JR the world traveler..CAC in Vegas...Grill w/ JR's products...WWE Draft this Monday

Greetings from Las Vegas! What a week yours truly has had. Let's grill....

Can't begin to describe my travel this week. OKC-Atlanta-London-Detroit-Las Vegas-OKC. I have no idea what time it is only that it's Thursday....I think.

RAW wasn't the most sterling moment of my career but remember paybacks can be compelling. No, I don't have a foot fetish.

CAC, www.caulifloweralleyclub.org, was an amazing experience. What a class organization who do good work for so many in need.

WWE bought a table at the banquet which saw Ted DiBiase, Ricky Steamboat, Sunny, Bruno Lauer, Sgt Slaughter, Roddy Piper, among others in attendence.

Honky Tonk Man was extremely entertaining w/ his acceptance speech. Arguably stole the show.

Sarge was outstanding as well. We reminenced about sharing an $8 hotel room while working for Bill Watts in the 70's. Sarge, who was a helluva hand, was the first guy to introduce me to Chinese food as we used to hit a Chinese buffet in Baton Rouge multiple times a week.

Nice stories from Irish Pat Barrett who traveled in from Ireland.

Saw Ken Patera for first time in years and years. He gave me my first body slam and, needless to say, I went from the mat to the body slam position VERY quickly. Ken was freakisly strong.

Always nice to see the great Dick Beyer aka The Destroyer. Was there ever a better American masked wrestler in the biz?

Enjoyed hearing Funk/Brisco stories from Terry Funk and Jerry Brisco.

Jake Roberts made some memorable remarks Tuesday night. Jake can still verbally captivate an audience.

Jake's sister, Rockin' Robin, was classy and entertaining while accepting her award.  She's now a real estate appraiser in Hammond, La. Lovely person.

Mick Foley had an amazing acceptance speech Tuesday evening. Mick is SO talented and is simply as good a human being as I've known in the biz. Mick had to leave on the redeye Tuesday night so our visit was brief but enjoyable. He was my most challenging WWE hire who FAR exceeded many folk's expectations.

The late Penny Banner and Johnny Weaver's daughter Wendy, a beautiful lady just like her Mom, was a blast to talk with in Vegas.

Enjoyed catching up w/ my old friend Marc Ratner, now working with UFC, at lunch Thursday. Marc and I have a ton in common as we're both sports nuts and former football refs. We've been friends for many years. We talked about me possibly attending the Lesnar-Dos Santos fight in June in Vancouver.

Always great to see my dear, long time friend Russ Myerson, EVP of the WB Network, who has been a life long fan. Russ, the late Gordon Solie and I had a memorable meal together many years ago in Tampa. Russ Myerson is a brilliant man who always has been there for my wife Jan and me.

At this time I'm planning on being at RAW in Raleigh on Monday. WWE might want to re-enforce the 'Cole Mine.' :)

Our on line biz is up 200% over last year. Shows that if one serves their customers well, give them a great product at a  fair price that business can grow. We truly appreciate everyone's support.

Remember, we do not ship outside the USA but http://www.wweshop.com does.  WWE just placed their biggest order to date with us as their biz w/ JR's products is growing.

Grilling Season is upon us and we look forward to serving you w/ two BBQ Sauces, Chipotle Ketchup, Main Event Mustard, and Championsip Original Beef Jerky. Every package comes w/ FREE, autographed items. USA orders only.

Anxious to get back to Norman, Oklahoma in a few hours. I can only imagine how the WWE Superstars currently finishing up the hugely successful WWE international tour must be feeling. Plus, many, I'm sure, are concerned what might occur during WWE's Annual Draft Monday night in Raleigh.

The draft can alter ones career I can assure you. Monday's Raw should be a compelling broadcast.

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