JR's Extreme Rules Feedback, RINGSIDE w/ Jim Ross THIS Friday in Toronto, HBK Podcast Drops Tuesday Evening & It's a Blockbuster, Great Day to Order JR's Online..It's Grilling Season!!

What a week I have coming up headlined by our Ross Report Podcast with Shawn Michaels re: WM30, among other things, and my trip to Toronto for my only Canadian date for our RINGSIDE w/ Jim Ross Show this Friday night. Let's get EXTREME.....

Extreme Rules Thoughts:

Good crowd, or so it seemed on my iPad, from Jersey for the show. Audiences are getting more educated all the time and many seem to truly enjoy cheering for the talents cast as villains. That's largely a product of knowing that the genre is a show biz entity and not allowing one's self to be caught up in the moment and suspending one's disbelief. The composition and demeanor of today's pro wrestling fan is more unique than it ever has been in my 40 year career.

I'd give the overall grade of Extreme Rules a B+. I enjoyed it by and large and anyone who complains about the efforts of the talents is misguided IMO. Of course, creative can always be second guessed and is on every pro wrestling, TV event by every company. 

The Torito-Hornswoggle opener on the Network was funny, entertaining and did what it was created to be... provided comedy and stunts.

Enjoyed Cesaro-Swagger-RVD elimination three way which was MUCH better than the usual Triple Threat Match. The right guy won as Cesaro is going to be a top level player and with @HeymanHustle will elevate Cesaro to star status.

The IC Title bout was OK and the right guy won again with the Brit Wade Barrett taking the championship. The bigger story is now what does WWE and Barrett do with the championship? Can they add much needed luster to the title while seeing Barrett's in ring persona grown into that of a main event level star?

The 6 man tag stole the show. Helluva bout and a true, announcer's dream to call. Congrats to all six men for pulling off a great match.

Thought the cage match was a little too long. Also, didn't like all the outside interference inside the cage. WWE worked very hard to protect Cena's image when it's strong enough to sustain a loss to a new star (Bray Wyatt). Admire how hard the talents worked but the finish was a head scratcher although I'm curious as to where this is going because as of right now I have no idea.

For the record and merely a personal preference, escaping the cage through the door is a lame stipulation in today's world.  

The Divas were placed in a no win situation on the card but their match wasn't bad whatsoever.

A NO Holds Barred scenario isn't playing to Daniel Bryan's strengths but DB defeating a much bigger, stronger adversary in Kane is what most people will remember. Thought the special effects with the forklift was a little time consuming and detached the live audience a a bit too long but the flaming table was a colorful blast from the past.

I watched the entire show on my iPad while sitting outside on our patio near the pool in 81 degree weather which was a unique experience, a first actually, for me on a major, WWE show. The WWE Network had zero technical issues and watching on the iPad was enjoyable.

Headed to Toronto later in the week to do media for our only Canadian date of the year for RINGSIDE w/ Jim Ross this Friday night at the Danforth Music Hall with a 9 pm start time. Tickets are still available at ticketmaster.ca and at the box office at the venue. The VIP meet/greet will be before the show. Tickets will be available the day of the show at the door if you are unable to get your's in advance at ticketmaster.ca.

JR's products will be available at the event with no shipping or handling charges. The Fight Network's John Pollock is our MC in TO. 

Tickets are beginning to move for our Chicago show which will be Saturday May 31 at 2 pm at the Chicago House of Blues. Tickets can be accessed via ticketmaster.com and the House of Blues box office. Our Chicago show is also our only Chicago date of the year and comes a day before WWE's Payback event at the All State Arena which is on Sunday June 1.

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The upcoming Shawn Michaels podcast which drops Tuesday at approximately 6 pm pacific time will have many in the wrestling world talking and I'm not over exaggerating or just to get you to partake in the FREE download of the Ross Report on podcastone.com and via iTunes. It's a fascinating discussion with the best ever on a variety of topics including the abrupt ending of The Streak at WM30 where HBK had the most inside seat in the house.

Just added Lance Storm and Kurt Angle to our list of upcoming Ross Report Podcast guests over the next several weeks. Working on a firm date with Sting as well who has agreed to do our podcast but we're simply working on a date. Hopeful of getting Bubba Dudley aka Bully Ray on the podcast too.

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Thanks for stopping by and remember that our tomorrow's are not guaranteed. Live well today and do something nice for others without expecting something in return. 

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