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Rainy day in Norman...good day to nap, damn flu, and then to prepare to head to Florida for NXT and the next tryout camp. Enough with the travel log info and onto Monday's Raw thoughts... 

RAW highlights for me while watching at home included:

@CMPunk opening the broadcast PO'ed and totally embracing and refining how to be a legit antagonist on a sports entertainment, TV program. 

Punk turning the tables on new, WWE Champion @TheRock while discussing the 'rematch' for the WWE Title at the Elimination Chamber was strategically spot on. Great psychology.

Loved the fact that Punk wasn't 'hawking' his merchandise and seemed to purposely 'dress down' for the night staying in complete character as the badass that he actually is. 

Anxious to see Punk-Rock at the next WWE PPV simply from a strategic standpoint as in what new, nuances will be added to the outing and how big a step forward will the two stars take in their sure-to-be show closing performance. 

Not a great night for the IC and US Champions, both lost, but @AntonioCesaro, United States Champion, still is a shining star that hasn't approached his WWE peak while IC Champion @WadeBarrett provided @TheBoDallas a signature victory on WWE's flagship broadcast. 

Loved that Bo wears a black glove much like his WWE HOF family members, Grandpa Blackjack Mulligan and Uncle Barry Windham. 

The return to WWE for whatever the over discussed term of his contract may or may not be for @IAmJericho has been a shining light beginning on Sunday at the Rumble and Monday on RAW. Chris Jericho can make whoever he competes with better which is an artform that isn't in abundance in today's mat world. Great 'get' by WWE.

Not a surprise that @JohnCena wants the WWE Title at WM29 however it puts the individual IE Cena in a tough spot having to talk around why he did not select the other championship opportunity. I'm really curious to see how Cena navigates the Road to WrestleMania 29 because winning the WWE Title, at any cost, one could assume, would be John's only objective.   

Dramatic conclusion to Raw with the in ring confrontation of Mr. McMahon and @HeymanHustle which I knew would be a highlight of the night but I never dreamed it would become THE highlight of the broadcast. Great, organic chemistry between two men who have had plenty of experience 'debating' the other over the years. My black hat is off to both as it was the show closing moment that Raw  needed and it delivered. The shocking return of Brock Lesnar was something that I did not expect to see Monday night and I certainly did not foresee the "Psycho Viking" F5'ing the Chairman of the Board. Freighting moment, in my view, taking all elements into consideration. 

So RAW left the air with many unanswered questions which is what an episodic, soap opera based, action adventure program should do.  

Enjoyed @JCLayfield being added to the broadcast team in Vegas as he brings a needed antagonist element to the broadcast mix that complements @MichaelCole and @JerryLawler well. The announcers essentially 'calling a spade a spade' on some of the sillier segments from Vegas was refreshing. 

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 Hi JR, I'm a long time reader and fan of your blog but a first time commenter. 

 I've really enjoyed the CM Punk/ Rock rivalry so far, Punk has really pushed The Rock on the mic and he's doing some of his best work right now, he really is on top of his game. I've been a fan of Punk since his indy days and was slightly disapointed to see him drop the title to a part timer such as The Rock but as a big Rock fan also it is really good to see him holding the title one last time. It'll be interesting to see how adding Cena to the mix works out hopefully going forward to wrestlemania WWE has the sense to add Punk to make what we can assume is going to be a Cena vs Rock main even, making it a triple threat will make it fresh, their last match at Wrestlemania was a let down and not something I personally want to see again. 

Bo Dallas really needs to have his character established quickly in order for him to engage with the fans.

Glad to see Jericho back in action, I agree with you that he can lift any oppenent to the next level and I can't wait to see him push Ziggler up to the next level, he's a great talent but something just isn't there yet with him, a rivalry with Jericho could be what he needs, it will certainly be a great one for the fans.

I was disapointed that the Shelton Benjamin/ Carlito return rumours for the rumble weren't true, both are excellent talents and are far from past their prime, it would be good to see both talents back on WWE.

Heyman is doing some great work at the minute, he's walking circles around any other manager I can think of. Can't wait to see how the Heyman/ Lesnar/ Shield angle works out. 

Lesnar F5's the boss, sets up another HHH vs. Lesnar match. Sounds great to me.

 One thing I realized recently is that almost all of the (male) roster in WWE now have short hair.  Uso Brothers, McIntyre, Slater, Kofi, and maybe a couple others are the only guys with hair past their chin.  Times have certainly changed since the '80s and '90s.

I'm sure Vince McMahon believes himself to be a tough SOB, but I hope somebody who truly has his ear -- maybe his wife or his son-in-law -- tells him that he shouldn't be taking crazy bumps at age 65. I'm glad he's OK after Lesnar tossed him around (notwithstanding his kayfabe "broken pelvis"), but I wouldn't've been surprised if he had suffered some kind of head injury. Look what happened recently to Hillary Clinton, who is the same age as Vince.

I want to know how WWE talked Ric Flair into doing that kind of segment with The Miz ?  Now The Miz thinks he really is Awesome.  It's very unsettleing.