J.R.'s Armageddon Thoughts..

 Armageddon was a fun wrestling show of which to be a part. Selfishly, I wish Tazz and I could have stayed busier. Sitting for 2 hours and then having to “turn it on” for the main event is challenging. Nonetheless, we had a great ringside seat for a show that came off better than many expected.

With a 3 week build and nestled between the Survivor Series and the Royal Rumble (6 weeks away), many fans weren’t expecting how well this event actually delivered.

Buffalo was hospitable and the crowd seemed to do their share.

Did Jeff Hardy go from enigma to icon with his WWE Title victory? Felt that way to me.

The Triple Threat main event (I’m Smackdown biased) was one of the best 3 man bouts in the WWE in a long time. Amazing effort by all three men. Innovative and surprising are 2 words that come to mind when describing it. In all due respect, no other bout on the card could have successfully followed it.

Cena & Jericho have definite chemistry. Really solid Raw feature.

Randy Orton has come back hotter than he has ever been. Batista winning surprised me, which keeps this rivalry alive.

Funny stuff w/Santino (as always), Boogeyman, and Goldust.

Mae Young is amazing when one thinks about her age and willingness to still be a part of the business.

I missed Miz/Morrison on the show. They have gotten really good. Wish they were Smackdown regulars.

The announcers had fun during the Santa’s Helper match.

Rey vs Punk was a winner as Punk’s win surprised me. Fan favorite bouts are challenging for the talent, but these two pulled it off. Rey’s lucky he didn’t receive a broken nose.

Finlay-Henry was basic, straight forward and the use of “toys” helped it. Nice physicality.

The JBL-HBK business has my interest. Anxious to see how this one evolves.

Kozlov-Matt Hardy was better than many predicted. The big Russian continues to improve while Matt is grossly underrated, as he is a student of the game and he helps ECW immensely.

Other stuff:

IF Bobby Lashley can evolve into a skilled, MMA fighter, a potential match with former WWE alum could be a promoter’s dream. There are lots of variables in this equation but “potentially” this match up could eventually look good from a marketer’s perspective. I realize that Brock is one a much higher level, as we speak, but if Lashley hooks up with the right people no one can deny how good Bobby can potentially become.

I can’t remember 3 more deserving Heisman candidates but obviously I’m elated OU’s Sam Bradford won it Saturday night. I personally know Sam and he is a great young man, but the Sooners need to “win the last game” as has been their mantra all year.

What occurs at the Royal Rumble will likely tell many stories to what WM25 is going to look like. Maybe old news to some fans, but the “road to Wrestlemania” really begins in Detroit in late January.

We’re still accepting your orders but it’s on the cusp of being a “photo finish” regarding shipping deadlines.

As I write this I am in Baltimore, which has so much wrestling history and heritage. Bruno vs. Superstar Billy Graham...the Great American Bash...and Tuesday night taping of Friday Night Smackdown and ECW. This will be the final SD/ECW dual taping for a while.

Next week we head to Toronto, another great city for wrestling from the Maple Leaf Garden to two Wrestlemania’s and a big, holiday SD/Raw Supershow next Monday that is “this close” to being a complete sell out.

Boomer Sooner!

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cool JR - ill be watching WWE live from the uk at 2am - not the same without you on there no more


    It's so AWESOME that Jeff Hardy finally gets a run with the WWE title. I had to keep repeating to myself last night before bed, just to let it sink in. Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Diesel, Yokozuna, The Undertaker, John Cena and now Jeff Hardy.

   I remember seeing him and Matt in a tag match here in the Spokane area for Raw is War waaay back in 1998. They wore these terribly gaudy plaid pants and I believe they wrestled APA. But the Hardys were already cool, even then. I became a Hardy fan that night.

   It certainly was a Hardy party and now I'm looking forward to seeing where he goes from here. He needs to be at the top of game and not pull an RVD or something.

   This title reign could finally be the start of something huge for the WWE. I'm as interested as the next guy in the Who Took Out Jeff in Hotel angle they seem to be running. My money is on Christian or maybe Rikishi if nothing else. 


  You guys were great last night, I especially enjoyed the obviously off the script banter during the Santa Little Helper match. You guys talking back and forth was better than the match by far, which is nothing on the ladies as they're quite nice to watch, but you guys were just entertaining as all hell.

   Have a Merry Christmas JR - I will be rooting for your boys OSU next month. I hope they don't disappoint.

   I could say the same for Jeff Hardy.


   Matt Gardner

good start for lashley his opponent opened bad in seconds this year royal rumble winner will be someone how was champion in 2008 edge triple h batista orton jericho...but i hope its big show cuz he didn't win championship from 2002 i think taker vs hbk will start at the rumble
some dumass spoilered the triple threat match before i see it wwe did great job with jeff the why he wrestled and the way he finished the match that's what make people stand up and show there respect i don't like jeff as champion am never been a fan of him but congratulation to him he worked so hard for the big one i hope next year i wrestle him

thanks jr it's always good to see your blogs

Okay.  Credit where it's due.  When I first started replying to your blogs and posting to your Q and A section, I asked you if you thought we would see Jeff Hardy and Chris Jericho as champion by Wrestlemania.  You thought it would happen before then in both cases.  You were right.

Credit also where it's due to WWE for making Jeff champion.  Now let's see how long it lasts.  Will he truly become an icon as you said?  Or will he get a blink-and-you'll-miss-it reign like Jericho, Punk, RVD?  We'll see.  It would be nice if he held the belt all the way through Wrestlemania, and on till Night of Champions in June.  But I'm not holding my breath.

Not surprised to see Kozlov beat Matt.  Perhaps if being ECW champion actually meant something, this non-title match would have been something more than one more in the W column for the Moscow Mauler.  But I kind of suspect a Kozlov-HHH feud going into the Rumble, which will put Kozlov's streak to bed real quick.

Jericho's loss is also unsurprising.  Having said that, I hope his heel run is over and he can go back to being a fan favorite again.  Not neccesarily the old Y2J personae, mind you; I can readily see his current heel personae being morphed into a dead-serious-kick-butt face character without much effort.

But again, credit where it's due.  For one night, WWE did something very significant, very right.  For the first time since Kurt Angle left, WWE has the chance to push someone who is consistently interesting in the ring *as a face*.  Some call Jeff a spot-monkey.  Well, I dissagree, as obviously you do too, JR.  But having said that, I'd rather take a spot monkey as champ over a body builder who knows one or two technical moves.

Congratulations to Jeff, I wish him the best of luck and hope the bookers give him a meaningful run with the title.

Great blog as always JR.

I was thinking about the JBL/HBK angle.  While Michaels sure did all he could to make it believable, I just don't know if the audience would/will by in large buy it . . . especially since HBK still has a nice on-screen spot w/ WWE. 

A guy I think would have really fit this role would be Tommy Dreamer.  Now, I know Dreamer doesn't have the star power as Michaels does but night after night he elicits "Tommy" chants despite his . . . well dubious win-loss record.  He has a unique in-ring charisma that sucks the crowd into thinking THIS is the night he'll finally get over that mountain . . . only to fall a bit short.  He also has extremely underrated promo skills and I think could convey being in a perilous financial situation just as well as Shawn.  Plus, it's not as if Dreamer has been racking up main event or semi-main event matches on WWE ppvs in the last . . . well ever so it'd be easier to believe that he may not have too much cashola in the bank.

That said, I can completely understand why Michaels is in this spot.  I mean if you give Dreamer the role, then what becomes of Michaels?

Just my .02

Hi there JR.

I`m from São Paulo - Brazil, I`m a big wrestling fan, I´m starting my wrestling carrer down here, and this is the first time I comment in your blog, because for me this is a must comment PPV.

I just came here to talk about three things:

First: I got surprised by Punk`s victory over Rey, but even been a huge Rey`s fan, I don`t really see Rey as IC Champ. Punk´s feud with Regal is going to be a real great thing to see.

I want to congratulate Jeff "The ICON" Hardy for his victory. After all this boy have been through, many years wrestling, many mistakes he made and jokes that life made with him,  I think it`s been a big moment for him, and he`s probably living the dream that started when he was very young and made he become this real champion, in life and in wrestling. Even with the addictions and other personal problems he have, he inspires lots of people all over the world, and I`m one of these. I know how hard a wrestler`s life can be, and I can imagine what he has been through to get where he is.

I`m not telling he is an exceptional, better than anyone, but in my point of view he`s one of the greattest.

The last I want to say is: Lashley is big, strong and have great fighting skills, but there is a long road for him to became one of the greatest in the MMA world, and probably when he and Lesnar colide at the octagon, we will watch one of the best MMA matches ever, and prove once again for the many prejudiced around the world that pro wrestlers are real athletes, not jokes!

Congrats for your job, you are one of the best in this business and I`m sure that I`m just one off the billions of fans you have.

At least the current HBK-JBL angle explains why Shawn tries so hard to pimp his gear on WWEShop.com. ;D

I really enjoyed armageddon which  surprised me because I was not really looking forward to it all that much besides maybe the  Punk vs Mysterio and HHH vs Edge vs Hardy matches,but it was nice to be surprised and I enjoyed the whole show,even the santas helper match but that was mainly due to the commentary!

I also checked out the FCW website and was delighted to see Sheamus O Shaughnessy doing so well,I remenber him from tiny indy shows he used to do over here in Dublin and hopefuly he'll get the call to move to the big leagues soon,he deserves it because he has worked hard to get where he is and he's such a nice guy too!

hey J.R.

i think it is so wonderful that jeff hardy is the new wwe champion. i have been a fan of matt and especially jeff for about ten years now and when it was finally anounced that jeff was champion on sunday, it just brought me back to when i was 8 years old watching jeff and matt fight edge and christian at house shows in san diego. he really has come a long way. and i'm glad to have been able to see it all happen. 

i  think that this was a great step for wwe to do something diffrent and to kind of shake things up a little bit. i can't wait for smackdown on friday. you and tazz should of won the slammy for 'best announce team.'  you two do well together and for a while i would only watch smackdown just to hear you guys call the matches, but now with jeff as champion things seem to have gotten interesting. ; ]


Love seeing your comments on the Sooners.  It was great to see Bradford accept the Heisman.  We are all very proud of him. 

I thought Billy Sims yelling "Boomer" was funny.  OK, it did get a little annoying after the 8th or 9th time.

We are looking forward to the National Championship game.  Hope your being there brings them luck. 

DeMarco has had the worst luck the last 2 years.  I guess the silver lining in it for OU fans is we get to keep him another season, where if he had performed as usual in the Big 12 Championship and the NC game we may have lost him to the NFL. 

Do you think Gresham is as good as advertised?  I'm concerned about his hands, he seems to drop a lot of passes, or let them bounce off his hands before he catches them. 

I hope they gameplan to help Loadholdt.  I don't want to see a speed rusher beating him around the end, like happened in last years bowl game. 

We all hear Box will be back for the bowl, I'd like Bologun to get some snaps, he might be able to decleat Tebow and have him looking out his earhole. 

I'm a BIG UFC fan.  It's kind of funny the big deal they make about Lesnar coming from Pro wrestling to UFC.  It's not like the first time athletes have crossed over between the two sports.  Like Ken Shamrock for one. I know there was another guy, but his name escapes me at the moment. 

Did you know Couture when he wrestled at OSU in Stillwater?