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Huge week here with just returning from an extended trip from Orlando/NXT and Pittsburgh to visit family while preparing to head to Los Angeles Thursday for THQ related work during SummerSlam weekend. For foodies, who ever told you that BBQ sauce is seasonal is wrong. All our products can be used in your kitchen just as easily as outside on the grill. Order JR's today from http://www.wweshop.com

Random thoughts:

Big E Langston had another solid outing at NXT and has incorporated King Kong Bundy's 5 count, an idea that I originally provided Bill Watts and Ernie Ladd for Bundy years ago, to his presentation. Big E has cut his weight to around 280 but still looks to be 300 plus. Big, athletic talents have a leg up over smaller, athletic talents and I don't mean that to start a firestorm but it's true.

Love the team of McGillicutty and Curtis. They have a legit chemistry and both men are hungry and are ready to contribute more to WWE. Michael McGillicutty, while I've never been enamored with his TV persona's last name, continues to impress me.

Leo Kruger has a new TV persona that of a South African big game hunter or more specifically a poacher which seems to fit him well. Kruger is a talented wrestling, villain. 

I could watch Tyson Kidd wrestle 7 days a week.

Seth Rollins has some CM Punk-like traits and hopefully in time Rollins will achieve comparable status as the WWE Champion has earned. 

Kassius Ohno had a great TV taping and is extremely smart, aggressive and experienced. I like his chances once he's called up to the next level which will happen in time. 

Richie Steamboat has always had a noticeable skill set but being able to step out of his famous fathers, prominent shadow could be a daunting task. Or, it could be utilized to the younger Steamboat's advantage. 

Raquel Diaz has a huge personality much like her mother Vickie Guerrero. 

A couple of the new, former NFL linemen that WWE has signed to begin training have lost well over 100, perhaps closer to 200 combined pounds to get in better condition and to be able to present themselves better on TV.

WWE will conduct a closed, invitation only try out camp next Monday-Wednesday in the Los Angeles area that I'm anxious to attend. The recruiting of new, trainees for WWE Development hasn't been this aggressive in years or so it seems. 

I'll be conducting what could potentially be one of the more interesting sit down interviews I've ever done in conjunction with WWE 13 from THQ this week in LA. Will keep you posted once we get it in the 'can.' That's not hyperbole either.  

Twitter is a funny animal. @JRsBBQ now has over 500,000 followers of which I appreciate and invite others to follow as well. However, some keyboard warriors just love to be argumentative and defiant. I compared Brock Lesnar to a Hereford bull we once owned on our Oklahoma farm when I was a kid that we had to sell because it was a 'rogue' animal that was dangerous. The nearly one ton beast could not be trusted and had a mean streak. After posting this Tweet, I get schooled by bovine experts that Hereford's aren't aggressive animals. Lots of Jack Hanna's of the Columbus Zoo out there apparently. I know what I saw and what I saw was a dangerous beast that seemingly had no remorse and did not like to be around humans. 

Sounds like Brock Lesnar to me. 

I've updated our Q&A section of our site. I'm working hard to answer as many questions as possible but please make them succinct and those never ending, multiple part questions likely aren't going to make most cuts. 

I wonder what bout at SummerSlam will slip up on us and 'steal the show?' Perhaps Jericho vs. Ziggler or even Rey vs Miz has a shot. Based on what I've seen on WWE TV the past several weeks, no one has been better in the ring or out of it than Daniel Bryan. 

Even though for some unknown reason to me, WWEShop.com does ship outside the USA contrary to what they say on their site. They ship JR's products weekly to the UK, Canada, Australia, etc. 

Our new arrangement with @Americansoda in the UK is going to launch in a few weeks where by they will be selling JR's products from their England location. 

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin saying good bye to Chad Johnson on HBO's Hard Knocks reminded me some of my talent relations days. Letting someone go or doing an intervention are not great aspects of any job. I always tried to do it with respect and honesty and do it as succinctly as possible. In hindsight and years later, most people that this distinction befell completely understand that what was done needed to be done. 

Please don't email me or tweet me links to creative ideas you want pitched to WWE. Legally, it isn't happening. Sorry.

If one is a college grad and is looking for work, I'm under the assumption that they should be smart enough to contact WWE corporate or WWE Human Resources, etc and go through the proper channels. Repeatedly contacting yours truly in various forms isn't the answer. Again, sorry. 

In the 'Burgh..."What do you Yinz want to drink?" Yinz in Oklahoma equates to Ya'll. 

Talented wide receiver Chad Johnson is a great example of an athlete feeling compelled to make himself bigger than his team or the game itself by constantly needing to be the cener of attention. This silly philosophy isn't new but sadly it is becoming prominent in the high school ranks especially as media entities glorify high school recruiting. 

Ironically...it's virtually a guarantee that Johnson will be in another NFL camp within days. Will he learn from his most recent experiences? Just shut up and play.

My Oklahoma Sooners have too many unanswered questions to be ranked as the pre-season #4 team in college football. #boomersooner has lots of talent, without question, and great coaching but their inexperience and depth issues can only be addressed during the season. Pre-season anything really never has impressed me. Specifically, to be pre-season #1 can often be the proverbial "kiss of death.' If the injury bug doesn't continue to nip at the Sooners, OU can be a national title contender.

Idea..mix JR's Chipotle Ketchup with our Main Event Mustard with sweet pickle relish to make a major league burger topping.

Idea #2..mix horseradish to taste with JR's Chipotle Ketchup to make the best cocktail sauce in the land. Add mayo if desired.

Why do I like @MichelleDBeadle? She's hot (and I'm not dead)...she can talk sports..will have a cold beer with a guy...and she's a WWE fan. Can she cook? Beats me but I can. I'm a big fan of Michelle's work as she carried the overrated Colin Cowherd long enough on SportsNation.

Just because I'm regularly asked, no...I have no plans on broadcasting at SummerSlam this Sunday but will be in LA enjoying the show. Obviously things could change and I'd need maybe 5 minutes notice to be ready.

I'm involved in a a THQ roster reveal, etc this Saturday at WWE SummerSlam Axxess. I think it's around 1 or 2 o'clock.

I've addressed WWE's release of AW all I plan on doing. I don't know what else to say other than it was unfortunate for the talented talker who simply needs to focus his energy on positively going forward and going through the next open door. I've had my share of bad hands dealt to me but I never once stopped trying to move forward and to discard the negative baggage as soon as possible. 

I expect the WWE Title bout to close the show at SummerSlam but there is no doubt that the HHH-Lesnar encounter has many fans talking. I expect HHH and Brock to be physical, straight forward, and a match that will challenge each man's will. It's a distinctly personal issue that features two of the most physically driven men to ever compete in WWE. The Game has plenty of motivation in this personal issue but I wonder if that will be enough to handle Lesnar who has strategically monitored his every step on TV while building viable anticipation for this match and what he plans to do. This one might even be 'Bowling Shoe Ugly' in the sense that I don't think that it will be artistically appealing but it will be intense, guttural, and smash mouth. 

Boomer Sooner!



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    I am so ready for Lesnar/HHH, I still say I smell a Hell in a Cell coming after this one, but we will see. I think Y2J /Ziggler may be the one to watch as a stand out match, but I do expect to see the Miz trying to make a statement.

D.Bryan has my vote for "Man of the year" and no he has not had a bad outting that I can remember.

My HEELS may be up for some "court time" and I do not mean basketball, recent stories of grade giving to players has me worried, but to date I have not seen much from the mighty NCAA on the subject.

All that remains is for me to decide what to make from JRS cookbook on sunday which Ill be watching from my Randy Orton Over the Limit chair.

Stay cool JR the summer aint over yet!!

 Back in 2009, I was annoyed when WWE repeatedly called the 25th edition of Wrestlemania the "25th anniversary" (it was the 24th anniversary, of course).  And now they're doing it again with Summerslam!  WWE has this odd habit where they want to redefine the English language, e.g. a championship belt is no longer a belt, but can only be referred to as a "championship".

I don't mean to be negative, but it seems this years Summerslam is not that great of a card. In past years it seemed the event was stacked with great matches from start to finish but the only must see matches this year i think are HHH vs Lesnar, the WWE title match and Ziggler vs Jericho. Just my opinion.

And thinking back on WCW again i remember when they brought in the supposed creative genius' Russo and Ferrara (who took a lot of the credit for WWE's success during the Attitude Era) in 1999. A few months later at Starcade '99 it was Bret Hart vs Goldberg in the main event for the WCW world title and judging by the outcome of that match you'd think Vince McMahon had sent those guys to WCW to sabatoge the company. If you have not seen it, Roddy Piper came down with a referee shirt on and stopped the match calling for the bell for no apparant reason. That was the main event at their WrestleMania and that's what they gave the thousands of fans who came to see it live or paid 40 bucks to see it on PPV? And if they thought a ending like that would get the ratings up they had to be insane. If anything i'd think thousands of fans would feel robbed and would've stopped watching the WCW product after that.

I see the ratings for Raw dropped to a 2.8 this past week. And ya can blame it on Monday Night Football but if yer a real wrestling fan you'll watch Raw no matter what else is on especially with HHH, HBK and Lesnar all making rare appearances on the same show. I've found it very difficult to sit through a 2 hour Raw these past few years let alone 3 hours so i think it's just a matter of time before they cut the extra hour once the ratings continue to decline. And with no real competition like WCW during it's glory years i think the WWE product will continue to go downhill. What's next...putting the WWE title on a reality tv star? Oh wait. They did that a few years ago didn't they. Lol.