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Good to be home and good of you to stop by the site. Major changes to our on line store are being made and should be rolled out literally in a matter of hours.

What an interesting weekend I had. Not the most 'fun' I've ever had but a good time and interesting nonetheless.

Flew to KC from OKC Friday afternoon and what should have taken me two hours and change to make the drive from MCI to Columbia, Missouri took me 4 hours. Traffic, construction and wrecks (by others, not me) were the culprit. My rental had satellite radio which is a Godsend for road trips in rented vehicles. 

Enjoyed the Missouri homecoming festivities with my buddies in Columbia on Friday night but I kept telling them that OU's game vs. Mizzou wasn't going to be easy. It wasn't. OU lost as most know while I was accused by my beverage buddies as being 'too negative.'

No team can make multiple turnovers on the road, especially in the red zone, against a jacked up, emotionally charged, talented and undefeated team and expect to win. Congrats to Mizzou and their fans for a huge win and for going 7-0 for only the 2nd time since 1899. OU had won 19 of 21 games against the Tigers.

Oklahoma is still in the hunt for another Big 12 Title and then we can all see where the wacky BCS Bowl scenario takes us Sooner fans. Perhaps we can earn another shot vs. Mizzou in the Big 12 Title game in Dallas.   

I drove back to MCI to the Airport Marriott late Saturday night from a crazed Columbia arriving in KC at about 2 a.m. Thanks, again, to satellite radio, I caught info regarding UFC's PPV in Anaheim headlined by Lesnar-Velásquez. Not great news there either if one is a Lesnar fan and I am. My phone was blowing up with text messages regarding Brock losing his title and the subsequent interview that was done with Undertaker where Brock made somewhat of a 'walk on,' cameo appearance at ringside as Lesnar was leaving the Octagon to return to his locker room.

The post fight interview the Undertaker did wasn't even scheduled beforehand as I understand it. The same reporter interviewed me at the last Lesnar fight and that one, along with interviews he did with Steve Austin and Bill Goldberg, were not scheduled in advance either. I have a hard time believing that the much talked about 'confrontation' for the lack of a better term, and there has to be one, between 'Taker and Brock was staged. Perhaps I'm naive but that's what I think at this time.  

Cutting to the chase, I certainly don't foresee a Wrestlemania 27 match between Lesnar and Undertaker in Atlanta's Georgia Dome even though the speculation on this matter is running rampant. First of all, Brock has moved on to UFC, a legit sport, and, even though he lost the UFC Heavyweight Title to a very talented, young man in Cain Velásquez Saturday night, Lesnar has many lucrative years remaining in his UFC career that he would be foolish to not pursue. WWE, an entertainment entity, could offer Lesnar massive money for a one time return to the marquis event of the year, BTW Lesnar isn't going back on the road with any regularity for any amount of money, but there is one, small detail that many have neglected to consider. 

Brock Lesnar is contractually obligated to UFC and there is no way in hell that UFC officials are ever....ever going to allow Lesnar to return to the WWE world while Brock is still under. So the 'Oliver Stone's' with their conspiracy theories will likely surmise that perhaps Brock has a 'loop hole' in his contract that would allow him to return to WWE, pick up a huge payday and then be back home in Minnesota before breakfast the morning after Wrestlemania in Atlanta.

I'm not a lawyer and have never played one on TV but Lesnar vs Undertaker seems like wishful thinking. 

The next theory that will be explored will likely be that Lesnar could be the 'special, guest referee,' for the Undertaker's bout at the Georgia Dome with whoever it may be against. 

More wishful thinking.

Again, I would be shocked if UFC would allow one of their biggest stars to cross back over into sports-entertainment while said star is active and relevant..and in Brock's case, very relevant. Imagine the confusion in the market place that month on PPV.  

To play this fantasy fueled scenario out even farther, I expect to get emails or Tweets @JRsBBQ saying it will be Goldberg vs. Taker with Brock the Referee at Wrestlemania 27. 

If you really believe that then I'll take some of what your having and refrain from operating heavy machinery.   

I'll agree that a potential Undertaker-Lesnar, one on one match at WM27 is intriguing. It would be a 'must see' PPV and would garner lots of media coverage and would likely do 1M plus PPV buys. 

Too bad it likely can't happen.

Cain Velásquez fought a perfect fight Saturday night in dominating Lesnar with a first round stoppage that I just watched today (Monday.) I had a hard time believing what I was seeing even thought I knew the outcome. (Those damn spoilers.)

We wrote here over the past several weeks that one of the keys to the fight would be Lesnar's stand up defense. Velásquez exploited that phase of Brock's game with some vile, nasty shots. 

So now UFC has a younger, Heavyweight Champion, the first Mexican to hold the crown. Velásquez is someone who should be a promotable champion if UFC marketing people are creative and if Cain invests in himself to become as good a salesman as his natural personality will allow. Cain doesn't have to be phony or over the top but simply refine who he naturally is, smile occasionally and continue to carry himself with class. It's easy to envision seeing Velásquez filling a stadium in Mexico for a UFC Title defense down the road.  

Lesnar is still a very compelling, marketable athlete because now we can all follow the journey of how Brock will re-focus and begin his trip back to earn the right once again to fight for the Heavyweight Title. If this quest is well produced and strategized, UFC has potential gold mines on their hands with both Cain and Brock going forward with a variety of viable opponents.  

Velásquez' win over Lesnar Saturday night made the UFC Heavyweight Division that much more intriguing. Intrigue along with unpredictability is another element that equates to cash.

After my long day/short night scenario on Saturday I took the first flight out of KC to Minneapolis for WWE's Bragging Rights Spay per view Sunday night.

It was good seeing old friends like Jack Lanza, Sir Oliver Humperdink, Perry Saturn, Bill Irwin and Greg Gagne prior to the PPV at the Target Center which, ironically, was the first place that I ever met Brock Lesnar.  

The Dolph Ziggler, w/ Vickie Guerrero, bout vs. Daniel Bryan kicked off the show and ended up being my favorite match of the night. The two athletes had the time to convince the live audience to make an emotional investment into what the fans were seeing which was a very sound, competitive, unpredictable, wrestling match. 

Which brings me back to Norman and looking forward to Monday Night Raw from Green Bay to see how WWE follows up on last night. My Oklahoma friend, country music superstar Toby Keith, is set to be the Guest Host tonight on Raw. 

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Boomer Sooner!



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Hey JR, long time no comment from me (computer issues are driving me nuts).  I was wondering about a couple things here.  First about your statement about no chance in hell the UFC would let Brock compete at WM.  Why would that be?  If there's anything I've learned from 26 years watching the WWE it's Never Say Never.  I have no doubts at all Vince would love to sign it, is there some particular reason Dana White would say Hell No?  Personally I haven't heard of any actual bias he has towards pro wrestling, nor (so long as it's done right) any reason why he wouldn't object to a part of the WM payday.

Second, I was wondering about your thoughts on the Linda McMahon campaign, especially her opponents negative campaigning on her association with the WWE and the WWEs resultant "Stand Up" campaign.  Personally, I think her opponents are making a huge mistake here.  They're focusing too much on the WWE, making out like it's somewhere between the porn industry and organized crime, while Linda's focusing on the Issues: recession, unemployment, & education.  It's the same mistake her opponents made during the Primaries and the same mistake Jesse Ventura's opponents made during his campaign.  People really do need to pay more attention to history.  And while Vince and the WWE has been making a point of staying out of her campaign they have every right to address her opponents slander against them.  Okay, I'm off my soap box.

Perry Saturn was at Bragging Rights?  I don't think anybody's heard from him in years.  What's he been up to?

Perhaps this is a brilliant Paul Heyman scheme to promote Lesnar's book to both the MMA and pro wrestling community, setting up both sides at the same time for maximum exposure.

Take for instance, instead of a wrestling match, he makes a Mickey Rourke-esque appearance that is promoted through third party media in the buildup. So he doesn't actually wrestle in a match, thus bypassing Dana's contract while also retaining his inroads with the MMA community. Afterall, he's just promoted making an appearance on an entertainment show. Obviously, WWE would do a buildup of teasing a physical confrontation involving Brock with someone (doesn't have to be Taker; someone like Punk or Miz or Sheamus would work and give them some mainstream rub; someone who is a great talker or a big imposing figure with a reputation built behind them) and the payoff could be Brock F-5ing the guy at Wrestlemania, similar to Rourke punching out Jericho.

At the same time, he would be getting the UFC push for the book with their business model of his comeback tour to the heavyweight title.

In the end, he gets Vince's television exposure for the book as well as the UFC's exposure as a main event attraction.

Yes Brock would get a 'big payday' for Wrestlemania.  However I don't think the fans will like it for 2 reasons.  We know it's a 1 shot deal (thanks to the internet) and the 'Taker don't lose at Wrestlemania.  Bringing in a  one night only guy pretty much ensures UT's win, leaving the excitment out that he may actually lose.  I'm sure Brock would lay down for anyone for a big payday.  Hell I'd lay down for one of the Mulkey's for a big payday.  (If I was a big bad ass like Brock-the Mulkey's could probably hurt me for real.)