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Great to be home after a seven day road trip of which was excellent featuring long days, exciting projects and reconnecting with old friends. With that said, let's grill.....  JR's products were a HUGE hit at WM29 in WWE's Super Store. Exceeded our expectations. Fans can order now in time for grilling season at http://www.wweshop.com and in UK, Ireland and Europe via http://www.americansoda.co.uk. If you have specific shipping questions, etc you can hit them on Twitter @WWEShop and @americansoda. Thanks to all who bought JR's goods while at WM29.    Honored to have long lines at both my appearances at the Super Store on Friday and at AXXESS Saturday morning. There's never enough time, but I got to visit with fans from all over the world and it's always wonderful to hear that I was the voice of so many of their childhood. That's humbling.  Hoping to make more appearances in 2013, and beyond, to tell my story and to participate in Q&A's. Plans are underway for a major project that would feature just that with yours truly and perhaps others. That's all a work in progress.  Found out Saturday that I was going to be a part of the Pre and Post Game shows on Sunday at MetLife Stadium. It was a blast and I enjoyed working with @scottstanford1, @WWEDustyRhodes and @TrueKofi and hope that the pre and post game concept is utilized again in the future. It's great to be able to contribute to a major PPV in any way possible. I haven't heard about the status of those shows going forward for those asking.  My match of the night at WM29 was Taker vs. @CMPunk. Loved @TripleH vs. @BrockLesnar too. Tough act to follow, as I have discussed here for weeks, and going on last is always a daunting experience and it was Sunday for @JohnCena and @TheRock but they came through it well especially considering that Rock had a torn abductor muscle that he suffered early in the bout. I still have a hard time fully understanding the gripe of some fans who have an issue of a match being a return even one year later. "We've already seen it" doesn't resonate with me but, admittedly, I may be too old school.     The issue of ANYONE going on last on a FOUR HOUR PPV will always be a challenge no matter who they are or what type of issue or match that they have. We live in a society that overall has a short attention span and have little patience. Trying to emotionally invest in a 'main event' after being seated for approximately four hours is always going to be a tough hand to play for most..  But that's why the talents who close the show make the big bread, right? I am excited to see the WrestleMania 29 DVD and hear the commentary more closely and to specifically watch the entire WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. The HOF was a wonderful experience for me and my wife Jan as it seems to be every year.  I was very humbled and honored to be mentioned in so many of the inductees speeches. That was a surprise and certainly was the highlight of my entire WM29 experience.  Found it pretty pathetic that many fans who seemingly believe all or most of what they read online felt that the Rock walked out on WWE Monday while missing RAW. Some people thrive on dirt and gossip...thrive may be a too nice a word...how about 'obsess' and believe damn near whatever they read. Rock was injured early on in the main event versus Cena but continued the match as the two men, who I signed back in the day, did the best that they could considering the situation.  Co-sign on the great live audience for RAW Monday night made up of many Northeast American fans and, of course, many from out of the country especially from the UK among other countries.  Not shocked, I wrote about it here multiple times, that Fandango had a solid outing with the great @IAmJericho Chris Jericho at WM29 notwithstanding the point that Jericho's retaliation on Fandango Monday night on RAW was pure textbook. Young wrestlers need to take note of Jericho's unbridled passion And realism in getting a piece of Fandango on RAW. The Fandango buzz is intriguing and it will last as long as his in ring performances hold up positively to his controversial TV persona. For the record, I am NOT producing the upcoming Mid South Wrestling DVD that WWE will release in September. I merely did several hours of interviews and voiced over some non televised main events that previously had not been called by anyone. I was simply asking for ideas on Twitter @JRsBBQ of what some might want to have included in this long awaited release.  Knowing the society that we live in today, no matter what WWE puts on this DVD some will squeal like a pig stuck under a gate because something they they wanted to see did not make the edit. How about this...if the first one sells good how about WWE produce a second one? Novel concept.   I called a ton of new matches on the Mid South DVD Tuesday night including a 40+ minute clinic of a NWA Title Bout from the Superdome between Ric Flair and Terry Taylor. Also called Snowman vs. Jake Roberts for the TV title with The Barbarian (aka John Nord aka The Berserker) in Jake's corner and Muhammad Ali in the Snowman's corner. This match shows just some of the brilliance of Jake the Snake. This one was also from the Superdome. Called a blood bathe between Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Maddog Buzz Sawyer from New Orleans, old, downtown Municipal Auditorium, a Midnight Express vs. Rock 'n Roll Express match and some 'Last Stampede' content involving Cowboy Bill Watts and Stagger Lee vs. Jim Cornette's Midnight Express....among MANY other bouts. After we finished, I sounded like I had gargled with Drano but thankfully the pints of hot tea that I consumed got me through it....and kept me up all night hitting the facilities.   Speaking of Jake, I saw @JakeSnakeDDT at the WWE hotel at WrestleMania and he looked fantastic. I pray that he can stay on the path that he is on and then positively affect so many lives. Jake has so much to offer society notwithstanding the wrestling business if he can remain clean and sober. We had the best one on one visit that I can EVER remember having with Jake and I've known him over 30 years. We'll resume our visit next week at the @CACReunion in Las Vegas. @DDPYoga has been doing wonderful things for Jake and for Scott Hall who you can follow @SCOTTHALLNWO. Keep them in your prayers.  Loved how RAW went off the air Monday night, @Ryback22 standing tall over John Cena. Is Ryback a newly minted villain? Not so fast there knee jerkers. I think that the fans will make that call and perhaps even more people will boo John Cena that have previously as Ryback obviously, as he should, has his sights set on the WWE Title and a top spot within WWE. Really admired how @MichaelCole steered the ship at the announce table during the four hour PPV Sunday night and then followed it up with a stellar effort Monday on RAW. Announcing in today's WWE isn't easy and the volume of work is daunting. No one prepares more than Cole, that trait reminds me of me, and he makes @JCLayfield, who's still refining his villain announcer game, and veteran Jerry Lawler better on a challenging-to-master three man team. I'd suggest that WWE make Cole, JBL and King their full time RAW broadcast team especially considering that the three hour RAW's are tough to navigate. Without question, @JCLayfield makes RAW better even when he takes lame shots at yours truly. John is very bright and brings a cutting edge to the party and I can't wait until he starts engaging King more as that verbal duel would make the broadcasts even better in my view.    With so many young talents ascending to new heights and roles, it is more important now than ever to have the broadcasters really enhance all the superstars and that's an every segment, every week piece of business. Cole, JBL and King can get it done.  Have you downloaded the @LayfieldReport app? If not you should. Great, weekly radio show.    Check out all the activities next week at the @CACReunion at http://www.caulifloweralleyclub.org.  I hope to see many of you there in Vegas.  Attending the OU Sooner Spring Game Saturday here in Norman. #Sooners gearing up for a run at another Big 12 Title in 2013 in what many feel will be a challenging year for them and a very balanced year in the league. Loved that @HEELZiggler cashed in the MITB contract on RAW and not at WM29. Many more eyes watching Monday than Sunday. Ziggler is still evolving and I think will end up being a significant fan favorite before all is said and done. Nice triangle of issues involving Ziggler, Del Rio and Swagger.   Back home now and will be doing more writing over the next several hours and answering your Q&A's.  Boomer Sooner! Hit those Q&A's. J.R.    @JRsBBQ 
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All I want to say is thank you WWE for RAW and The Miz dropping a title he never should have had in the first place. How many guys does he have to drop before he is sent to TNA ?  Bring in Ohno to put him out of his "Mizery".  Ha.
"Ziggler is still evolving and I think will end up being a significant fan favorite before all is said and done." Amen to this. I think it's still a year or two away, but Monday really showed the potential for Ziggler as a real fan favourite. The way he sells moves just reminds me of an another "under-sized" show-off: the Heart Break Kid. Fans can really invest in Ziggler as a face in the same way, with him taking a beating from big heels before coming through in the end. I'm really excited to watch him grow in the future. And the pop from the crowd when he came out and again when he won... that was a special Wrestlemania moment for sure.
 Just like the wild (and possibly inebriated) Meadowlands crowd, I was mega-excited (on my couch at home) for Ziggler's title win.  He obviously deserves it.  The challenge for him will be constantly keeping his act fresh over the next several years so the fans don't one day think of him as the "same old ----" the way they referred to certain wrestlers on Monday night.  Recall that Cena and Orton were the new, cool, edgy heels about ten years ago when Cena was rapping with Bull Buchanan and Orton was challenging Mick Foley.  I should note that Punk has done a good job of varying his presentation over the years. I was very impressed that Punk, Rocky, & HHH were able to get through their main-event WM matches on the grandest stage despite each of them suffering multiple injuries during the respective match.  Amazing toughness.
 I was at WM and at Raw, it's not fair to generalize that the fans were in an alternate mental state. Yes, there were many excitable European fans, but a large part of the audience, myself included were from the local area. NYC and Chicago are known as the most vocal wrestling crowds in the country. We are not going to chant anything we don't agree with.  Regarding The Rock's absence from Raw, I'll put it this way, John Cena certainly had no problem pointing the mic at the audience when they chanted BS, to make sure everyone watching at home heard it. 
The Fandango thing is intriguing really.  You can't say WWE would have predicted exactly when, how and why it would have taken off, but there is definetely a reason that Fandango is flying up the UK Top 40, and is going to be greeted by a bigger ovation in Britain than John Cena is. I guess its throwing a lot of things at walls and see what sticks.  But regardless, I would say Fandango has been proven a success.  I mean there are companies that make their money on itune sales and UK music charts, and this is a really really minute revenue stream for WWE.   Hundreds of thousands of people downloading a £1 song = hundreds of thousands of pounds.  You can get some T-shirts out in time for the UK event and we're talking about Fandango paying off his luxurious entrance and beautiful dancer on the space of one good weekend.  Wrestling has always been about the wrestlers who make money, and whether it's him, his song, his dancer, he's making money.   And as you say, it has potential to go as long as he has the ability to keep up with it.  WWE have been wise to pretty much take a back seat and let it organically grow.  I've seen comparisons with Ryder but a) Ryder was already established as somewhat of a jobber, b) WWE never seemed to want to push Ryder and c) Ryder pushed it on people.     Fandango is a new character, undefeated with a lot of potential, the WWE seemed keen to push him and the people have come to him without any persuading or him having to do anything but be himself.   I'm loving it.  Fan of Johnny Curtis since NXT.  Hope he goes to the moon with it.  But like it or not, Fandango has been a hit, already :)   P.S great great wrestling match on NXT last night, Regal vs Ohno.   
I have to say that Punk/Taker stole the show in my opinion as well. What can you say about the crowd at the next night's Raw that hasn't been already said? That was the loudest crowd I've heard in a long time... Fandango... You're welcome. My personal favorite spot on Raw other than Team Hell No coming out, and standing with The Undertaker was Mr. Ziggles cashing in his Briefcase, and becoming the new World Champion. It was well deserved, timed, and beautifully done. Kudos to him. All in all, a brilliant week for WWE.
Sorry but JBL irritates the hell outta me - a few months a go he apologised to an upset Primo/Epico after making a heel remark at them, King & Brain Heenan never apologised -If today's young talent would listen to the older ones & look in their eyes more they'd know they don't mean it personally, King calls someine like Otunga boring & both were up for a match the next week in which King won & (Kayfabe) proved his point - Instead of JBL putting his well erned money where his mouth is, he'd just apologise in private or on twitter, he never backs himself up As i'm from England, i feel sickened & ashamed that some of those morons on on saturday & sunday night could possibly be from over here, it's tough in todays credit crunch of a society to purchase a ticket & fly over, some ppl really do abuse the priveliges they've been handed. There is nothing wrong being old fashioned when it comes to sport/talent/WWE, sone ppl should take that into account & learn from the experienced one than tell you how they think you should know how everything works today. All i read on the web is history of the wrestling biz which takes me back over 80+ years &i find it ever so facinating, my late geat-nan was a wrestling fan & it's fun to see what she was watching (Big Daddy, Mick McManus, Giant Heystacks, etc) - nobody appreciates the past anymore, kids today don't want to hear what grandparents have to say or what they did with their lives - Wrestlemania/Hall of Fame just proves it.  K Lambert
There's a time and place for rowdy fans, and IMO a Hall of Fame induction ceremony ISN'T one of those places.  For fans to get out of line at an event like that just shows a total lack of respect for the legend's being inducted.  It's not like that ceremony is a normal WWE live event where a loud and rowdy crowd adds to the show.  I have no issue with fans being loud and rowdy at normal live events, a dead crowd is never a good thing, but not at an event like a H.O.F. induction.  IMO it doesn't add to the event at all, and does nothing but disrespect those who are being honored.  Some people could really use a lesson in respect.  Besides all that, since I am from Pittsburgh it was awesome to see Bruno finally agree to being inducted.  It was a long time coming and IMO it gives the WWE H.O.F. a lot of instant credibility.  Not that it wasn't credible before, but you can't really have a WWE H.O.F. without Bruno being in it.  IMO that's like a Baseball H.O.F. without Babe Ruth.   All in all "Mania" was really well done this year.  Though I think that things were a bit predictable when it came to the outcome of the matches, but other than that the matches themselves were top notch.  I still think that CM Punk should have ended the streak because a win like that really could have benefitted him.  Though him losing leads me to believe that 'Taker will be back next year to defend the streak again.  If there was any chance that he wouldn't be coming back next year I really believe that CM Punk would have won this year.  So hopefully Punk gets another crack at putting an end to the streak next year.  I just hope that the build is longer next year.  The build-up this year was only 4 weeks, and it just didn't seem like enough time to me for a match that big.  ~AMBROSE~