JR's Elimination Chamber Thoughts..WM30 to New Orleans..FREE SHIPPING offer at WWESHOP.com

Beautiful day here in Norman and I hope that everyone is well and counting their blessings. Let's start up the grill....   The #WWEChamber had many moments that I enjoyed. New Orleans live audience felt emotionally invested while watching on PPV from my home in Oklahoma. The look of the show, graphics, music, video packages were top shelf as always. No one does PPV better than @WWE in my biased opinion. I never saw the submission victory for Alberto Del Rio coming. @VivaDelRio using the cross armbreaker to submit @WWETheBigShow shows the effectiveness of the hold and that ADR can beat any one with it. I've always been a fan of when sport entertainment utilizes established submission holds. Continue to be impressed with the United State Champion @AntonioCesaro as he seems to continue to get better with each outing. Cesaro is so fundamentally sound, much bigger and stronger than most perceive and is in magnificent physical condition. He has a legit shot to reinvigorate the US Title and it seems as if his rivalry with @MikeTheMiz is on going. The disqualification decision caught me off guard but the Ref's call appeared to be the only one that he could make.  The Elimination Chamber match delivered in a big way in my eyes. Loved that it came down to all six men before the first elimination was declared. It certainly was one of the better bouts of its type as all the participants had significant moments along the way. Even though @TheMarkHenry did not win he had a monster night. Very impactful and memorable. Great example of maximizing his minutes. Same can be said to some degree for @RandyOrton, @IAmJericho Chris Jericho and the eventual winner and former #OU Sooner Jack Swagger. Swagger now is in line for a major assignment at WM29 in Met Life Stadium where he will face Alberto Del Rio for the World Title. Jericho continued his torrid paced return to WWE and his marathon like performance was outstanding. It's hard to believe that, arguably, Jericho is as good as he ever was, perhaps better in many ways, after such a long lay off. A true artisan.  The 6 man tag exceeded my expectations and I thought it, along with the Elimination Chamber, were, arguably, the matches of the night. Shocked to some degree that @TheShield won as their victory was definitely an 'upset' in my view. @WWERollins, @DeanAmbrose and @RomanReigns all had excellent nights against top quality opponents. The @WWENXT alums came though on game day and have added a freshness and unpredictability to WWE that always makes the TV product better.  Didn't expect to see @HeelZiggler in a bout but once again the former Kent State wrestling star showed that as long as he has the MITB contract that he's a threat each and every day. That MITB scenario will eventually play out but when is anyone's guess. Big E Langston, another @WWENXT alum, put on a jaw dropping power display on @TrueKofi in the post match that I'd think opened many fan's eyes. I put no limits on how good Big E can be in time.  Kaitlyn is slowly building a nice body of work within the WWE Divas division that feels like anyone can beat the other on any given night.  @TheRock defeating @CMPunk wasn't a total shocker including the controversy that dotted the bout toward its crescendo. Punk will likely have plenty to say about the matter tonight on #Raw that emanates from Lafayette, Louisiana. This bout saw two referees utilized, @HeymanHustle get dusted, Punk pinning Rock for long enough to grab a sandwich, and a well timed Rock Bottom to seal the deal. Lots of things to process in the final moments of the contest. "Was justice served?" Great line by @JCLayfield that certainly stimulated plenty of conjecture. Speaking of Lafayette, I once had to have a police escort out of town back in the 70's after being buried in a hot match by Bruiser Bob Sweetan when he wrestled  Grizzly Smith. Sweetan bloodied up the father of Jake the Snake Roberts with a 'foreign object' and the locals were irate. As an inexperienced official, I was middled during the match and was, unbeknownst to me,  in a political firestorm because Sweetan wanted another referee who he was close to to get the Lafayette booking. All over $40-60 payoff. Sweetan was never on my Christmas card list needless to say.   On a more pleasant Lafayette note, it was also the town were I spend hours playing dominoes with the late, WWE HOF and one of my mentors, the Big Cat Ernie Ladd. I miss Ernie...RIP big fella.      Enjoyed the banter of @MichaelCole, who always does a superb job of anchoring the broadcast/PPV which is a tough role, @JCLayfield who is a thinking man's antagonist, and my old pal and fellow #WWEHOF @JerryLawler. Sounded like they had fun which always translates well at home for us viewers.  I was elated to hear that WWE had selected New Orleans to be the host city for WM30 on April 6, 2014 in the Mercedes Benz Super Dome. I was a part of the very first wrestling event ever held in the Dome while working for Cowboy Bill Watts many, many years ago. New Orleans and their fans who supported Mid South Wrestling were a HUGE part of my career and for them to earn WM30 is wonderful for the city and the entire region.  Some fans have tweeted me regarding Madison Square Garden not getting WM30 but as great as MSG is, it is the World's Most Famous Arena, the WrestleMania event itself has grown to stadium/dome size in recent years and I expect that trend to continue. The financial difference in selling 20,000 tickets vs. 70,000 tickets is monumental plus it allows SO many more fans and their families to enjoy the annual extravaganza. Great deal for USA customers NOW at WWEShop.com where you can get FREE SHIPPING on all orders of $60 or more on JR's products. Good opportunity to split an order with a friend or family member, get delicious products and pay ZERO shipping. This offer ends soon so I hope that you check it out today.  The good folks at @americansoda in Manchester, England continue to do a tremendous job distributing our products via their website and in American Candy stores. @americansoda ships throughout the UK and Europe. Next Tuesday, @WWE is in OKC at the Chesapeake Energy Arena, home of the @okcthunder, for a Smackdown TV Taping. If you are planning to attend, tickets still available starting at only $15, think about stopping in Norman and hitting one of the four Norman @Homelands stores for JR's products that will save you significant dollars and no shipping costs. I will be LIVE Tweeting tonight during Monday Night Raw @JRsBBQ. I personally invite you to follow me.  Big week...heading to Orlando this week for NXT TV @FullSail Thursday night at 6:30 and then onto Milwaukee on Friday for a live, 90 minute Q&A with Mean Gene Okerlund & @Jerry Lawler at the Potawatomi Casino. Tickets are still available via Ticketmaster and you must be 21 to attend. We plan on having a very entertaining evening, a first for the three of us to work together in this environment, and meeting so many great fans. There will also be some JR's Original BBQ Sauce for sale as well as our Championship Original Beef Jerky. Let's hope that we have a full house. Be ready to laugh and enjoy yourself.  I updated the Q&A section of this site earlier today and if your question did not make the cut it was because A. it was a multiple time repeat question or B. it was Pet Coon Goofy. The Road to WrestleMania is now fully underway. April 7 can't get here fast enough for me. I'm looking forward to enjoying every thing the once a year spectacular has to offer.  Tonight's Raw should be strong coming off the Elimination Chamber. Crunch time.  Boomer Sooner! J.R.   @JRsBBQ                    
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This might set the world record for the number of Twitter mentions in one article lol
Replace the personalized spinner belt with a personalized Rock belt.  Wow. The Shield made 3 chumps look like rookies . Ambrose and Rollins as far as wrestling are " real prime time players". Something to be said about paying them dues on the roads. Because of the TRUTH Uncle Zeb and Swagger are talking about I doubt WWE will be able to continue this angle. Nothing untrue in Zebs promos. The liberals will have this shut down for all the thinned skinned & blind born Americans. Sad part is ....the problem can't be fixed. Were doomed.
Clifton - I don't see the Zeb/Swagger storyline being shut down at all.  Zeb and Swagger are heels!!   They're suppose to act like jackasses so that people will pay to see them get their arses whipped. The funny thing is, 15-20 years ago Zeb and Swagger would have been babyfaces with this same gimmick.   Thankfully your society has progressed a bit since then. Breckenridge
My society ? Progressed ? I don't need a wrestling 101 class. I know what the "heels" job is.  Your right, we have progressed in technology (far to soon) and tolerance to a point. .......I think the " gimmick" is great. Love it. But in TODAYS SOCIETY it doesn't matter if it's a wrasslin show. Zebs talking points are based on fact and I do not believe the gimmick would make anyone a babyface...EVER. One miss step, one wrong word ! The PC police are watching very closely and if you think otherwise, that's cool.  I hope it continues thru Wrestlemania and beyond.
I agree, I like the gimmick too.  It's edgy and has an "adult" feel to it that's been missing from WWE for quite some time. And it polarizes the audience too, which can be a good thing! Breckenridge
The 6 man tag exceeded my expectations and I thought it, along with the Elimination Chamber, were, arguably, the matches of the night. Shocked to some degree that @TheShield won as their victory was definitely an 'upset' in my view.Des Moines Wrestling
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