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Greetings from Oklahoma on a grill worthy Sunday. The daylight...she is burning.

UFC 170 is in the books on an event that had plenty of finishes to hopefully satisfy those like me who don't like to see a @UFC fight determined by the judges.

Ronda Rousey made Sara McMann's live quiver with a sudden stoppage 66 seconds into the fight to win the main event. I thought this one would at least make it into the 2nd or 3rd round but it was great strategy by Rousey and her coaches to use a live strike and not her patented and feared arm bar submission in this title fight.

Daniel Cromier's first fight at 205 was successful against his last minute, substitute opponent as this one was stopped in the first round. Nonetheless the former Oklahoma State Cowboy looked comfortable at 205 and will undoubtedly sell a bunch of PPV's when he finally faces Jon Jones when the stars can be aligned.

Like the upside of Rory McDonald, the baby faced assassin from Montreal, who has rediscovered his badass motivation or it seems.

Good seeing @steveaustinBSR and @CMPunk sitting, separately, at ringside in Vegas enjoying UFC. Jealous that I wasn't there too but duty calls on what is going to be a HUGELY busy week for yours truly. Nonetheless, I enjoyed UFC170.

Big night tonight for WWE in snowy and cold Minneapolis for the last traditionally marketed PPV before the launch of the WWE Network Monday. The Elimination Chamber in the former AWA stronghold is a challenging show to market being sandwiched between the Royal Rumble and WM30.

Nonetheless, somehow the EC must stand out and add to the intrigue of WM30 in NOLA on April 6 and continue to cultivate interest in the WWE Network.

An 'average' PPV tonight won't be acceptable to those involved in the production and execution of the event. Momentum comes from logical, surprises from creative and stellar performances inside the ring.

With absolutely NO inside info on tonight's show, here are my uneducated guesses on the outcome of The Elimination Chamber:

Orton retains the WWE World Title but I'm still not sure that it will be Orton vs. Batista at WM30.

Curious to see how many talents from the Elimination Chamber main event become involved in issues that carry them into WM30. Where John Cena and Daniel Bryan head out of tonight's PPV is of interest to me.

Because the Shield seems to be simmering on internally boiling over, IE Roman Reigns going it alone at some point, I'm picking the Wyatt Family to win the 6 man tag.

Batista will dominate Alberto Del Rio.

Jack Swagger provides Big E a solid win in defending the IC Title which is tepid at this point in time. I hope these two former amateur wrestlers have the time to raise some eyebrows.

It might be a good night to see the Usos win the Tag Team Titles over the New Age Outlaws unless that title change is saved for WM30. Nonetheless, I'm leaning to the Usos winning in Minny.

Traditional thinking would have Titus O'Neil beating his former tag partner Darren Young. Not sure that happens but I'm still thinking that O'Neil cheats to win.

In the pre show match, I've got the Rhodes Brothers winning over (likely) hometown hero Curtis Axel and Ryback.

Dusty Rhodes, who sired both Cody and Dustin Rhodes, and Dick Murdoch were one of the most underrated tag teams, the Texas Outlaws, that I ever saw in my career and did some of their best work in the AWA which was headquartered in the Twin Cities. Some of that work came versus Larry 'The Axe' Henning, Axel's grandfather, and the great Harley Race as Henning and Race were another, simply amazing tag team.

Hopeful to hear some saucy info and opinion from the panel of all stars tonight including Mark Henry, Rey Mysterio, and the newly married Miz.

The Elimination Chamber needs to leave the air tonight with more questions than answers and a few, timely surprises. In other words, in the 'old days' ambitious bookers would make a major statement or two on the last show on PPV leading into the biggest event of the year which is also obviously on PPV.  

My old pal Jerry Lawler texted me w/ no surprising info in that he did NOT pack a jacket for his Memphis to Minneapolis trip today. The King is the toughest man that I know when it comes to enduring weather and refusing to not "live the gimmick" of never wearing a jacket.

The Elimination Chamber isn't about wins and loses to me but more about continuing to build momentum to WM30 via the tune in factor Monday night of the WWE's loaded RAW from balmy Green Bay that's loaded with star power.

Folks are continuing to download Podcast One's Ross Report at podcastone.com and ITunes of which we sincerely appreciate. This week's new podcast will feature part two of my Steve Austin interview of which I thought was stronger than the first part which propelled our new podcast to #1 status in many parts of the world. The new Ross Report drops this Wednesday.

This Saturday is the day for my two NYC shows at the Gramercy Theater. Info can be found on the home page here or at ticketmaster.com. Tickets are still available for both shows but the VIP tickets for the second show are sold out.

I'm excited about this Saturday in NYC and plan on having two, fun and entertaining RINGSIDE: An Evening with Jim Ross events. If you are able to come, I hope that you will join me.

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Neat tidbit on Lawler never needing a jacket. Nowadays you can take the light rail from MSP to within 1 block of Target Center in downtown Minneapolis. Not that the King travels via light rail LOL.
To all those jerks who enjoy disrespecting the athletes by chanting random things well keep it up and to quote a famous tv character '' I guaran damn tee you'll never see your man crush Daniel Bryan win another title yet alone the world title. Remember during the attitude era when VInce himself referred to the fan base as a holes? Well that was a shoot if there ever was one.

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