fan club Sunday which resulted in a huge weekend for our restaurants. I just wish my bride’s favorite team had beaten the Giants.

Gotta roll to the airport and head to beautiful San Diego. Tuesday night’s SD taping and ECW broadcast should be fun. I have no idea what’s in store, but one can assume that undefeated Vladimir Kozlov will make his presence felt. The Russian is really athletic and has a legit, marketable upside.

Boomer Sooner!

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Miz as Perfect? You must be getting old...

Anyhoo, bet you liked what was on offer in the Halloween contest. Mickie as Lara Croft was pretty much a dream come true for me, very happy she won.

  JR - you freaking rule....

   I always look forward to your thoughts on the wrestling product.

  Thankyou sooooo much for everything you do. I'm not sure if there's anybody in the WWE that I respect more than you Jim Ross. 

  Here's a question...How would one go about getting a job within the WWE.com world? I would love to put my over twenty years of wrestling knowledge and love towards the dot com product. I'm currently working on getting my Asssociates Degree in Business. I think I'd be a great fit within the company...but how?

Take care and I hope Smackdown goes well for you on Tuesday. I was at the show in Spokane a few weeks ago and it was good. Really looking forward to the E coming back to the area in February.

 Matt Gardner

 Coeur d Alene, Idaho



I enjoyed Cyber Sunday. Very good PPV, with plenty of solid matches.

I'm sure you have heard by now. SD Jones has passed away. I *LOVED* his 2006 Hall of Fame induction speech of Tony Atlas. Do you have any particular memories or stories of SD Jones you could share with us? Did you know the man any? He seemed like such a great guy. May he rest in peace.

It may well be that you are right, JR, and that Jeff Hardy will wear the WWE title, soon.  I certainly hope so.

But if I were Jeff, I would look over at the Raw Brand at Chris Jericho.  Now, I don't know how Jeff and Chris get along or don't get along, and that's not really the point here.

The point is, Chris Jericho is, at least compared to most guys (though not to Jeff obviously) someone who can do the high flying thing.  He's a relatively small guy for the business, as Jeff is.  Like Jeff, he's more than paid his dues, several times over, and like Jeff proven that he can draw a crowd.  Jericho additionally has proven he can do that no matter which side of the fan popularity fence he's on.

So, when Jericho finally does get his first title reign in six years, how long does it last?  Two months.  Why does he get it?  Because Randy Orton is out with an injury.  And who is the one guy he gets to beat?  Shawn Michaels.  To Shawn's credit, he'll put over just about anybody with skill.

Two months.

Seeing that, Jeff may be very well disheartened about his own championship prospects.  If WWE ever does see fit to grace Jeff with the Smackdown title, that's the sort of title reign he might get.  Two months.  Or less, like Edge's first tile reign, or Kurt Angle's second WWF/E title reign, or Rob Van Dam's title reign.  "Here, Jeff, have an interim cup of coffee with the belt and then hand it over to Kozlov.  Or back to Triple H.  And if you're good and don't have any more 'newsworthy controversies', we might give you another run....in about six years.  For about two months."

If I were Jeff, I'd seriously think about going back to TNA as soon as legally possible. Jericho might wanna consider that option too.

It's times like this, JR, with all due respect, that WWE looks more and more like the WCW you were so glad to get out of.

Haha. I'll be watching the OU/Nebraska game on ESPN, but on the other side. I go to Arizona State now(missed Cyber Sunday, not enough money for tix) but I grew up in Nebraska, so I'm a Husker for life.

Unfortunately, OU will probably blow my beloved Huskers out, we're still 'rebuilding' as I'd call it. Might still be fun to watch for a quarter or two though :P I'll be looking for you on the sidelines!

How about the" Deadmans nuse" for a name for that move feel free to use that name JR.

Hey J.R.

I really liked Cyber Sunday,  it was a long time since I've been to see a wrestling show.  I was actually surprised that the Honky Tonk Man was there.  I actually talk to him at my work from time to time.  He was telling me about his hand and how he might not be able to do the program with Santino. 

I also think a good name for Undertaker's submission Gogoplata, would be "The Last Breathe".  Last Ride, Last Breathe, makes sense since it's a choke, I guess.

Thanks as always.  J.R.


Hey J.R.

I really liked Cyber Sunday,  it was a long time since I've been to see a wrestling show.  I was actually surprised that the Honky Tonk Man was there.  I actually talk to him at my work from time to time.  He was telling me about his hand and how he might not be able to do the program with Santino. 

I also think a good name for Undertaker's submission Gogoplata, would be "The Last Breathe".  Last Ride, Last Breathe, makes sense since it's a choke, I guess.

Thanks as always.  J.R.


JR I know you are a Big 12 guy and all, but us SEC fans would tend to quibble with you just a tad on Texas-Texas Tech being game of the week this week.

You see there will be a little game in Jacksonville pitting the Georgia Bulldogs and Florida Gators. that is a reasonably big one too :)

have a great day and a better tomorrow.


is Tazz still a Nebraska guy?

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