JR on Smackdown Tonight, Happy B-Day Booker T., KSBI TV Special, Beef Jerky Bonanza, Orlando for WrestleMania?? @RondaRousey

Happy Friday for those reading this blog on Friday but good day to all no matter where you are. As of my writing this I've updated the Q&A section of this website and continue to ask for new participants in the process. Nothing is off limits and if it gets too dicey or in poor taste I simply hit delete. Let's get this show on the road with a variety of random thoughts... Check out my cameo tonight on Friday Night Smackdown where I conduct an in ring interview with Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter taped Tuesday night in OKC.  Colter's anti Hispanic rant is uncomfortable to say the least. Swagger's conduct is no better.  BTW...tonight on Smackdown the broadcast trio of Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and Josh Mathews will voice the show over live in order to really making it social media friendly and topical to today's news and happenings. Hopefully we might get to hear from the mountain climbing JBL, or at least get an update, but that's dependent on John's ability to communicate from his lofty location.  I'm approximately 1,000 followers from 700,000 @JRsBBQ. Hop aboard and enjoy the Twitterverse through my eyes.  Interesting headline that appeared online regarding future WrestleMania sites and Orlando's name came up. Great city but several cities are bidding and putting proposals together for future WrestleMania events including Orlando. I don't know if the Citrus Bowl has been renovated since WM24 but it certainly needs to be 'touched up.' I'd suggest that any one seriously going with Orlando as a leading contender for an upcoming WM event is being  somewhat premature.  Was asked a couple of times this week why I never made any appearances at a Comic Con. No specific reason other than they've never asked. Everyone that has been to a Comic Con has enjoyed their experience. Perhaps I'll be able to make one too some day. Seems like this Monday's Old School Raw has created a nice buzz for the live, TV event to emanate from Buffalo, New York. I still have my lovely, yellow blazer hanging in my closet from a past Old School Raw broadcast which always reminds me of the good, old days of Monday Night Football. I'm guessing that there will be some fun surprises in store for the fans Monday night live on RAW.   Heading up to Yukon, Oklahoma soon to pick up a fresh batch of JR's Beef Jerky.  Business has picked up significantly in the Beef Jerky world for us.  Custom made, using the eye of round and is 97% Fat Free and available at http://www.wweshop.com Have you checked out the 30 minute TV special that OKC's KSBI TV did on yours truly this week? Hit the http://www.ksbitv.com website to watch it. They did a great job with some cool, vintage footage. Happy 48th B-Day to Booker T,  noted author, promoter, future Hall of Fame Wrestler and active on Twitter @BookerT5X. Like many of us, Booker 'over married' but was one of the best hands WWE ever signed. Booker adapted better than most when WWE bought WCW and the former tag team specialist continued to be productive after the buy out.  We continue to get great feedback on our first Q&A show that @TheGeneOkerlund, @JerryLawler and I had last Friday evening at the awesome Potawatomi Casino in Milwaukee.  I don't know if more shows will be held but I do know that there is significant interest for the three of us to do more in various locations around the country. Time will tell but they are a blast of which to be a part.  Saw where the red hot @RondaRousey recently signed with the William Morris Agency for Hollywood type activities. Could this be the beginning of the end for arguably UFC's most popular fighter? Many will say no but only time will tell. It's a two edged sword, the more that Rousey wins and builds her legacy and fan following the more viable and valuable she will be for movies, TV, endorsements, etc. On the other hand, the more time she invests in those outside the octagon activities the less time she has to improve her game which, like all fighters, isn't perfect and needs constant work. The art of this deal is a delicate balancing act. Rousey needs to make her money, and save it, while she can but what makes her the big dollars is winning fights. This will an interesting matter to follow going forward but I'm sure that UFC will attempt protect their investment thoroughly. I signed my first WWE contract approximately 20 years ago this week. To work in WWE was always my goal because it was the 'Major Leagues' and still is by a long shot. Thanks to WWE, I've been able to provide for my family and all my professional dreams have come true. Other than three bouts with Bells palsy, I wouldn't change a thing with my journey. What doesn't kill you only makes one stronger and, thank goodness, I'm still alive and kicking with fuel left in the tank. @Americansoda distributes JR's products throughout the UK and Europe at their American Candy stores and via their website at http://www.americancandy.co.uk Thanks for stopping by and try and check out Friday Night Smackdown tonight and see how nicely my wife dressed me for my cameo appearance. Don't forget the Q&A's here.   I hoping to firm up my WM29 AXXESS appearances soon and to be supporting the sales of JR's products at the AXXESS event. Our products won't be sold inside the stadium for the same reason that they aren't sold in arenas at live, WWE events. Other people have the exclusive rights to food products sold at those venues which obviously doesn't affect WWE selling T shirts, etc.  Boomer Sooner! J.R.   @JRsBBQ       
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Happy Birthday Booker T !!!  JR mentioned being in the Big Leagues by a long shot.........after seeing that botched finish in the Xdivision title match last night it leaves no doubt. There is a downside to "old guys" !  I am 42 so I can say that. The Marine 3 is a very bad movie compared to the other 2. Sorry Naitch !!