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Saturday I was coming home from watching the Oklahoma women defeat Texas in Big 12 Womens Basketball when I was involved in a car accident. A fellow made a left turn right in front of me while crossing into my lane as he was coming from the opposite direction and we pretty much hit head on.

Luckily, no one was seriously injured as best I know. I have been very sore the past couple of days and may go see our family doctor just to make sure every thing is o.k. but I certainly caught a break as this could have been a tragic situation. 

Wearing one's seat belt and having the benefit of an air bag certainly saved my bacon as I had no time to brake and hit the other vehicle, a pick up truck, with a stiff shot.

It looks as if my Cadillac Escalade is totaled and I assume the same for the other vehicle. My vehicle was a 2004 with only about 60,000 miles on it so to be able to replace it in the state that we maintained it will be likely impossible. My truck was in pristine condition with low mileage and replacing it with the same isn't going to be easy.   

Bottom line here is to drive defensively, always wear your seat belt and never take any intersection, in particular, for granted. Plus, driving and texting and drinking and driving is simply stupid and should never occur.

On a side note, I was amazed at how quickly OnStar responded to the air bag being deployed and how they stayed with me, I was knocked a little loopy, and also connected me with the Norman Police Department. It was just like the TV commercials.   

I appreciate all the well wishes over the weekend especially from long time friends within the business and those following us on Twitter @JRsBBQ.

I can say that dealing with insurance companies when one needs them isn't the most positive experience one can have.

It's imperative that WWE RAW deliver the goods tonight in Phoenix as it is the last RAW prior to this Sunday's Royal Rumble. A hot start, solid build and a big finish is the simple answer for a compelling broadcast whose main goal is to sell PPV's this Sunday night emanating from St. Louis.

Chris Jericho has been acting somewhat annoying lately on RAW and has become a compelling TV persona again without saying a word. I have no idea if Jericho will speak tonight or not but if he doesn't and Chris were to win the Royal Rumble match then Y2J would have plenty to say. Jericho winning the Royal Rumble would potentially set up interesting TV in route to WM28.  

My last guess/prediction on the Rumble winner was Randy Orton to come thru in his hometown. That pick may be too simplistic. Picking a Rumble match winner is daunting. I'd rather simply see the event unfold than to overthink it or perceive that I have some magical 'insider' knowledge.

One has to assume that the interim, RAW GM's demeanor and actions of last week will be addressed tonight. Funkhauser's behavior wasn't overly professional last week on RAW. Punk/Laurinaitis is being compared to Austin/McMahon by some. Not by me...yet....but they had an excellent outing last week.    

Cena and Kane have had a nice build since Kane returned to WWE in the mask. I'm a fan of the masked Kane and am happy to see the veteran back on TV in such a prominent way.

I'd love to see Punk and Ziggler compete for 30 minutes or more at the Royal Rumble. This would hopefully be a one on one contest would be a defining moment for both men at WWE PPV events and add much needed anticipation and impetus for Wrestlemania 28 no matter who the two, young stars face in Miami. 

Great day of NFL football Sunday as I went 1-1 on my picks after going 4-0 the previous weekend. I had New England winning but had to give 7 points and they won by three while I had the Giants +2.5 and they won the game over the 49'ers outright. 

The Giants are the hottest team in the NFL and one has to wonder if they will lose any momentum in the next two weeks before the Super Bowl.

"Who will induct the Horsemen at the WWE HOF?" I have not heard but several could and do it well. I'm sure there will be ample star power added to the Horsemen induction the night before WM28. As best that I know, only Flair, AA, Tully and Windham will be included in the version of the Horsemen to be inducted. Some fans question that reasoning but, as I have mentioned, the four that are going to be recognized are the best quartet of the many Horsemen incarnations, at least, for my money. 

Also haven't heard who will induct Edge but my money would be on Christian. 

For the many that have asked, I agree that William Regal is one of the most talented and underutilized talents in WWE. Regal can get the most out of any talent that he competes with and has the skill set to make any creative moment better. 

Amazing that many still ask if our JR's products are available outside the USA. The answer is yes and the UK is the #1 country outside America that's ordering from http://www.wweshop.com/Category/JimRoss

"Will Wrestlemania ever be held in the UK?" I'd automatically say "never say never" but it does seem highly unlikely. WWE and the cable and satellite companies would want it to be LIVE in North America at the normal time which would necessitate a very late starting time in UK. Going 'tape delay' doesn't seem to be a viable option in my view.

"Will JR be at Wrestlemania?" The tentative plan is for me to attend WM AXXESS and to hopefully team with WWEShop to make available our products and to do some signings for them as well. Those plans are not final but are being addressed. 

"Will Ole Anderson be at WWE HOF with the Four Horsement?" From what Ole has said I'd be shocked if he did and would suggest absolutely not. For those that feel outraged that Ole isn't being honored, I'd merely suggest that you find another agenda to support. You are more concerned about it than Ole is I can assure you.

"Better version of the Midnight Express?" Tough to answer. With Cornette and Eaton in place, one really couldn't go wrong with either Dennis Condry, a very strong in ring performer, or Stan Lane, who possessed more charisma than Dennis, as the third man. The Midnight Express are a top 5, top ten at worst tag team of all time in my opinion.    

Condolences to the family and fans of Savannah Jack, who died last week of a heart ailment, and who was the former UWF TV Champion. You Tube has a cool, vintage tape of Savannah Jack defeating Freebird Buddy Roberts for the TV title that I called with Michael Hayes, at least for a moment, before finishing the match alone. Jack was one of several African American athletes that Bill Watts attempted to sell to the JYD fans after 'Dog left Watts for WWE. JYD was a tough act to follow and no one really ever supplanted him after his departure. Savannah Jack, like many others, was put into a position that was virtually impossible to succeed as the air apparent to the throne of the Junkyard Dog in Mid South/UWF. Jack was a nice man who I didn't know well as he kept to himself by and large. He seemed to get to UWF later in life and his career did not fare well after Crockett bought Watts company.

Just a reminder, WWE does NOT own the Universal Wrestling Federation library even though they have attempted on numberous occasions to buy it. I don't know what the demand for the library would be now that WWE has purchased so much other footage. However, if you are interested in DVDs of that promotion then go to http://www.universalwrestling.com.    

"Is BBQ Sauce seasonal?" Seriously, not in my view. We use our sauces in several dishes we prepare in our kitchen. Any baked or broiled meat can be 'sauced' as well as using JR's BBQ Sauces in baked beans, etc. Obviously our Chipotle Ketchup and Main Event Mustard are year around condiments. Check out the various offers, some including signed items, at http://www/wweshop.com/Category/JimRoss

"Will Zack Ryder become a major star?" No one can accurately answer that question. There are too many unknown variables to answer but Ryder has made himself relevant and has created a niche for himself on WWE TV. How well Ryder progresses is going to be about his overall effort and game, the continued opportunities for TV exposure and Ryder being taken seriously by the fan base and not just as an entertaining, side kick type of wrestler. Ryder has worked incredibly hard and I'd suggest that timing is in his favor based on the lack of main event depth on the talent rosters and is desire to want to be a star. I will say that many WWE fans have seemingly made the all important emotional investment in the young man from Long Island.

RIP Joe Paterno who dedicated his life to Penn State University but whose career that spanned over a half a century at one school will always sadly be marred by the Sandusky scandal. JoePa's accomplishments should never be forgotten but, because of the scandal, Coach Paterno's life's work will not be remembered as one would assume Paterno would have wanted. 

"Favorite Rumble memories?"  Like many other aspects of my career there are too many to try and list but broadcasting the Rumble match with Taz in, I think, 2005, was a good time. 

"Will Undertaker be back for the Rumble?" I'd say no. The Rumble always seems to bring with it a few surprises but 'Taker coming back, unadvertised, would floor me. I do expect to see the Undertaker before Wrestlemania but not at the Royal Rumble but I've been wrong before. Quite honestly, 'The Streak' at Wrestlemanis is arguably bigger than any Title match that could take place in Miami. 

While I'm thinking about it, nothing beats a grilled hot dog topped with JR's Main Event Mustard, Chipotle Ketchup, chopped onion and relish. Yes, I'm biased. 

"Will JR's products ever get into stores other than the Norman, Oklahoma Homeland stores?" We're trying but it isn't easy for the small outfits like to us crack the lineup with the big boys but we continue to try. 

"Will Michael Cole make fun of JR's car accident on RAW?" Funny question to ask today but I could honestly care less. One could argue that there are bigger priorities on RAW than jabbing at a non PPV contributor.

"How did JR call WWE matches that occured prior to JR arriving in early 1993?" On video tape. Several announcer voices were erased from the original call for legal reasons, etc and I went into a voice over booth, often with Gorilla Monsoon, and recalled the bouts. Some of my most fun days were isolated in that booth with the legendary WWE HOF'er who was a joy to be around.    

"Were you approached to be in WWE Network's Legends House?" No. I'm not sure how good a fit I would be as there are many more personality driven individuals who will thrive in that environment. I'm looking forward to the show whenever the WWE Network launches. BTW WWE Network is on Twitter @WWENetwork so hit them with questions and suggestions.

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Good to hear that you are okay after your accident, JR.  Take care.


I have noticed the WWE's attempts to ignore Chris Benoit's association, although tonight the company alluded to him.  He was one of two men in the royal rumble to start the match and win.  Now I DO NOT condone his actions and his evil brutality.  But at what point can WWE at least acknowledge his career and not his personal life.  Fans have mostly known when to separate character from real life, and I do not understand why this cannot happen as well.  Benoit had some of the most amazing matches in the history of this business.  His matches particularly at Wrestlemania 17 and 20 stand out to this day as some of the most technically proficient and entertaining that I have seen.  The rivalry between Benoit and Kurt Angle is on par, in my opinion, with the Rock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant, and even Bruno Sammartino vs. Billy Graham  I truly believe Benoit's technical abilities were on par with Bret Hart and his CAREER deserves to get some recognition.  
I would greatly appreciate your input and opinion on this matter and I would like to thank you on behalf of all your fans for your unparalleled years of commentary, your excellent food products and your respect and admiration for this business. 

Not in the Legends House? You and Gene O. chilling in your underwear would have been a ratings bonanza! Maybe Howard Finkel can take that role. :)

Hi J.R.! Also I am glad to hear you are not badly hurt after your accident! I am a big Barry Windham fan, and am very happy to see him get inducted as a Horseman!

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