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Good day to all and thanks for stopping by our website. We really appreciate all that are shopping for JR's products including our BBQ Sauces, Chipotle Ketchup, Main Event Mustard, 5 flavors of 97% Fat Free Beef Jerky and more at http://www.wweshop.com and to our UK friends who support our efforts at http://www.americansoda.co.uk out of Manchester, England. It's Grilling Time!!  RAW had some really good moments Monday Night in the land of the University of Steers which are testicle-less male cattle in case you're keeping score on the ranch. The live audience was in and out of the show which can mean many things but generally means that they, for some reason, become emotionally disconnected to what they are experiencing. The Austin crowd did not match up to the past couple of weeks which will obviously come off as me, a Oklahoma Sooners fan, taking a shot at UT but that 's not the case but please feel free to believe what you choose and, like fertilizer, spread it.  Daniel Bryan was the star of Monday Night RAW and his in ring work the last 40 minutes are so was the most memorable piece of business on the three hour broadcast. Bryan has gotten over with the fan base the most natural way possible akin to a dark horse candidate winning a major election while running as an independent. Grass roots all the way for 'Fear the Beard.' Bryan's in ring action with Antonio Cesaro  was brilliant. Cesaro may be the most underrated talent on the WWE roster and had his 2nd bout that I've jaw dropped on in the past few weeks as his 2X3 fall match in NXT vs. Sami Zayn was off the page too. That match, I think airs after Summer Slam. For anyone to armchair book and think that Daniel Bryan cannot or will not beat John Cena for the WWE Title because of Bryan's physical stature or his 'look' I'd advise you to think again. I'd also suggest that John Cena will have one of the best matches of his entire career come Summer Slam in LA.  RAW GM Brad Maddox is about as smarmy as one can get for a TV character with such little experience. For some reason, as I've said, Maddox reminds me of the talented, late Eddie Gilbert in that Maddox is a natural antagonist with a manipulative, Napoleon-like complex who is playing a dangerous game of internally combustible politics with the McMahon's. This story can take on many forms and I'm interested to see where it all leads us which I suspect will be something significant.  By the way, Did the GM ever get the contract signed for the WWE Title bout for LA's Summer Slam? Bryan's skill set, his visible,  all important, '2nd gear' IE the ability to change pace and elevate the in ring process would have worked on the main event level in any era that I've worked in and that has been since 1974. Looks like WWE picked a good time, being in Mark Henry's native Texas, for the WSM to slowly evolve, apparently, into a fan favorite vs. The Shield who displayed classic, wrestling villain tendencies Monday night in the land of the Burnt Orange.  I received several Tweets @JRsBBQ asking me my thoughts on the "OU Sucks" chants from the Sooners biggest football rivals that were audible on RAW and I responded that it wasn't something new. Been hearing that chant for the many decades that I've been attending the October classic played in Dallas at the historic Cotton Bowl. Last year I heard it until about the 3rd quarter when most of the Steer fans left after watching their team get embarrassed again by my Sooner team.        The CM Punk/ Paul Heyman promo segment on RAW was stellar. It sold PPV's and Punk, especially, came off as very real, extremely organic, and NOT playing the role of a 'wrestler with a cause.' Punk gave us filter free emotion and I believed every word that he said. Seriously, @CMPunk is NOT afraid of Brock Lesnar and their match, their first to my knowledge, at Summer Slam has me very intrigued. Curious as to the strategy, where it is on the card, what has to follow it, and, obviously, the outcome. For some reason, just an assumption, I could see a serious of matches between these two, gifted athletes who both carry ample levels of self confidence and defiance into the ring. Time will tell. Can't wait to see it live. Miz TV....hmmm...rough day at the office especially for my old friend The King. It was likely an encounter that Jerry would rather forget. Nice slap from new, villainous Eva Marie who apparently is still PO'ed about her hair Hats off to the WWE TV crew for the hellacious week that they have embarked upon this week taping four days of extensive, TV content within the state of Texas. No team works harder or are more dedicated to their company than are the men and women who work behind the scenes on the road and back in Stamford at the TV facility. My comments regarding my personal opinion regarding the ideal age for performers to be called up full time to the main, WWE roster has drawn a gambit of responses here on our Q&A section of our website and on Twitter @JRsBBQ. This has zero to do specifically with the talented Paige who I am a major supporter of and feel that she will have a successful run on RAW or Smackdown some day soon but some idiots made it such. No 20 year old, no matter the precedent for any man or woman is generally ready for the non in ring requirements and challenges that go with being a WWE Superstar who tours extensively. The amount of social maturity that comes with life experiences and natural maturity is absolutely necessary. Is it always there or has it always been there over the years with some young talents who have had a variety of issues, some minor and some not so minor? Of course not. Every human being is different and they all handle challenges in their own way and one way to eliminate some of those immature mistakes is to make sure that the talents are socially and emotionally ready to make the road their home .  The WWE Performance Center is much more than a training center for simply learning to wrestle.  I'm sure that this matter will be addressed more in the coming blogs this week.  I'm working on updating the Q&A section of the site. It's now completed.  Doing a bunch of media today for our upcoming UK Spoken Word tour. Not many tickets remain .  Follow me on Twitter @JRsBBQ. Boomer Sooner! J.R.              
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