JR's Back from Indianapolis Raw...Your Questions Addressed...Austin DVD Update...Sauce It!!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope that where ever you are that it's cooler there than it is here in Oklahoma where the temps topped 100 degrees for the umpteenth day in a row. Nonetheless it's good to be home so let's get to it.

I had a great weekend in the Indianapolis area that included spending some time with our former neighbors here in Norman, Indiana University head football coach Kevin Wilson and his family, on Sunday. Got a nice tour of the IU football facilities, saw their beautiful campus and met some members of the Hoosier football staff. It was a super Sunday reconnecting with old friends and talking a little football in Bloomington. We hope to return for Kevin's Hoosier official home opener against Virginia week two of the season. 

It's always a rush to get back in the environment that I am most comfortable and that's the world of WWE on 'game day' aka the day of a live, TV shoot. The energy level is infectious the day of a live show and hard to replicate. It's a significant part of my DNA and I'm happy to be back working on Monday Night Raw.

Before Monday, it had been three years, 2008, since I had broadcast a full, two hour MNR. 

Three man announce teams are challenging no matter the talents involved or the product in which they are broadcasting. Now that King, Cole and I have gotten our collective feet wet, things will naturally evolve.

This week we hit San Jose for Raw which is the last MNR prior to Summer Slam in Los Angeles. I expect business to pick up in San Jose in more ways than one. 

WWE has big plans for LA including two days of Summer Slam Axxess the weekend of the PPV. Don't forget that if you attend Axxess that you can buy autographed bottles of J.R.'s BBQ Sauce and Beef Jerky at the WWE Merchandise Stand there.

John Cena and CM Punk meet in the Raw main event at Summer Slam to determine the undisputed WWE Champion and I'm anxious to see how they follow the match that they had in Chicago at MITB where Punk won. The Staples Center crowd will be challenged to rise to the occasion as the hometown crowd did for Punk that helped make the MITB match so memorable. 

BTW I talked to @steveaustinBSR today and we will be narrating, I think, three bouts that the 'Rattlesnake' has selected for his new DVD. I'm not sure of what bouts that we will be doing but I think that they will all be Wrestlemania bouts. Steve and I will be attempting to provide a very unique perspective to the fans regarding the mindset, strategy, emotions, etc of these big match moments. I'm really looking forward to doing this project and hopefully getting a peek at the rough cut of the DVD which I think is going to be exceptional.    

We've gotten many questions over the past week or so......

Why do so many wrestlers 'bash' others on line? Politics exist in all walks of life including Washington DC and the on going debacles there and in wrestling. These grappling gripes, etc aren't new. My first day in a wrestling locker room in 1974 one could easily see different alliances, diverse agendas, rampant jealousy, etc. Things aren't that much different today except that there is a much bigger format for the disgruntled to utilize called the internet. 

What do I think of William Regal heading a faction of Europeans? Interesting and like any other idea the success is all in the execution. Regal is a very talented man and if any one could pull off such a matter it would be the Blackpool, England native. 

For those that live in the OKC area and have asked for a good BBQ joint to try I'd suggest Ray's Smokehouse in Norman on Lindsey Street just west of the football stadium about a mile or so. My friend Darrell Ray and his family own and run Ray's. Darrell was a great defensive back for OU back in the day as well as for the New York Jets. 

Is Mark Henry PG? I'd say absolutely. Aggression can exceed PG, obviously, but I don't recall seeing any thing that the World's Strongest Man has done that has taken physicality 'over the line.' Henry's recent positioning on Smackdown has impressed me as being sound utilization of the veterans skill set. 

Do I remember the two out of three fall match in New Orleans between Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat? Absolutely! It's a match that I would suggest any true fan examine. It was beautifully executed even while the broadcast was terribly mistimed for TV. My broadcast partner that evening was Terry Funk which brought the total to four, WWE Hall of Famers involved in the presentation. Steamboat winning a fall via submission was a shocker...at least to me it was. Any young wrestler who wants to study the art of the squared circle would be well served to watch this match multiple times. 

Can wrestlers under six feet tall be main event stars in today's world. My answer is, without a doubt. Is it more challenging to get recognized or 'discovered' if one doesn't have the desired size? Yes. However dozens of greats did not stand six feet tall including Buddy Rogers, Bruno Sammartino, Dick the Bruiser, Dynamite Kid, and about 100 or more others that one could name. Those men had 'it' and 'it' can't be measured by one's height. 

Will Wrestlemania ever be held at Yankee Stadium? Wow...that would be cool but performing outdoors in New York at the end of March might be a little brisk as it relates to the weather. I am not a huge fan of outdoor, mega events simply because of Mother Nature and her unstoppable influences. No, I haven't forgotten that WM28 will be outdoors in Miami on April 1, 2012 which one hopes will be a beautiful, warm, dry South Florida night. 

What was Yokozuna like 'behind the scenes?' Ge was a glib, entertaining guy with a quick sense of humor. Yoko had the best timing of any super heavyweight that I've ever seen and before his weight got the better of him the former WWE Champion was uncanny inside the ring for a man of his size. Yokozuna was an amazing 'attraction' who WWE did a masterful job of marketing back in the day. I enjoyed working with the late, Samoan star and wish that he could have controlled his weight issues which lead to his untimely passing. 

Does WWE have a 'deal' with ROH? I don't know what type of 'deal' the inquiring person was inferring to but I know of zero 'deals' between the companies. For the record, I wish ROH great success and am anxious to see what type of product that they produce and the stars that they develop. 

Will I accept ideas from fans who want to contribute to creative? No. I am not involved in that process and legally there are loads of legal issues in this process. If you want to contribute ideas for BBQ product development or Jerky flavors, then throw them our way. 

Will our on line store re-open any time soon. No. We are working exclusively with WWE Shop at this time to distribute all our BBQ Sauces, Chipotle Ketchup, Beef Jerky and Main Event Mustard via http://www.wweshop.com/Category.JimRoss. WWEShop efficiently ships orders worldwide as our brand continues to grow with them fulfilling the orders and marketing the family brand. We will likely resume selling personally autographed JR's Cookbooks in the next few weeks. Unfortunately, mailing costs are so ridiculous that these books will likely only be available in the States. 

Big week for yours truly as OU Football practice stars this week with the Sooners going EARLY in the mornings due to the crazy heat here. Then it's off to San Jose for Monday Night Raw.  Thanks, again, for stopping by and for those of you who are supporting our efforts with our family of products at http://www.wweshop.com/Category/JimRoss

Boomer Sooner!



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JR -

When you called the last half of last week's Raw with Lawler, it was excellent. The three man announce booth on this week's Raw was unbearable. It's not your fault... you did the best you could given the circumstances. But between Cole and Lawler bickering all the time, and Cole and Lawler constantly talking about things other than what was happening in the ring, I couldn't take it. Smackdown has had this problem for a while too. Striker got pushed out, but honestly, Booker T has been far worse than Striker - at least Striker knows the difference between "singing acapella" and "singing soprano", and brought something to the table besides an endless array of tired cliches and meaningless phrases. No, the problem on Smackdown is (and was) the three man booth. I've got a 2 month old daughter, 2 weeks ago I was watching Smackdown and she was upset and crying for 30 minutes and I couldn't calm her down, and the show did not suffer at all from not being able to hear commentary. That's a bad sign.

JR, you make watching a wrestling match feel like I am watching a "real sport". I could listen to WWE with you in the booth and the screen off, and know what's happening. With Cole *and* Lawler at the table, literally all I hear for the whole match is arguments and hype for things that are coming up or recaps of things that already happened, I'm lucky to even know who won a match! Even if they paired you with just Cole it would be OK. It's the Lawler/Cole combo that stinks, just like on Smackdown it is the Booker T/Cole mix.

Honestly, I actually liked Raw better without you on there, not because you are doing anything wrong, but then Cole and Lawler at least tried to pay attention to the match. What I heard on Monday night made me want to tune out... for good.


Interesting idea on Regal leading a European faction... but with one problem.  We English pretty much hate Europeans - we're always at war with France (until they surrender), Germany... well, you know all about that and Spain is nothing more than a holiday destination full of building sites.  So it just wouldn't work.

We couldn't even do it as a "British Isles" faction, as the Jocks and the Irish?  No thanks!


J.R., with all respect, I want to tell you that in my humble opinion the three man announce team doesn't work. 

It's not your fault.  I always enjoyed the way you played off of your single broadcast partner, no matter who it was.  You add just the right amount of analysis, historical references, context, wry humor and emotion, and you add "smarts" to something that I think the general public wouldn't necessarily think of as a "smart" form of entertainment.  I've been in radio broadcasting, so I can appreciate some of the nuances of what you do.

I've always thought you did great with Jerry.  You two have a great deal of chemistry. 

But you know what?  Three's a crowd.  Cole is useless -- and I'm not talking about the Cole bad guy announcer "character" -- I mean Cole himself.  I just think he adds little value to the product.  He crowds you out, when frankly I'd prefer to see you have a little more room to maneuver and do your thing on the mic.  It feels like you're waiting for your "moment" to get to say your piece, and I don't like that.  You deserve better, and you deserve the time to relax, spread out and work your craft at your will, without the constraints of a third wheel.  Cole wastes airtime that would be better allotted to you.

Greetings from Wilmington, Thanks for you opinion on the Mark Herny Question, and I to have enjoyed his run of late and I hope that ends with some good title shots for Mark. As far as Iknow he is well deserving and has been a good foundation for WWE. PG or not wrestling will be physical and sometimes brutal looking. Also, I am sure that many older wrestlers would have loved to see PG implimented oh,say 30 years ago. Regardless whats in the TV rating as long as a good story is being told, and I think WWE is sitting on some gold right now. Great job the other night, I dont think anyone could have done a better job after being off for 3 years, certainly I could not have!. As always thank you so much for all you do for all of us!!! And  please stay cool out there , I have been unfortunate enough  to make one trip to the ER this month for Dehydration and I would not wish that on anyone, its a bad feeling to say the least!

2 MAN ANNOUNCE TEAM PLEASE !  Cole sent to the back to 'heel" manage ? I want to hear the match called.

JR, if you have any input whatsoever regarding the commentary team, cna you PLEASE ask Michael Cole to tone it down just a LITTLE bit.  Don't ask him to stop, don't ask him to go back to what he was, just ask him to pay more attention to the match, and stop raising his voice so often.  RAW and Smackdown are becoming the Michael Cole Show because his cutting voice literally demands your attention and detracts from what we're watching the show for: the wrestling and the characters.  Just have him reel it in about 30%.  When I hear him stand up screaming "YES! YES! YES!" and applauding, I'm forced to mute the TV and sadly miss anything you or "King" have to say.

We don't hate him for cheering for the heels, we hate that he's speaking.