JR's Breaking Point Predictions

Hello from Norman, Oklahoma ... the home of J.R.'s Family BBQ and the Oklahoma Sooners. My upcoming weekend will be filled with OU football and WWE's Breaking Point in Montreal ... and of course a little old school, slow smoked BBQ. All great slices of Americana ... except the Quebec part which is French, of course.

Congrats to the Fink for doing a Hall of Fame job Monday night working with TV legend Bob Barker. No one has done more wearing a sequined jacket since Michael Jackson's glory days than Howard Finkel did on Raw. It was good to hear Howard's voice again on WWE TV.

Friday Night SmackDown this week is a solid show and is coming off the heels of more than 3 million viewers watching last week on MyNetworkTV, which is a significant accomplishment.

We are doing great business with our two BBQ sauces and our Chipolte Ketchup plus our 97-percent Fat Free Beef Jerky which you can buy on line at www.jrsbarbq.com. My thanks to the WWE Universe for your support.

Montreal, Quebec, is a city with a great wrestling heritage that spans many decades. It's too bad that many fans only know of Montreal wrestling for the 1997 Survivor Series as the city has a renowned history within the wrestling business. I'm sure that the fans in Montreal will be in rare form Sunday night or at least I hope so as the live audience plays a huge role in how good a show is and how it is perceived on TV.

When looking at the card and making my predictions, I must say that this one is especially challenging. It's hard to say, in my view, what's going to happen and, honestly, your guess is as good as mine.

So ... of the matches and info that I received from Stocky Balboa and his crew of young Turks that work for WWE.com ... here we go:

The Great Khali vs. Kane ... this one could be held in a bowling alley considering that it is the man, as I understand it, who beats his opponent into oblivion with a Singapore cane that wins the match. Two huge men swinging for the fences and each other's head likely makes for a short bout and I see Kane winning this one. This is a SmackDown contest.

Christian defends the ECW Title against William Regal ... this could be the sleeper bout of the night especially if this match exceeds 12-15 minutes in duration. These two athletes have good chemistry and a high skill level. Christian will be lucky to hold on to his title with Vladimir Kozlov and Ezekiel Jackson both at ringside, if that is the case. Assuming that Regal has his allies with him, I see Regal winning the ECW Title at Breaking Point. Josh "I Love Charlie Weis" Mathews and Matt "Mr. Baseball Trivia" Striker will have the call of this title bout.

Chris Jericho and Big Show vs. MVP and Mark Henry for the Undisputed Tag Team Titles ... rough start of the week for Jericho and Show, who might be mistaken for the world's largest, angriest Amish man, as Monday Night Raw wasn't kind to them. The World's Strongest Man and Montel Vontavious Porter are an impressive duo but I see the tag team champions retaining their titles in a close one. I'm not sure who will call this bout but it might be your erstwhile SmackDown duo of Grisham and J.R. or it could be the "vintage" team of Michael Cole and The King.

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