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We have updated several of your questions on the Q&A section of this website.  The questions are becoming more succinct and to the point but we still get too many repeat questions. Here's a short summary.....

I don't have a vote in the WWE Hall of Fame.

I STILL don't have an answer for any one as to why Randy Savage is not in the WWE Hall of Fame and for the record I am not seeking an answer to that conundrum.  

I do not think it makes sense for the WWE to have all their programs rated PG and then have one wild card program be rated R as suggested by some fans.

It is still my belief that Stone Cold will NEVER wrestle Hulk or that the Rock will EVER wrestle any one again.

We do sincerely appreciate all the suggestions on how we can improve our store and are looking into the opportunity to develop a "Sampler Pack" of our products. 

We do not plan on owning any JR'S BBQ'S outside Oklahoma but will entertain the thought of franchising them to owner/operators any where in the world. Franchising J.R.'s is our long term goal.

The Tommy Dreamer story is good for ECW but I have no idea where this saga will end nor do I want to know. I don't need any "spoiler" fix on the Dreamer TV issue. 

If you want to work for the WWE, please contact the WWE.  Their Human Resources (HR) Department handles that. I don't even hire people to work at my own BBQ place. 

Any one who wants to get noticed by the WWE as a wrestler at some point must go through Tampa's FCW. If I thought I had what it took, come hell or high water I would find myself in Tampa at the FCW doorstep and not take no for answer until I got a try out. 

Wannabe referee and managers should use the same concept but working on the Indy circuit and getting good examples of your work on tape is a must. 

I do not choose to comment on anyone's creative in specific terms. In our blogs and on the Q&A's,  I do speak of what I like in general terms and about my philosophical beliefs in wrestling but that's about it. I am not on anyone's creative team much to their delight. And my sanity.   

As far as I know, Stone Cold is headlining the WWE Hall of Fame but I have no clue if Steve is doing any thing else at WM25 and like many fans, o.k. some fans, I would rather be surprised.

Whoever inducts Stone Cold is great with me. I am not "angry" or "upset" over not inducting Steve as this is Steve's HOF, not mine.

I am, however, upset that Oklahoma did not win the National Championship but one can't grieve forever. 

Yours truly is not contemplating retirement (sorry to break that to some of you), writing a book, or suffering because I'm no longer working with the King on Raw. 

As far as I know, the "World's Angriest Announcer" and I are broadcasting the WWE Title Bout at the Royal Rumble and we assume the Rumble match with the other announcers but that one is an assumption and we all know what happens when on assumes. 

I do know that "The Joe" in Detroit is sold out.

I do know that Tazz and I are driving 300 miles from Detroit to Indy on Monday to prepare for the challenging Friday Night Smackdown taping doubleheader.  

I do know that I am attending a dinner with the Minnesota Vikings' Adrian Peterson in a few weeks here in Norman.

It is a fact that JR'S Family BBQ is growing and serving the best BBQ in Oklahoma and arguably in this part of America. It is also a fact that no establishment in the world has as much original, unique memorabilia on their walls as does our two restaurants. 

It is a fact that if you have a chance to get a ticket for the WWE Hal of Fame Induction Ceremony and don't that you will regret it. I wish I could tell you more. 

I do think that GSP will beat B.J. Penn when they fight but I don't have a viable reason why nor will I make any friendly wagers on said UFC fight. If Penn wins, I won't be shocked. 

Same goes for the Arizona Cardinals but I am pulling for the Steelers. Watch the betting line as I think 7 is a trap bet. Someone knows something because most fans think that the Steelers should have opened as a heavier favorite by at least a point and a half. 

Finally, we do appreciate your business and that's not disingenuous lip service. Please and thank you are still a part of our vocabulary. 

Let's Rumble.....

Boomer Sooner!




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 GSP will win because his striking is more varied. He mixes up body and head punches, kicks, knees and shoots many of his takedowns right off striking combos. He's also a better wrestler than BJ.

It'll go to a decision: BJ's chin is too hard to get KO'd and no way is he tapping to a submission, even if his arm breaks. GSP's wrestling will prevent BJ from subbing him, and he's too smart to get caught again with a Matt Serra-esque punch.

GSP's superior cardio and wrestling and more varied cardio will wear down BJ, and he'll win a unanimous decision, carrying rounds 3, 4 and 5.



The Gordon Solie of today...Life is Beautiful but cold here in the Pacific Northwest. My comment is you do a DAMN GOOD JOB. These fans all ask the same questions over and over again. Could it be that they do not appreciate your Honesty and tell it how it is NO MATTER WHAT...

Your straight to the point and do not beat around the bush. My hope one day to meet you... Your a LEGEND in your own time.... Some big shoes to fill... Mr. Ross. Your a JOY... You give your point of view and you tell them how it is. From MID SOUTH to WWE... YOUR A TOTAL CLASS ACT... I look foward to reading your comments and seeing you on TV... WWE is coming soon to Seattle. I wish I could attend....Too expensive... But a BIG fan of Rassling for 35+ yrs.Oh life is sweet... KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK... Looking foward to seeing you soon.  TEECEE

To my mind you are better paired off with Tazz than the King and Smackdown is a better show for you being on it.

I am sure you are glad to be out of creative; I am also sure creative would be better if you were in it.


    I was wondering why WWE and OVW no longer have a developmental deal? I would also like to thank you for voicing the wrestling I grew up watching, I grew up in the 90's and loved to listen to you call some of the best action the sport has ever seen. I have been a wrestling fan my entire life LITERALLY! and I really want to know, what are the chances that a poor kid from central kentucky could make it to the WWE?

   If you do not have a vote in the WWE HOF, could you please shed some light on how the class is picked?  Is it just the McMahon family that decides, or is there an actual process that takes place?  Thanks.


I think the fact someone with your knowledge of pro wrestling, considering the different territories and promotions you have been involved with, doesn't have a vote for the WWE Hall of Fame is quite shocking. You probably have just as much knowledge or more than the people who do have a vote with regards to the WWE Hall of Fame. J.R., with the DVD sets that have been released by the WWE, maybe someday you will get your own DVD set, where you can pick your favorite matches from the WWE video library. I'm glad the WWE is releasing a Saturday Night's Main Event DVD set. I think you're right about GSP beating Penn. In 2008, it's hard to think of a MMA fighter who fought better competition than St.Pierre, and won. I don't know what will happen in the Super Bowl, but it would be more of a story if the Cardinals, who were expected to lose in the wild card round to the Falcons, actually won the Super Bowl. I am looking forward to a matchup involving Larry Fitzgerald and the Steelers defence, especially Troy Polamalu.